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Her Stroke of Insight!

It’s not often that I recommend other peoples videos, but this one is exceptional and explains the difference between the right hand side of the brain and the left hand side of the brain. To BE-come whole we must balance the right hand side of the brain with the left hand side. Most of us are dominated by the left hand brain. I use a parable of a ship. the body is the ship and the crewmen, the left hand side of the brain is the captain of the ship. The right hand side of the brain is the OWNER of the ship. The right hand side is in connection with LOVE and the Universe. When we die we move wholly to the right hand side of the brain and then beyond that into the next world. To live as hu-Man BE-ings we must let go of the left hand side of the brain’s control of everything and strike a balance. The Captain is still important to run the ship. But the OWNER of the ship , the essential You, must issue the commands to the captain, telling him where you want to go. For that is the weakness of the captain – he cannot make decisions! Only the Owner can make those decisions. But the owners cannot run the ship – he just hasn’t got the skill to keep the ship off the rocks and “shipshape and Bristol fashion!” So the owner has to trust the captain and not interfere in his work, whilst  the captain has to trust the owner and work for him. 

I tried to destroy my ego for six months, day and night, but every tactic I tried failed. After six months I asked God what I was doing wrong, to not be able to destroy my ego? I was told, “I created the ego as a servant for you! If you destroy your servant how are you going to get any work done?” I had been trying to destroy my ego and God had been protecting him! No wonder i couldn’t “win”! I was told to approach the captain and acknowledge his skills and formally make him the Captain of the ship. I would respect him and trust him to do my bidding. In exchange he would be given a free hand over the ship but would have to obey my orders! We shook hands on it and we have worked together just fine over the past 25 years!

I Know that when I die I lose the ship and the captain (the captain always goes down with the ship) but I, the owner, simply go to the back of the ship where there is a helipad , get into the helicopter and take off – for safety and a continued life!

Anyway the presenter of this video was studying the brain and wanted to be able to help her schizophrenic brother and one day suffered a stroke that paralysed the left hand side of her brain. That experience was a little like my near death experience. Her conclusions are one I agree with 100%

In the beginning of this article I said we have to balance the two sides of the brain. Balance is a poor description of the process. The true word we are looking for is to SYNERGISE the two sides of the brain with the soul to become whole (holy in the Bible and other great manifestations books). A synergy is summed up as formula “where the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts!” Once we become whole we can achieve Nirvana, heaven on earth and Be ready for the separation from this earth, because we are detached from all things except LOVE (and God IS Love)

so go to this site and have a look, she is a truly inspiration speaker

as I said it is well worth watching – if you are ready for it!

kindest regards,