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POWER NAPPING – HOW TO (read this one!)

Many people have heard of power napping, but not many know how to do it and even less actually do it!

It is quite an easy practice to implement and is as simple as relaxing and moving your eyes!

But first a bit of background. Why do we sleep? Because we are tired i hear you say. And that is true!  But are we physically tired, metaphysically tired or spiritually tired? In most cases we are not physically tired, because the body is a chemical factory that repeats the same operations over and over again. After a huge physical event we may be chemically exhausted but after a few hours that is gone. But most of the time we don’t sleep for physical reasons.

Sometimes when we have done a lot of brain work we can be metaphysically tired. Now metaphysical tiredness ties in with spiritual tiredness. Spiritual tiredness often happens when we do a lot of creative work. Know all creativity comes from the spiritual world. Creative work actually tires the brain and it is the brain that needs recharging.

Why do we sleep? To recharge the brain from the spiritual source. The brain works on an energy level of 10 whilst spiritual energy works at a level of 100+. Do we recharge batteries with a lesser power or a greater power? A greater power of course. Physically no one ever needs to sleep. But deprive someone of sleep and they soon go ga-ga!

In the olden times (Rome for one) sleep and death were considered half-brothers. And that is a pretty good description of the two. Sleep is a form of mini-death when we commute with the next world and get recharges for the next day. The Bhagavad- Gita is the only Holy Book in the world that talks about reincarnation. When you understand that sleep is a form of death, then it makes sense – we die each day for 8 hours and are reincarnated back into the same body each day! This continues until we die and then we never return to this body or this world (the human concept of reincarnation actually removes God from the picture altogether and dooms us to a life of return to this planet over and over (hell). As a holy man said, “This world is not so sweet that one would care to sup a second time!” But we do, everyday until we die! That is why we need the recharging!

So how do we get recharged each night? Through our dreams! Dreams come into us from the outside, channeling through our 8th chakra (white, above our heads) and going down into the subconscious, by passing the conscious altogether! One result of this is that the flow causes the eyes to rapidly move about in the eye sockets. This is called REM – Rapid Eye Movement.  Now this process can be reversed. You can move your eyes rapidly to and fro and induce a dream! You then either follow that dream, whilst awake (this takes a bit of practice) or fall asleep to follow it. When the dream is finished you will awaken refreshed because you brain has been washed with energy! Remember the brain energy is 10. The minimum dream (spiritual) energy is 100!

Many people try to eat themselves into refreshment, but this just doesn’t work. because food has an energy base of ONE TENTH. To replace one unit of brain you’d have to eat 100 units of food. Now food can take as long as 16 hours to be absorbed into a form that cam feed the brain. And if you are tired you are going to need at least 1,000 units of food energy. Which means eating when exhausted, which means waiting a long time for the energy to be ready (it has to undergo chemical transformations) which means by the time the energy is ready it is far too late and the extra energy is usually stored as fat! Never try to eat yourself fresh!

But the dream energy is instantaneous! It cannot be transferred into fat as the is no chemical energy involved, only spiritual energy!


The secret is very easy. Sit or lay down in a comfortable place, undoing any tight, restrictive clothing. Close you eyes. And then start moving your eyes behind your eyelids! I move mine to a union jack with a circle imposed on it. That is to say I move my eyes horizontally,  left and right on the top, the middle and the bottom. Then I can move them vertically on the left, the the middle and the right. Also I can move them from corner to corner, from the top left to the bottom right, from the top right to the bottom left, from the bottom left to the top right and from the top left to the bottom right. And finally I can move them around and around in a circle touching top centre, left centre, bottom centre and right centre (and the reverse).

With these fundamental movements, you just mix them all together to create an unregulated form of movement, throwing in movements at random (with your eyes shut of course). Within 30 seconds you’ll start to “see” a dream. Just follow that dream where it goes. Don’t think about anything that will interrupt the dream, just watch it like an interested bystander. At first we tend to fall asleep, when you awaken you will feel as fresh as a daisy!

Know that all great people develop this power napping ability – they couldn’t BE great without it, for greatness involves creativity! But anyone can develop, it if they want! You can work a 9 to 5 job and pump a lot of energy into it. You could have a power nap 4 times a day (Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, home time) and be creative in both you job and your home!

As time passes you will learn to be awake during the dreams so you don’t “oversleep”. Many people use the first experience of oversleeping as an excuse to not power nap at all and so they continue on their weary lives, never being fully charged, never enjoying the many glorious moments of each day!

The ability to power nap is a higher form of Psycho-Cybernetics (by Maxwell Maltz) which uses the brain-body connection to alter moods. Psycho in this case means brain and Cybernetics means body. If we are sad it is in the mind but reflected in the body in posture, down turned lips etc. If we stand up straight and force a smile onto our face, the body-mind connection is used to feedback to the brain and we almost instantly become happy! Power napping is on the next level, using soul to brain connection to recharge us!

When I power nap I usually find myself under the ice in Antartica. Once I am there I just sink down into the deeper waters and the dream is away! A dream only has to last five minutes to recharge you for hours!

So give it a try – what have you got to lose? Only your tiredness! Again the answer is simple, but not necessarily easy as you’ll have to do things differently from your spouse, your family, your work mates and the world at large. But don’t let others stop you. You want to achieve things? You need the energy foundation of the spiritual level, not the physical level, to achieve big things!

I have just showed you how to move from the physical to the spiritual energy level, so go ahead and try it! See what happens! And give it a fair trial, not just one quick effort. Commit to it for a week (in secret, so no one will know you are doing it) and see the difference after that time.

Once you can do power napping, you life becomes so much larger!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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