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The Real Answer to World Peace and Prosperity

The Real Answer to World Peace and Prosperity

To think that the politicians can create world peace and prosperity is a “chimera”,  an impossibility. They can no more create world peace than a doctor can cure liver cancer by rubbing cold cream on the skin of the patient!

Peace and prosperity can only come from inside the body, just as a healthy body can only come from having healthy cells within the body.

So how do we treat the cell to make it healthy? We are a cell! If we are healthy (peaceful and prosperous) we add that to the world and act like a healing balm to others, that they too nay heal. Over a period of time the healthiness spreads and spreads until it eliminates every diseased cell in the body. This is the answer to the sick body – think globally but act locally. Think of the world but heal yourself first! (Physician, heal thyself first!)

So HOW do we heal ourselves first? AH, a mighty big question – the $64,000 question you may say. But the answer is simple, for God has revealed a way for the individual to become Peaceful and Prosperous for only $25 per month, that creates work, incomes and housing for members, that creates a wholistic self and Continuity, stability and growth over a period of time! A full wholistic answer that will work for anyone who joins and follows the methods prescribed within it. And this organisation is called THE WHOLISTIC PEACE AND PROSPERITY NETWORK.

There is no paid interest whatsoever within the network but it will continue to grow in your family for generations after you have passed onto the next world.

So do yourself a favour and email me <> to see for yourself this new, huge, life-healing force called the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network!