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Wheeee! I’ve discovered the whole universe!

The metaphysical person says…

Wheeee! I’ve discovered the whole universe!

The spiritual person says to the metaphysical….

Remember the universe is just a pimple on God’s bottom!”

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity Be yours,

reverend master j’iam

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Love the person, not the faults

When we love others we have to “Love the person, but not the faults.” Which means we have to look for the good points in the person and overlook the faults and eliminate them by growing the good points. I used to have a friend who came from a really rough place. His mates used to drop him off and he’d say good bye to them. Well, not just good bye, but “Good F**KING Bye!!! When he first came into the house he used the same type of language. By the third time he came into the house he didn’t swear at all! Until he left the house and said to his mates “Hell – F**KING – lo!” Lol!

But how did I achieve his not swearing in the house? By simply paying close attention to him, giving him positive eye contact and touching his arm when he did something right! And when he was talking wrong I would simply let my eyes drift away from him out the window! Positive and negative reinforcement. When he said something that I wanted to reinforce I would touch, or even grab his forearm and say something like, “That’s a great idea!”

No one had ever paid attention to what he said and certainly never told him it was a good idea! So he began to search for ways to please me! And he found that simply cutting out the swearing allowed him to express things differently and actually communicate with me! All I did was make him feel important.

In the Bible what I am talking about is called, “Loving the sinner, not the sins.” It is exactly the same process. People think the word Sin means “Bad.” But it doesn’t. It actually means “Not a follower of the method” or “ignorant of the method”. So how do we stop being ignorant and become followers of the method? By becoming “Disciples” or “enlightened followers of the method.” But what method? Why the methods of Love (God), of course!

Being ignorant is not necessarily bad, it is just not enlightened! “If a man has ten bad points and one good point, concentrate on his good point!” said Kahlil Gibran’s Prophet! We cannot replace bad points except by exchanging them with good points, for bad points are darkness (ignorance) whilst good points are light (knowledge/ enlightenment). It may seem obvious, but we cannot replace darkness with darkness, only with light!

Stopping a man doing negative things through fear (false evidence appearing real) does not necessarily mean he will produce any good actions! He may just sit in a corner of darkness and not move for the rest of his life! This is not fulfilling his BEingness of helping to produce a divine civilisation! Which means he is not really alive at all, simply in a state of suspended ignorance where he is too scared to do anything positive!

The only way we can overcome ignorance is to become knowledgeable and dedicate ourselves to making our lives better than they were. In doing so we make the world a better place to live in, which is a form of divine civilisation. “Never stop a Man from learning, no matter how slow their progress (Man – with a capital M – is a metaphysical state that includes both males and females!)”

As long as a person is on a path of advancement never discourage them! When our children learn to walk how do they do it? By falling over and over and over. What do we do? Pick them up and bash them? No, we pick them up, give them a cuddle and encourage them to try again! That is the way God/Love treats us too! We fall over, and we have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and try again. There is no limit to God’s Love – there is no limit to the number of times we can fall over, just as long as we pick ourselves up again and retry!

I was reading about Colonel Sanders and how he tried a thousand times to get his recipe in food shops. Originally his recipe had ten secret ingredients! In his last point of sale he was trying to sell a man who told him. “We are trying to sell Beer here, we need food that is Salty, so they get thirsty and buy beer!” At which point he covered the colonel’s chicken with salt and said, “Perfect!”

And that was the eleventh (the “synergising point”) of Kentucky fried chicken! So we have to ask why the colonel never added salt to his recipe? Because he had been on a salt free diet for 30 years! To him salt was foul tasting! But he listened to his customer and became one of the most successful food salesmen in the world!

Know that the secret 11th herb in the life of every Man on the planet is Love! Add love to the recipe and it’s like adding salt – “Ye are the salt of the earth!”
So the process of changing the world into a divine civilisation is a fairly simple two-step process – first change yourself for the better and then change a seeker for the better!

The hardest task is changing yourself! Lol! But all the easier when we use love and gentle persuasion on ourselves to make a commitment to love and laughter! For love and Laughter are the two most desperately lacking things in the world – and the most effective tools to change ourselves and attract the seekers!

kindest regards,
May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,
reverend master j’iam

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Left, right, left, right, one foot after the other!

What is the only way from here to there? One footstep at a time, one after the other!

And what is the beginning of the longest journey? The first step!

And what stops us taking the first step? Only ignorance and/or fear!

And what is the cure for these two things – ignorance and fear?

1) independent investigation of the truth, so you know of your own beingness!

2) action to over come fear – do the thing you fear and your fear will disappear! Fear literally means False Evidence Appearing Real! Fear is an illusion: it is a cobweb that tells you it is a steel cable, and if you believe that then it is! Once you Know that it is only an illusion with the strength of a cobweb then it is easily swept aside!

Once you have taken the first step the second step is always easier, as is the third step and the fourth, fifth and sixth steps are all easier again. By the time you reach the fiftieth step you are jogging and by the time you reach the hundredth step you are running and you wonder why on earth you couldn’t start! 

It is always easier if you have a coach and a mentor with a map of the journey! It you are always going to fail if you haven’t got a METHOD of achieving your goals. You can’t make plans if you don’t have a method!!!

Luckily for you I can show you a Method that is based on the higher spiritual laws of the universe!

Also luckily for you I am doing it for God and not for capitalistic gain, so it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, not even a finger(nail)! Lol!

Luckily for you too there is no risk, as if you don’t like the system in three month you can pull out and get a refund of your money!

You’re pretty lucky today aren’t you!!!

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I’ll bet you’ve never seen a system like this one! or one even remotely close!


kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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