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A New Zealand (Aorearoa) greetings card for you to use




This is a card I made at the beginning of the year. The original Picture is about 150 years old (really old for New Zealand, we are such a young country). You can use this by downloading it to your computer and sending it to friends with a message. Whilst the enhancement copyrights belongs to me you are free to use this card for any non commercial purposes (don’t on-sell  it!). You can even put it on free to others clipart sights with my permission (please let me know you are doing that – just a courtesy). ENJOY


An elephant IS an eagle!

Today is a sad day for New Zealand because today we  started trading in “gay” marriages. Because the “government” has passed a law saying homosexual marriage is legal, people on the physical level now think that homosexuality is right. But on the spiritual level it will never Be right, for it is spiritually forbidden by every manifestation that has trod on this earth – Moses, Budha, Krishna, Zoroaster Jesus, Muhammed, Baha’u’llah. Everyone one of them forbid homosexuality.

But in this material world they seem to think that legislation can alter reality. That by legislating elephants to be eagles the elephants will be able to fly! Not going to happen. You can legislate until you are blue in the face and the elephant will never change into an eagle. You will get many dead elephants at the bottom of cliffs – the bodies of those elephants so caught up in the illusion that they were convinced they actually could fly! An eagle can fly, “I’m an eagle (i have a piece of paper that legally makes me an eagle) therefore I can fly!” Wheeee  – SPLAT!

And there will be casualties at the bottom of the cliffs, the bodies of those fallen on by the falling elephants, probably just casual bystanders passing by.

I don’t know if you’ve thought of it yet ladies, but you are one of the casualties of homosexual marriage. Making homosexual marriage legal means also that the New Zealand government have sneakily made sodomy legal for every one. So men can legally expect to sodomise their wifes in New Zealand from now on. Do you know what sodomy is? It is the penetration of the anus by a rigid penis. This is a very painful experience. It is also spiritually forbidden. So two birds have been legally maimed with one legislative action. Just because something is legal doesn’t make it Moral (Spiritual Law). So expect a new pressure in the bedroom from now on, ladies!

By the way, I am giving up eagle training as I may get my arm crushed by an elephant trying to land on my wrist!