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The VIRTUOUS CYCLE Part two (continued)

Yesterday we looked at what a vicious cycle is and then at the what we want in our lives – the Virtuous cycle. We got as far as showing that the virtuous cycle is based on gifting, with gifting being defined as offer and acceptance on both parties behaves. This them makes the gift into a win/win situation by invoking the law of sowing and reaping.

Today we are going to look at the ORDER of gifting. Know there are definite rules to gifting and order is a fundamental rule – like driving on the left hand or the right hand of the road. Whilst this may vary from country to country as long as we drive on the side of the road that the countries laws specify, we will be safe. The same goes with higher laws.

As I said, one of the fundamental rules of gifting is WHO do I gift too and in what order

The person you must gift to firstly is always yourself. Why is this? Because we are made in the image of God and God must be recognized first! Then we gift to others. This is supported by the 11th commandment – “Love thou One another as I love Thee” 

Love of course always comes first – we must manifest love towards One. Who is one? One is yourself in old English, “how is One today?” literally means “How are You today?”

The next to gift is to  another, which literally means other people in old English. So the order is literally goes, “Love yourself and others…” That is the order of gifting (love is always the ultimate form of gift). 

The next part of the commandment tells us how to love – “as I Love thee” How does God love us? Why Wholly and Unconditionally of course. So we have to gift wholly and unconditionally! Which means we expect no return from the receiver of the gift and we hand the gift over to them by releasing it! It we don’t release the gif,t we are actually asking them to look after it for us, a burden for them (which returns to us multiplied). Once we release it, it goes into God’s hands for return to us multiplied under the (automatic) law of sowing and reaping (“as you sow, so shall you reap multiplied!”)

So the whole commandment means (in modern English) “Love yourself, and others, wholly and unconditionally” If we follow that consistently, we lay the foundations for our eventual prosperity. 

Know that prosperity is about energy, not goods, services and money, although they do return in that form of energy too. It is about the universal flow of energy into and out of us. If the inflow is blocked we are in poverty of lack. If the outflow is blocked we are in poverty of excess, If both are blocked we are in extreme poverty of addictive lack.

If we are open to unconditional outflow we are of the Poor. If we are open to unconditional inflow and outflow we are of the abundant. I know that will sound strange to some of you because it goes against the “riches”  teachings of mankind. But that is the way the universe works and we cannot change it’s working anymore than we can change the side of the road we are asked to drive on in our country. Anyone who drives on the wrong side of the road is headed for immanant death. Which is why the Bible quotes “For the wages of sin is death”  [Romans 6:23] The word disciple means “follower of the method” whilst the word sinner means “one who is not a follower of the method”. So it is saying the same think I am saying – driving on the wrong side of the road results in spiritual death (non-workings). Can you see the sense in that? I hope so. 

So gifting to yourself is shown in the first box of the diagram below…


The gifting has to be COMMITTED to the self (the soul, not the ego). So we have to be COMMITTED to ourselves. This will be tested of us, not by amount of money, goods or services committed to ourselves but by the TIME (in the form of continuity) committed to ourselves. Until we are permanently committed to ourselves we cannot progress onto abundance. So to become Poor is actually a test of us. For the majority of us in this age it is only a temporary test. For some it is a permanent test for the whole of their lives – which is why the first inheritance (responsibility) of the wealthy is always the (permanently)Poor. Our second inheritance is the rest of the Poor (basically ourselves then others) because once you are Poor you have to be permanently Poor. The abundant/wealthy man is still a Poor man! To be Poor is the foundations of Abundance. To build a skyscraper and then remove it’s foundations is just too silly for words! The abundant man remains a poor man for life otherwise he reverts to the poverty of riches.

So the three factors are…


* to Self first and then Others

* Continuity (all the time, continuously) 

These three factors set us up correctly under the higher laws and we move from the laws of providence into the laws of providence AND abundance! We never stop using the laws of providence, ever, ever, ever. 

The laws of providence state, “Whatever you need shall be given to you free (or very cheap, within you price range) and without obligation.” The poor always work under the laws of providence. I was taught this as an atheist by a wonderful Muslim man in Singapore who truly was of the poor; he looked me in the eye and stated with 100% conviction “God always provides!” And though my ego didn’t accept that, it shook me to my spiritual core!(yes atheists do have spiritual cores! So don’t spit on them! Lol!)

The laws of abundance state “Whatever you want you can have, but there is a price!” And the price is that we have to fulfill our personal beingnesses. The Poor fulfill their general beingnesses. Our general beingness is to help create a general divine civilisation using the talents common to all of us. 

The abundant/wealthy have to fulfill their specific beingness, to help create a divine civilisation. By specific beingness I mean the special blend of talents, skills and abilities that was gifted to us at the point of conception and in our life here on earth to date. So the purpose of being Poor (for most people) is to learn our general beingness and apply that to the world to help create a divine civilisation. (what about the permanently Poor? That is their job on earth – to provide a permanent source, to the temporary poor and the abundant, of people to look after (gift to others). Does that make sense to you? If it doesn’t, don’t stress about it, simply ask for enlightenment and It will be given to you (under the laws of providence – knowledge is a necessity [a need], not a luxury!)  

So by doing these three things right, we get the laws of sowing and reaping working fully and building their returns to us. It is the increasing returns that moves us to abundance. One of the signs that you are becoming abundant is that you will be given a task (mission) to achieve during the rest/remainder of life life here on earth. I was given a thirty year task 5 years ago. And that has made me so happy! Lol! Spiritual happiness has nothing to do with your external circumstances at all, only your internal circumstances, which then colour your external circumstances, regardless of what they are! (do not tell anyone this secret of life – “or else i have to kill you!” Lol!)!

The initial gifting can be off two types – a tithe or a token. A tither is literally one tenth (of gross income) As we live in a period of high taxation, a ten of our gross income (income before tax) has now become 16.5% of our nett income.And as there are TWO types of tithing (one to self and the other to others) that equates to 2 x 16.5% = 33% of our nett incomes! Which is a lot of money as a percentage of our incomes. So in this age we have to either start of from the day we start work, or we have to build it up by “invoking the token” What this means is we start with what we can afford and when we get the returns from the laws of sowing and reaping we then gift the two full 10% of gross (the returns are almost invariably tax free for the poor, or grossly abundant (way beyond our needs) for the wealthy. So we can easily afford to tithe 2 x 10%s from the returns of the laws.

So we start with a token and invoke the full amount from the returns. And we have to do that consistently – all the time – otherwise the returns taper off and we never reach abundance!

I hope I have explained that clearly enough for you. Some of you will have an instant recognition (“the penny will drop”), some will take some time and a few will think, “what a load of rubbish!” and will never read me again! lol! That is not my problem. My problem is trying to write this down plainly and in plain/simple/easy language, so that the vast majority can learn from it. So my language has to Be precise and as simple as possible – not a naturally easy task. 

So we have set the initial foundations up and got the gifting part right, so now we have to turn our attention to the returns.

With the returns from the token giftings, we have to start using the spiritual Pareto Principle. Which works differently on the spiritual plane, than from on the physical and metaphysical planes. On the physical plane the Pareto Principle states 20% of want we do creates 80% of our wealth (and variations of this).

The Pareto principle is also known as the 20-80 rule, and that is how it is used on the spiritual palne. We split our returns up into two 10% giftings (= 20%) and an 80% portion. So if we “receive” $100 we would split it up into three parts. The first 10% ($10) we Gift to ourselves. The second 10% ($10) we gift to others and the third, 80% portion ($80), we use to increase our livestyles (in whatever form you decree that to Be! Read  a book called “Mover of men and mountains” about a man who reversed the Pareto figures and kept 20% to increase his lifestyle and 80% for gifting! And he was still a multi-millionaire back in the 1950’s! That is only possible under the laws of abundance using the Pereto Portions! From now on I will refer to the Pareto Portions (or proportions), for it’s use on the spiritual plane.


So every time we receive a return from the laws of sowing and reaping, we have to fulfill our Pereto Proportions. So how do we do this? We have to use wholistic accounting (copyright j’iam 2001). Wholistic accounting accounts for all three types of physical energy – Money, goods and services. If we work only in money, we are only working with one third of the energy being returned to us on the physical plane. The law says we must work wholistically. The principle is very easy to implement. 

When we gift it may be in the form of money, goods and services on the physical plane. The returns will always be multiplied! And the returns may also be transformed. So you may gift money, but receive it back multiplied in the form of goods. A lot of people don’t consider this factor and overlook many of their returns, thus working them only partially! Partial working is not wholistic working and so the laws working in our life reduces, diminishing off quicker and quicker to nothing until we start working wholistically again!

If I gifted $3 and received back a portion of meat in return, what do I do with it? I convert it to the cash equivelent – “how much would this cost me to buy from the butchers/” The answer is $8. So i go to my meat budget and remove $8 from it and gift 2 x 80 cents and use $6.40 to increase my lifestyle! That is how wholistic accounting works – simple as that. The same goes for services. If we call a plumber and allocate $30 to his services and he then gifts that to us we take the $30 and gift, gift, allocate – 10%, 10% 80%.  Once we are doing this with all gifts – money, goods and services we are firmly set in the foundations of wholistic accounting.

That is how we combine our returns with Pareto Proportioning, to amplify the results of both! Because we are now gifting a full tithe (tenth) we will receive a bigger amount back multiplied again because we are now obeying the full law! The token receives much back, the full amount (10%) receives much, much more back! 

Over time we start portioning a higher and higher token until it becomes the first full 10% (to ourselves) and then we start on the second full 10% (to others) Always it is necessary to pay ourselves first because the laws always work, “as within, so without” We are the within, the others are the without. 

Do things in the correct ways and order to make the laws work!

Work the laws and the laws work for you! 

I think that is enough for today. Reread what i’ve written if you don’t understand it fully. Don’t try to force it, if you don’t fully understand it, but ask for enligthenment under the laws of providence (you need to understand of this knowledge)and simply put it to the back of your mind. Don’t struggle thinking about it, but just let it go out into the universe and the universe will return to you with the knowledge you need, in the form you need it in, to understand it completely! (Aha, the penny drops! LOL!)

Please forgive me if I’ve missed anything out to date. I’ll return with part 3 tomorrow,

kindest regards