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Poverty is not an accident!

Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid it is man made (usually by acts of omission, rather than acts of commission) and can be removed by the actions of human beings

Nelson Mandela


Poverty is not accidental as Mandela says. Nor is it purposeful on most people’s part either. That is to say they didn’t actually set a goal of falling into poverty. But they didn’t set any goal at all and the end result is that were blindly walking around the land and didn’t see the well of poverty they fell into. No one falls into a well on purpose! But once they are in the well of poverty it is very hard to escape (especially if they still continue to wear the blindfold!)


There is only one way to prevent poverty, and that is to set a goal to achieve a positive step. And setting a goal to attain riches is actually setting a goal to achieve another negative state! The well of riches is also a well but one lined with gold!


So what goals do we have to set to achieve a positive state? The goals we have to set is for the states of Poor and wealth! But isn’t Poor the same as poverty? No it is not. Poor is the first state of empowerment. Doesn’t it say in the bible, “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”? This is a very deep phrase, but most people just look at the surface of it and think that they understand it – they don’t!


It says “blessed are the poor in spirit” to distinguish the empowered state of poor from the negative state of poverty. Poor is an empowered state, the first of two. The second state is the state of Wealthy. Again this is different from the negative state of rich. To show this the bible says, “Blessed are the peacemakers (peacemaker is a state of wealth) for they shall be called the children of God!”


So to avoid the two negative states of poverty and riches we must set a goal of achieving the two states of poor and wealthy. The two states are a continuity. Wealth is a continuity of the state of poor. The wealthy man still uses the tools of the poor – detachment from all except Love and the laws of providence, whish state, “Everything you NEED will be given to you!” (either free or very cheap!). The wealthy just have access to the laws of abundance which state “everything you WANT you can have but there is a price!” (and the price is to fulfil your individual state of BEingness.)


To get through to wealth you have to pass through the state of Poor first. There is no way around this, although for some the stay in the state of Poor can be only a matter of days, or even hours! (time is different in the spiritual world!)


Only a few idiots actually make poverty an act of commission and I have met two in my life so they do exist, but they are very rare! So the vast majority of people in poverty are there by “chance” Chance is what we live under when we have no goals. Goals are what give us ambition, and ambition is a form of Hope. And the three great spiritual powerhouses are Faith (internal Love), Hope (the longing for Love) and Charity (love in action).


Once we have goals we no longer live by chance but by direction caused through the powers of command. For goals are simply decisions on what we want our future to be. Yes we can decide on what we want our future to be! Every word we speak goes out of our mouth into our ears and by-passes the subconscious to reach the subconscious as a command. If you speak negatively the subconscious picks up on your negative speech as a command and that starts what is called “A vicious cycle” where the subconscious casts out to the universe to manifest your negative thoughts. This is why negative speech is so dangerous!


And if you speak positively the opposite happens and the subconscious tries to manifest positive circumstanced. Yet these two things are only second hand commands. The way to get things really moving is to set written goals!


Written goals go out of the brain through the hand onto the paper. The light then carries the words to your eyes which by passes the conscious and fills the other side of the subconscious (yes you have two sides to the subconscious – the word side and the light side). When both sides are in agreement it goes out to the universe as a power of command and is usually manifested!


It takes about 5 years but you’ll find that all your goals come to pass once you have written them down and spoken them by reading them aloud! So whilst poverty is not an accident, the states of Poor and Wealth are deliberate. There is a huge difference between the two.


So the whole point of this blog is just this –


WRITE GOALS (and then say them aloud) TO ACHIEVE



kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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A New PEACEMAKER is (re)Born!

A New PEACEMAKER is (re)Born!

Yesterday a new PEACEMAKER emerged into the world and it was me. So yesterday – 11.12.13 – was quite an auspicious day. Not only was a new PEACEMAKER created but a new PROSPERITY-MAKER!

So to celebrate the the event I have taken on  11.12.13 as my fourth (re)birthday. Plus I have separated my blog into two pieces, the new one being solely for PEACE and PROSPERITY alone. If you are more interested in PEACE and PROSPERITY you may want to read the new blogs at… 

Think not that we are ever only reborn once. We are reborn as many times as we need to be. The difference is that the first rebirth, the biggie, is the connection to the Spiritual Power of Love. This changes our STATION. The second, third etc is a promotion within the Love structure and is called RANK. And these are the two elements of life – Rank and Station.

Station is a bit like joining the army – youR station changes from that of civilian to military. Rank is like when we are in the army and start out as privates and are promoted to say Corporal or to officer class. So you first promotion is like you first internal rebirth.

We all start out as privated and can have as many promotions as we deserve until you reach the highest rank of 4 star general (peace time) or 5 star general (reserved for war time). I have been promoted to 4 or 5 star general (i’m not sure that I’m at war for peace and prosperity yet, i’m only new!)

I think I may be a 4 star general who is only yet preparing for the war to come, as the pattern (Gandhi’s) goes – ignored, laughed at, fought against (war) and victory. I know we are about to leave the ignored state. 

So all you peacemakers out there, wish me the best and I call upon all peacemakers to actively join the cause!

May you Blessed with Love, Peace and Prosperity 



P.S. the picture shows some past masters (bottom) who have passed on and two active (living) Peace Masters at the top with the foundations of their teaching (Western and Eastern)


The King is Dead, Long Live the King!

jiams flax bushes at sunset 2013 600

The King is Dead, Long Live the King! This is a spiritual saying that indicates the continuity of life and especially the continuity of stations within life! Do you think God ever leaves us alone and unassisted? Of course not. Every station has a king and once a king dies another appears to take his place. An example we all saw was in the life of Paul Potts the contest singer who shot to fame through the english “Got Talent” series. He had basically lived a hard life before that contest and why was that? Because the place he had been grooomed/driven to fill was already occupied by someone else called Pavarotti. As Soon as Pavarotti died the title went to Paul Potts and, after a lifetime of struggle, he suddenly became an “overnight success.”  Within weeks he had rows of shining teeth instead of the pegs he sang with in the contest! Lol! 

Life is always contimuous. There is always a king, a queen, a prince, a peacemaker! Yesterday Nelson Mandela died.  To say “the king is dead, we are left alone, bereft and without Hope!” is a stupid thing to say, as God never leaves us alone, even for a second. Nelson was a Peacemaker, so who is going to be his replacement? Obviously someone who has spent their lives creating Peace for the world! I have a person in mind. Someone who has been a “misfit” in society all their lives, someone who has been gifted an organisation based on peace and prosperity, someone who is a teacher of Spiritual law as a solution to world economic problems. Someone whose time has come. The king is dead, long live the King!

Another example of continuity in the world are the Manifestations. Manifestation is a spiritual name for the top Spiritual leaders/revealers in the world, who come ever 700 to 1,000 years with new teaching froim God in two parts.

The two parts are social laws and a renewed higher spiritual Love. Each manifestation recognises the past manifestations and lays out a new religion for the world to live under – literally a new age. So Christ bought a new age, Muhammed brought a new age and The Glory of God brought our current new age. In a thousand years there will be a new messenger who will again be rejected by the world at large, only to bring the world under His (Her?) teachings in a new, new age!

How can we tell if we are in a new age? Because of the differences manifest in the world (including in the world of past religions). The Jews are a physically based religion who used to use the physically based justice system of “an eye for an eye”.  As soon as the Christ came that started falling to pieces. In the old testament there are three dozen Death penalties including things like wearing different clothes together and disrespecting parents. Today few of these death penalties are carried out because the teaching of Christ lifted the justice system up in the metaphysical realm, whilst the Glory of God lifted them into the spiritual zone and reduced then to three in number – murder, arson and drug pushing.

It doesn’t matter if the people of the last religion convert or not, the rules of God always win in the end, as the teachings of past religions are diluted through multiple generations – “All are His servants and all abide by his bidding!”

So back to the new king. Who is this man. I’ll give you a clue. He has three God gifted names that each mean “servant”. He has been gifted a new spiritual organisation to replace capitalism and communism. he has worked all his life towards peace in himself and in the world. He is Holy. He is still alive and has another 23 years on earth. Nelson Mandela has been assigned to his spiritual board of directors.

The king is dead, long live the king!

Love,  peace and prosperity

reverend master j’iam

An open letter to Nelson Mandela

Dear Nelson,

as much as the people of South Aftrica and the world Love you, it is time for them to release you and let you go to the next world. You have worked long and hard in your time on earth and achieve a mighty lot! It is time for you to receive your reward so I am here to help you clear the blockages of the misplaced Love the peoples are placing on you, wanting to keep your mortal remains with them as long as they can. In doing so they are not thinking, “What is best for Nelson?” Your life is at an end and the taste of the afterklife is so close you can taste its sweetness on your lips and smell it’s fragrance in your nose. But they won’t let you go!

So I will let you go. Go Nelson to the next world and claim your reward for your life! God gives you permission to do this, so ignore your “fans” and simply pick up the hem of your robe and leave this planet. Let them grieve over the “loss” of the ship and the captain, whilst you fly into the next world on your private helicopter! Lol! I know where you are and I ask you to serve God’s causes here on earth from the afterlife!

Go, Nelson, go Nelson, go, go, go. And may Gods Peace, Love and Glory embrace you!

Thank you for your service to mankind,

Love and Peace,

reverend master J’iam