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Religion or Spirituality?

In the olden days we had two choices – to be of the “dead” (the spiritually dead), or to be of the living (the spiritually alive – religious). Today we live in a new age where all the previously dead have been resurrected into spiritual life and the two classes now consist of the spiritually asleep and the spiritually awake. That is the main difference between people of the old age and people of this new age.

If you are spiritually awake today you are likely to class yourself as “spiritual” because the responsibility for spiritual growth has been removed from the churches of the world and placed on each individuals shoulders. We, not any outside influence, are the captains of our own spiritual ships. 

If you are spiritually aware you will eventually come under the reign of the higher laws of the universe. To come under the reign of these higher laws, you have to submit your will to God’s will and actually LIVE the higher laws! Under the higher laws there are definite freedoms and definite “no go” areas. As long as we stay out of the “no go” (forbidden) areas and work within the permitted areas we will always be building ourselves a virtuous cycle. As soon as we go into the forbidden areas we lose all our virtuous cycle and inherit a vicious cycle instead. In the old days the virtuous cycle was called heaven and the vicious cycle was called hell. Either way, virtuous /heaven or vicious/hell, the end results still feel the same! 

Because the rules have changed we can no longer go to the former institutes (churches and faiths) for guidance because they are still using the old ways. Instead we must seek out masters of the new age. The supreme source manifestation of this age is Baha’u’llah (the Glory of God – it’s amazing that most of the churches in New Zealand have “to the Glory of God” (to Baha’u’llah – this is Persian for the Glory of God) written on their foundation stones!). Then there are various masters, on various levels at different ages since 1844. Today I am a master who has been sent to new Zealand.

There is no glory in being sent a master – we are always sent to spiritually bankrupt places and New Zealand is definitely spiritually bankrupt and corrupted. Almost invariably the local masters are initially ignored by the ones they are sent to counsel. And that has been my experience to date. But we just have to keep on keeping on. There are masters who have entered this world and departed with exactly zero followers. This is not a failure, because the master is the single disciple during his life time. And the master is also a bubbling wellspring of new knowledge and enlightenment, and this is still poured into the world because of his very existence on earth!  To date we have 3 and a half disciples (including myself). I am hopeful that the half will become a whole, as soon as he recovers his health. I am open to receiving another 97 disciples at the moment to build a perpetual synergy of Wealth and Prosperity. The next sub-target is for members is 9, then 19, then 49 and then the 100. All in the Good Lord’s time, not mine.  

Sometimes I use J’iam’s prayer for patience, when I am feeling low and alone. It goes like this…

“Lord give me patience, RIGHT NOW, IMMEDIATELY, INSTANTLY!” (the gestures in this prayer consist of shaking one’s fist up towards the heavens!) And then laughing out loud! God has a wonderful sense of humour! When we laugh together, I always feel connected and my spirit soars!  Lol!

But back to serious now. We have been given these choices because this new age is one of Unity. The first unification is the unity of body, brain and soul – the self. A spiritual unity is also called a synergy. Once we are internally synergsed as people, then we can synergise with other synergised(whole) people to create bigger units. Like a cell can unite with other cells to make a kidney or a heart etc. Only by having whole cells and uniting them together can we make the body (the world) whole, peaceful and prosperous). So world peace and Prosperity starts with us, the individuals of the world. You and I both know that politicians can’t achieve world peace – their weapons for peace are war and fear! (talk about an oxymoron!) Weapons and fear only achieve dominance, and dominance is not peace.The tools for peace are example (within ourselves) education and actions. We all know the theory that politicians are supposed to be servants of the people, but that isn’nt going to happen until the usurers of the world are gotten rid of and the people actually own the vast majority of the worlds assets. Only then will the politicians start listening to the people. For although they claim to be leaders, where the people go the politicians follow

Gandhi had a saying..

“First they ignore us

then they laugh at us

then they fight us

and then we win!”

This is the classic path of all the masters of the world. At the moment I am in the ignored box. But soon I will be recognised by more and more people and then they will start laughing at us. Then they will start fearing us and start fighting us. This is when we have reached a certain percentage of the population (the princople of the 100th monkey) and by then it is too late to fight and win against us. And of course we naturally “win” and our ways become the ways of the world at large and then everyone wonders why we were resisted!

The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN) is a system designed by God to enable the people of the world to grab a hold of their own assets and remove them from the hands of usurers. I suggest you take a look at WPPN. There is a teaser website(no website can contain all the knowledge of the network) at…

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me at…

love, peace and prosperity to you.


How to change your current old age lifestyle into the New Age lifestyle

It is not an easy thing to do initially, but there are ways of making it a lot easier than normal. You have to imaging the we are all born into a small life boat abroad a vast ocean. This is okay when the weather is fine, but when the sea get stormy, windy and wavy we look for a bigger ship to transfer to. And the new age is a bigger ship, by far. It is one of these gigantic, 15 story ocean liners that will pick you up – if you ask it to. But you have to want to be picked up (we have freewill – the ability to stay aboard our lifeboat or to jump aboard the ocean liner.)

But there is a problem. The small boat we are on moves up and down with the waves, whilst the huge liner doesn’t. What this means for us on the small boat is that the rope ladder dangling down the side of the ocean liner appears to be moving up and down by double the height of the waves! So if we have 6 foot waves, our boat will rise 6 feet to the top of the wave and then fall 12 feet to the trough (bottm) of the wave. We can just about manage a 6 foot wave but when we get 20 foot waves it becomes impossible to jump onto the ladder. Also we notice, the rungs of the ladder are three feet apart, so even if we get onto the ladder it is very hard to climb up it!

But there is a solution. We are on the wavy, physical ocean and the liner is based in the deeper metaphysical and spiritual waters below the the waves and appears not to move at all! So if we go to the other side of the ship – the leeward side – we are sheltered from the waves and the wind and enter into a zone of calm, with perhaps a foot of waves. Also the ladder has 10 inch rungs, so even the children and the elderly can climb aboard! So we get the ocean liner to turn around (it is far easier for it to do that, than for us to make our way around the ship in the storm!) 

So we get to the leeward side and are able to get onto the ladder. And then we have to climb it onto the deck many stories above our heads. To climb the ladder we have to do certain things that change our state of balance from the wavy ocean to the stability of the liner. At first it will seem as if the ocean liner is moving up and down and we can get disorientated by the apparent motion. But the motion is all inside our heads. We have been on the sea so long our brain has adapted to the motion of the ocean! So when we get onboard the liner our sealegs tell us it is moving it direct opposition to the ocean. Know that this is only an illusion and will soon pass

The first action we need to change is to stop living on 100% of our incomes. This is like living on the water ration of the life boat, which is basically hand to mouth survival. If it doesn’t rain for a few days, the water has had to be rationed. On the liner we have to learn to use the water taps. This is covered by the laws of sowing and reaping. So we have to live on 90% of our income and start gifting to ourselves and to others in small amounts initially, and then in larger and larger amounts as time passes. 

On the ocean liner (named “HMS New Age”) we no longer have to feed ourselves from tins, but have to go to breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dining rooms. Again a change of habits. 

On HMS New Age we get to sleep in beds, with sheets and blankets, in a stable situation (no wavy motion). Again we have to change our habits. For the first week or so everything will seem new and strange to us. but after a while it will start to settle down and you’ll discover a new form of happiness creeping into your life – security! Security is something youve never had on the (physical) open ocean, because you were always at the mercy of the waves!

So the biggest change is not the change from ocean to ocean liner, but the change of habits you’ll need to adopt to be happy aboard. These habits are personal habits you’ve had all your live, whilst living in the lifeboat. Know that personal habits are the hardest things of all to change! We are slaves to our habits; if they are good habits, great! But if they are bad habits, oh woe is us! It takes 30 days to change a negative habit into a positive one and another thirty days to make it permanent. Fortunately there are some habits that are more powerful than others in assisting personal internal change. It like a body builder deciding to have the most powerful fingers in the world. Even if he practices finger exercises for a year and has the strongest fingers in the world, what is he going to DO with his strong fingers and weak body? Better to build the strength in his legs, because then he can at least walk. and the leg strength makes it far easier to build torso muscular strength. And once that is built arm strength is worked on. so we become well developed and strong overall. Then we can afford to build the strong fingers!

So what are the strongest parts of our new age body? What are our new age legs, torso and arms? Our legs are higher (spiritual) laws, our torsos are metaphysical principles and our arms are physical rules and regulations. And it is best if we try to develop all three at once as there is no point in having super str5ong legs and no torso and arm build ( that is called, “being too spiritually minded to be of any earthly good!”)  In the new age we have to build ourselves up evenly so we become balanced and whole.In the physical world we tend to do one thing at a time. In the new age we have to all the things we need to do at the same time.

So we do one leg exercise, one torso exercise and one arm exercise on the first day. We do this for a week and then increase it to two motions of each exercise for the second week. And then on the third week we add another motion to make three for legs, three for torso and three for arms. In that way, we are moderate in our exercises but wholistic as well – we are building the whole body, not just a part of it! In doing all three we are also increasing the hearts and lungs capacities – without strain. This slow way of increasing the amount of overall exercise is called “Invoking the token“.

So what are the exercises we need to do to join the new age ship? They are..

1) Being True to yourself

2) Gifting to yourself in a particular was

3) Gifting to others in a particular way

4) leaving the vicious cycle and entering the virtuous cycle (this is started by numbers 1 to 3)

5) changing our foundations from a materialistic economy to a Love based economy – basically implementing Spiritual Solutions to Economic Problems!

Those are the five foundations stones of the new age system. We can compare them to legs. torso, arms, brains and Soul.

Legs, torso and arms have a strength of 1.

The brain has a strength of 10

and the soul has a base strength of 100 (although few people ever experience this level of power, because the churches, who should teach it, don’t!)

You can also see the danger in developing spiritual strength without controls – this would be like giving an eight year old a stick of dynamite and a box of matches! What do you think he is going to do with them? Blow himself up of course! We have to learn the rules to get our license to operate dynamite, before being given our first stick!

Because we do live in a new age, a new system of learning has been set up to teach us what to do. The normal setup for the new age is Be, Do and Have. But the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network is set up to Do (in a token form) so we can learn to Be from the Doing and then to Have.  So in the end our beingness is still the most important but in the WPPN system we set everything up so it is  building immediately, and we can do, observe it’s growth and learn to be from that how to Be. Then the having takes care of itself automatically!  Be, do, have, – Be, do, have – Be, do, have! On all three levels – spiritual, metaphysical and physical!

For $25 per month you can join the network and have all five factors listed above going for you, automatically in token form. From there, you can learn within the network how to grow in areas you need to grow in (for example you’ll receive a book called commitments in four parts, over 4 months, that contains all the goals you’ll ever need to obtain your generalized divine civilisation creation method. From this stage we will help you discover your specific divine civilisation creation method! Then you will become wholly happy, peaceful, successful and prosperous and be living your life to the maximum!

That is the promise of WPPN (the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network). How do I know it works? Because I have been testing it on myself for the past 21 years and it is definitely working!  Of course I was the first to test it, so you won’t need anywhere near as long as I have taken. I didn’t even officially start WPPN until after 19 years of testing, because it took me that long to test it fully! Now we have other members who are growing and developing at a much faster rate than me, because I have done the vast majority of the leg-work for themn (because that was/is my personal divine civilisation building mission!)

I realise that in reading this article the answers all seem airy fairy, but believe me they are not. The majority of them are invisible laws that we have to learn by testing for ourselves. Only after testing them, can we actually see the invisible laws. Kind of like putting on special glasses to see in the dark!  WPPN sets them all up like a row of dominos. You only need to push the first one down to see the second domino fall which leads in turn to the third one falling and so forth.

Try joining WPPN because the is a three month free trial period, where you get a money back guarantee if you are not happy with your state in the network (about a 2% drop-out rate)  and a further 9 month “apprenticeship” period, before you are accepted as a full active member. 

see the webpage at –

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another step taken towards success…



The differences between the old age and the new age

The differences between the old age and the new age are as follows: the old age was a physical age of either/or whilst the New Age is one of metaphysical qualities of AND. 

The physical qualities are ones of opposition – day/night, Yin/Yang, good/bad etc. whilst the metaphysical qualities are attractive qualities of “birds of a feather flock together” and “Like attracts Like” and “Love attracts all except the human heart that chooses to turn away” (that is our freewill at play – the abillity to turn towards Love or away from it!). The metaphysical worlds are the total opposite of the physical worlds. The physical world is one of opposites, repulsions whilst the metaphysical worlds are ones of attractions and unifications.

It might be stating the obvious but the two different sets of worlds require different applications to make them work. We cannot use opposition in the metaphysical worlds (“resist not evil“) yet this is exactly how most people try to work metaphysical law (because they have no inkling of how to do anything else – all their training has been on the physical plane!) they invariably fail and many don’t persist saying, “it’s all a load of bunkum!”

It is only when we drop the physical ways, and start using metaphysical law correctly, that we start succeeding in the world. So there are actually three  steps to every law in the universe – the physical, the metaphysical and the spiritual (both metaphysical and spiritual are technically classified as simply metaphysical, although the spiritual is the higher state).

I’ll give you an example: the law of agreement/honesty. On the physical level agreements are always made with a contract because the level of honesty on the physical plane always consists of Truth/Lies. But on the metaphysical plane the truth consists of principles and deals are made on a handshake. In the Spiritual plane deals are made on a synergy basis and deals are made on a word or even a nod (the highest form of spirituality). Of course the number of people capable of doing each step rapidly diminishes as you go up the scales. So physically based people are 80% of the population, metaphysically based people are perhaps 5% of the population and spiritually based people are 1% of the population. So a spiritually based person will give his word, shake hands and draw up a contract. A metaphysically based person will shake hands and draw up a contract. A physically based person will just draw up a contract. And those are the three levels of honesty. Notice how each step above includes the steps below. So the metaphysical includes the physical, whilst the spiritual includes both the metaphysical and the physical!

To work each level we have to apply the rules differently. Consider the physical level to be the equivalent of walking, the metaphysical level the EQUIVALENT of driving a car and the spiritual level the EQUIVALENT  to driving a jet aeroplane! Obviously we need very few rules to be a pedestrian and they are so simple that no license is needed. But a drivers license is needed to drive a car because everything is amplified in a car – the speed, the mass, the danger to self and others on the road and footpaths. So we need to work within the rules of the road to drive. And again a different license is required to fly and airplane because it has different dangers and basic rules. The road speed limit is 100 kilometres per hour. But in a jumbo jet it can’t even fly until it reaches 140 kilometres per hour! So obviously the rules must be different and the test harder.

One of the obvious dangers of flying is falling out of the sky! So pilots must be trained to check a long list of things before starting to fly. Checking that there is sufficient fuel aboard is vital. So a pedestrian cannot drive a car or fly a plane, but a driver can be a pedestrian and not fly a plane. But a pilot can fly a plane, drive a car and be a pedestrian, just by changing their hats! And that is something people don’t understand. It is not a choice of being physical, metaphysical or spiritual but a choice of being spiritual and metaphysical and physical! We have to learn the rules of all three planes (we have to get our licenses) and simply change hats when necessary!

Once you have learned the rules of the road and driven for a while they become instinctive. The same goes with flying – the first time we fly, we are filed with nerves! The 100th time we fly we are far, far more relaxed about it! The pilot gets up and walks to his car (who is ever nervous about walking? it is so instinctive that only the mentally unstable have any worries about it), gets into the car and puts on his drivers hat and drives to the airport. Once there he changes hats again and walks to the plane where he puts on his pilots hat and starts to fly. And so it goes throughout the day. Hats are changed without a thought being given to it, because everything we do, over and over again, becomes instinctive and natural to do!

The hard part of the physical, metaphysical and spiritual planes is finding out and learning the rules on each level. The physical level is taken care of by schools and universities because it is always based in facts. The metaphysical level is taken care of by polytechs and motivators because it is based in principles. The spiritual plane is taken care of by Manifestations (Messengers from God) and Masters because it is based in Higher Law. So facts, principles ans higher laws are the ingredients of the three planes – the physical, the metaphysical and the spiritual.

physical              =  facts

metaphysical     =  principles

Spiritual              = Higher laws

There is no point trying to learn higher law from a school teacher, because they are not trained in higher law. You have to learn it from a master (“they who would a master be, follow a master“)

To learn principles on the metaphysical level you have to go to a philosopher. Confucius is a philosophical master, not a spiritual master. The Budha, Jesus and Muhammed are all top ranking spiritual masters (the original sources, manifestations of God). And then there are lower ranking spiritual masters of every generation (God never leaves us alone and unattended). The lower ranking masters have manifestations, Higher lawsand other masters as their masters. 

So the lesson here today is about facts, principles and higher laws. Learn the rules on the three levels and life becomes so much easier. Spiritual problems need to be solved on a spiritual level. Metaphysical problems need metaphysical solutions. Physical problems need physical solutions.

There are millions of facts created every week. There are hundreds of principle and they are created far less frequently. There are less than 20 big laws (higher laws). so what the spiritually aware do is to tie all the facts to known principles and all the principles to higher laws! Then the world becomes so much easier to understand and handle!  

Spirituality is ALWAYS based on method. The word disciple means “follower of the method” whilst the word sinner means “one who is not a follower of the method” These two words really have very little to do with good and bad as defined on the physical level. They are states of presence and absence on the spiritual level!

Presence and absence are not opposites but absence is the lack of the positive. In the spiritual world darkness is not the opposite of light, simply the absence of light. Darkness can be got rid of by simply lighting a match because all matches contains the power of radiance. There is no such force of darkness where you can go into a lit room and strike a dark “match” that then radiates darkness to every corner. It simply does not exist. To darken any room we have to pull the curtains across the windows, close all the doors and block all the light leaks (this is called a closed mind). A person born into that room would grow up believing that darkness is a force, rather than an absence. But it only requires one parent to strike a match for that illusion to be dispelled forever! Once we have seen the light we can never forget it!

We are all born into the physical world and our purpose is to discover the metaphysical and spiritual planes. Until we do both of these things,  their absence is like two “glass ceiling” that we cannot see through as it reflects out current plane entirely and we can only see our own physical reflections. When we discover the metaphysical plane we have only one glass ceiling above us. Again we cannot see through it because it reflects our two current planes (the metaphysical and the physical planes). Only when ASK (aloud) to be shown the spiritual plane are we shown it (“Ask thou shall receive, knock the door will open“) It is only from the spiritual plane we can see all three planes as a whole! 

So back to the title. What are the differences between the old age and the new age? The difference is that the old age was a physical age and the new age (this century) is a spiritually based age. So we must start using spiritually based higher law (not religion – that comes from the physical age). Unity is the name of this new age and that is the trend in the physical and metaphysical worlds as well (look at the unification of nations like Usa, Eec and Malaysia [all of them are having problems because they are not set up on a spiritual basis])

To suceed in this new age we must use the higher laws and the only way i know to achieve that easily is to join WPPN – the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (synergy), because this is a tool God has set up to help us achieve the new methodology in our lives, and therefore in the world at large. If you want to have happiness, peace, success and prosperity in your life, for the rest of your life, then please contact me (j’iam) at

or go to the WPPN website at

kindest regards,