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Lose/lose, lose/win and Win/Win!

We all have choices in life and amongst them are the choices of lose/lose, lose/win and Win/Win!

Now, lets look at this complicated area of life with new eyes and shed some light on it. There are three main categories above, with two choices in each. Which category would you prefer to be in? The lose/lose? The lose/win? Or the Win/Win? I don’r know about you, but i’d prefer to be in the win/win category!

Unfortunately, most people inherit the lose/lose section of life because of usurers, who set us up to lose at every turn! Once we gets tired of the constant losing we “wake up” and decide to leave losing behind and head for winning, and so we enter the lose/win situation.

Know that lose/win is no better than lose/lose because for you to win, you have to make someone else lose! That may be physically okay but it is morally (spiritually) wrong! Not a good situation to be in, so many sink back down to the lose/lose situation again.

Did you know the average american dies with less than $200 in capital (Cash)? After working all their lives they end up with less than a quarter of $1,000! Where is the win in this life? Were they blissfully happy? No, because poverty deprived them of that! So why are they such losers? Because they worked all there lives in the physical plane, under the thumbs of userers!



In the physical plane the rule is one of opposites – win/lose. If someone wins on the physical plane it is because they are forcing someone else into the lose/lose situation! So is there any way out of this vicious cycle? Fortunately there is!


The answer to leave the lose/win and loses/lose situation of the physical plane completely and move to the Win/Win of the spiritual plane! I’ll repeat that, The solution is to leave the physical plane of loss and set yourself up on the spiritual plane of Win/Win


On the spiritual plane it is always win/win – in every situation! So how can you lose? By not moving, by staying on the physical plane! Lol!


The move from the physical is very simple, but not easy, because you are going to have to go against the ways of mankind – including (often) your mother and father, your brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents etc, etc. This is the hard part – leaving your present comfort zone and venturing into new “Uncharted (for you)” territory!” It is this factor alone that keeps the majority of the world in the financial slavery of the physical world! 


And the hardest part of the whole process is step number one – which to to ask (out aloud) for a connection to the spiritual world. You see, the entrance fee is not to pay a fee, do some brave deed or rescue a fair damsel in distress, but to simply ask aloud – “Knock and the door will open, ask and thou shall receive!”


So WHAT do we ask aloud? To be shown the connection to Love/God (God IS love). For me it consisted of the words, “God if you exist, please show me” ( I was an atheist at the time.) I said it aloud, in bed, in the darkness of night, so it was a private conversation. The next day I awoke, still an atheist. But unbeknowst to me I had set in motion a whole train of events that would lead me to a royal rebirth with the Holy Spirit six short months later (i was a long away away from God/Love!)


And it is as simple as that.  IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT! IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT!


Little did I know that after i was reborn i was to be led to a spiritual system that will change the world for the better for a long. loooonnnggg time – The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN). So far I have spent 22 years on it and it is only just beginning to pop it’s head above the ground – like a seed! I still have another 22 years to serve (I’ll die when I’m 85, at the end of my 30 year mission).


In the olden days we would ask to be “reborn” and would be led to a religion. But today – in the age of self determination – we are led to masters who will teach you what you want to know. If you want only a limited amount of knowledge you will be led to sub-masters. if you want it all you will be led to the reverend master j’iam and WPPN


WPPN will set you up spiritually to internally synergise into a whole person (a Holy Man – note the capital M) then to synergise with other whole people and to attain the “powers of command” under the higher laws of the universe. The last stage is mastery when you get the powers of command as am individual. The end effect of all this is to move you from the physical energy base of 1 and the metaphysical energy base of 10 to the two spiritual energy bases of 100 and 1,000!


So how can we manifest a win/win situation? I’ll use a little known example in the world of gifting. When we gift we have to offer the gift to the recipient, so they can accept or refuse. If they accept your gift then it becomes their property to do with what they want! Your Gift is a return from the laws of sowing and reaping, “as you sow, so shall your reap multiplied!” This is a spiritual promise and is not a hollow one, but one that is always carried out! So the receiver of the gift is a winner and you, the giver of the gift are a winner too (an even bigger winner actually, as you get the gift back multiplied!).


But that is not the example i want to show you. If you had of said, “Here, have this!” it would have reverted to a physical lose/win situation, with you the loser and them the winner. And often, as spiritual people, we are given gifts in this manner. As spiritual person I always say, “Are you offering this to me as a gift?” thereby offering them the chance to experience a winning situation instead of a losing one. If they answer “yes” then I say, “Thank you, I accept your gift!” In this way I get a double return from the laws of sowing and reaping as I get the gift they  gave me and another return from turning their lose/win situation into a win/win situation! Of course if they refuse to admit that it is a gift, then i refuse to take it! As a spiritual person i refuse help with anyone else’s loses! Can you see the principle in here?


So the first step towards leaving the lower world’s losing situation is to ask  to be connected to the spiritual world. But there is another way towards this goal and that is WPPN. In WPPN the system is set up to do and learn your BEingness from the Doingness(know your DOingness is your spiritual aspect.)



WPPN sets up a virtuous cycle that obeys the higher laws and moves you towards the state of Abundance, through the practice of the laws of the state of Poor. As i said I was a long way away from God (not He from me though!) and my reunion was quite dramatic. If i had of been a WPPN member the shift would have been a lot less, more like taking a single step to the side instead of riding a roller coaster down a mile high drop into a brick wall! LOL!


But of course, when I was reborn WPPN was still 14 years in the future, yet to be revealed! 


Today I have revealed to you a path to the win/win situation of the spiritual worlds. Do not dismiss it lightly for it may be many years before you are again exposed to this opportunity.

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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Sex, drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll equals E,B,J ‘n’ C

Sex, drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll are touted to be the ultimate on the physical plane and perhaps they are, but not on the spiritual plane. There is a saying “As above, so below”. This saying is also reversible, so it reads “As below, so above!” This ties in with another saying which is ,”The more things change, the more they stay the same!” So by combining these two saying we can see that there must be a spiritual equivalent to sex, drugs and rock and roll. And that equivalent is  E,B,J ‘n’ C, which equals Ecstasy, Bliss, Joy and Contentment!

The thing with sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll id that it only covers the physical base, whilst Ecstasy, Bliss, Joy and Contentment covers the Spiritual (Ecstasy and Bliss) the metaphysical(Joy) and the physical(Contentment) bases – it is whole, not partial.

If we look at the components individually we can see they are the same. Sex is about “orgasms” and the “after-glow”. An orgasm is the physical equivalent of ecstasy – why do you think women cry out to God when they are coming, if it isn’t? The “after-glow” is the physical equivalent to Bliss. This is why sex is so popular because it is the closest people can come to the spiritual equivalent  on the physical plane!

Drugs are the equivalent to Joy on the metaphysical plane. Drugs tend to hide the worries of the world and make us be in the moment. This is exactly what Joy does on the metaphysical plane, The problem with drugs is that they are addictive and subtractive whilst true Joy is non-addictive and additive – it actually adds to our lives and we can have as much as we want and the results will never diminish!!

Rock and roll is sexual music. Music is a relaxation on the higher planes. Relaxation tends to make us Content with life. Know that Contentment is the physical planes highest state! Contentment tends to be reached from above, not below. What I mean by this is that Bliss and joy tend to breed contentment as a side effect of their BEingness. It is very hard to reach true contentment on the physical plane alone because the lack of Bliss, Ecstasy and Joy tends to bred discontent!

So the presence of  Bliss, Ecstasy and Joy tends to breed Contentment, whilst their absence tends to breed discontent!

“Always start at the top and work down” is actually a spiritual saying, not a physical one, because it is describing a way of achieving things on the physical plane by using spiritual energy (which is equal to 100+, rather than the 1 energy of the physical plane). I have explained the differences in energy on the different planes many times before (see my blog. “ENERGY! Life is all about energy levels!” )  It is always easier to succeed in life if we move from a higher energy source into the lower one! It is like moving into a tunnel with a bright lamp – much easier to see the way. Whilst trying to move out of the tunnel without a light is simply a matter of fumbling about trying to find the door and risking (at any moment ) falling down a vertical shaft! Know we are all born in a dark cave called the physical plane!

So if we are living in the darkness of the physical world how do we get to experience true Ecstasy and Bliss? Simply by asking! It’s like we live in the darkness, yes,  but unbeknown to us there is an automatic light switch that will turn on the lights. And all we have to do is ask the universe to connect to Love (and God is LOVE!) to be connected. I was an atheist for 14 years and one night (in desperation – i knew I was going to die without Love) i asked to be shown if God/Love existed. Simple as that. I still remained an atheist the next morning, but that simple act had changed the direction of my life – before i was moving away from Love and at that moment I changed direction and started moving towards Love and, more importantly, it started moving towards me! You see, it is no use us moving towards love if it is not moving towards us, because it will always outrun us!


The simple act of asking out aloud invokes the principle of vibration of sound(actually a sub-division of the “power of command”) and our merest whisper is acted upon! This action – the right to be united with God/Love is an inborn RIGHT/GIFT we all possess! But it’s not much use having such a powerful gift if we don’t even know we have it or refuse to use it! All I ask is for you to ask God/the universe/whatever you call it, to reveal to you the source of LOVE. This will unite you with this source. And when you make the connection the darkness is replace with blazing light! This moment of connection is called “Rebirth” because we are reborn into the spiritual plane! It is the equivalent of an ant being changed into an elephant! LOL! You’ll certainly know when you are reborn (and those of us already reborn have such pleasant memories of our first day spiritually ALIVE!)

Once we are reborn our job becomes to acquire the attributes of wholeness in the spiritual realm (including bringing the metaphysical and physical worlds under the domain of the spiritual). Our goal is always to seek wholeness (“a house united will always win“). Whilst i talk about wholeness today, the same word in the Bible is called “HOLY”. We have to become Holy men and women. The Biblical equivalent is a “Holy Man” The word Man is a metaphysical station that denoted neither male or female, but soul. It is unfortunate that English uses the words man and woman for male and female. Personally i no longer use the words man and woman, using the scientific description of male and female instead to eliminate the confusion between man (male) and Man/Soul(note the capital M).

So as I said in the beginning, everything has a higher equivalent. . . 

Ecstasy and Bliss are the equivalent of sex 

Joy is the equivalent of drugs 

Contentment is the equivalent of rock and roll 

on the higher, spiritual plane! And well worth pursuing! Because we can’t take sex and drugs and rock and roll with us into the next world but we do take Ecstasy, Bliss, Joy and Contentment!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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Part ONE. How the metaphysical imposes itself on the physical to energize it from 1 to 11.

This is part one of a two part article. Part two is on my other blog at

The physical plane is one of height, width, depth and mass (weight). It’s base value is 1. We will use the example of a dollar note which has width, height, thickness and weight and also the quality of strength and flexibility, plus it has had value added to it by printing as a dollar note (this added value is spiritually based. We will ignore this added value in the first part of the article). Below is a drawing of a dollar note



Now if we take this note and place it on top of two small blocks of wood it will support it’s own weight, but not any other weight – like a coin. It just doesn’t have the strength to hold a coin as it is.


We could starch it, but that wouldn’t increase it’s strength a great deal. We could dip it in fiber glass resin and that would make it considerably stronger, but it would destroy it’s value as money. No, what we need to do is to move up to a higher plane. The plane about the physical is called the Meta-physical. Meta simply means beyond, so the metaphysical plane is beyond the physical plane. The base value of the metaphysical plane is 10. So if we could impose metaphysical values on the note without changing the qualities of it, we would have a combined value of 11!

The physical world consists of facts. The metaphysical world consists on principles. So what principle can we impose on the dollar to strengthen it? The answer is the principle of triangulation. A triangle is the strongest shape in the universe. That is why bridges are made out of steel, made into triangular shapes. If we were to fold the note into triangles that wouldn’t change it height, width, thickness or mass in any way. So we are going to fold the note into triangles along it’s longest side like so…



which gives us a note shaped like this… 



Now if we put that between the two blocks what happens? it stays rigid. Even if we place a small pile of coins onto it!



It easily holds a small pile of coins. Try it for yourself. This is a metaphysical principle imposing it’s strength on a physical object. You can unfold the note and put it back into it’s original shape, unharmed. The metaphysical imposition doesn’t change any dimensions , mass or note value. It is still worth a dollar! 

And that is an example of how metaphysical principles can be imposed on physical objects to raise their energy/strength level from one to eleven!

The next stage is to show how spiritual principles can be imposed on both physical and metaphysical objects to lift the energy rating by 100 to a total of 111. 

Part two is on my other blog at

kindest regards,

Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity,

reverend master j’iam



I Can, I Will, I Am!


After these words you can put any positive attribute, e.g. I am peaceful, I am prosperous, I am happy, I am successfull, I am healthy and so forth. By doing so you are speaking aloud on three planes, the physical, the meta-physical and the spiritual. The energy levels of these three planes are…

physical = 1 

meta-physical = 10

Spiritual = 100 

So by saying all three aloud you are combining their energies together, to give you an energy foundation of 111!

tommorrow I will be writing about how these combinations can be made

Love, health, happiness, peace, success and prosperity,

reverend master j’iam

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What a strange title! What do I mean by that? 

 What i mean is this; that we are all born into a physical family. From the parents point of view we are all their physical children. From God’s point of view, we are all His family. From the parents point of view, we must all conform to the family standards. From God’s point of view we must all conform to His spiritual standards – so each of us is allocated a spiritual “place” in the universe. The end result of this arrangement is that parents have the child from the age of 0 to 15, whilst God claims the child from the age of 15 onwards, if the child seeks out his true parent!  It’s like we are all temporarily adopted out in the Hope that we will seek out our true parent after the age of 15. 

 We have  the choice of seeking out our true parent or not. This choice is called free will. We can seek or not seek – find out or ignore. The choice is ours.

 From the point of view of the parents, they are like birds given eggs in their (family) nest. So Mum and Dad may be buzzards. and they are given 4 eggs over time. They call each egg a buzzard too. So there is Buzzy, Buzzo, Buzza, and Buzz. The trouble is that the parents never get to see the true spiritual child within the egg, only the egg containing the child. So their assumption of their egg containing a buzzard may be true or false. They can only tell when the egg hatches and they can see what is inside the egg!

 So  Buzzy may be a buzzard as is Buzza. But Buzzo is in actual fact a Crocodile, whilst Buzz is a Peacock! This why people are often “renamed” when they are reborn (out of the physical shell). A crocodile is not a Buzzard and it is stupid to continue to call it a Buzzard when it obviously (if the parents and friends have their eyes open!) a Crocodile! The same goes with Buzz the Peacock! 

 Now in Nature birds of a feather flock together – crocodiles group together with crocodiles, Buzzards with Buzzard and peacocks with Peacocks (and Peahens! lol!), So it is with divine nature.

In Richard Bach’s Book “Illusions”, it says, “Seldom are brothers and sisters born in the same family.” This is the effect he is talking about. Seldom are spiritual brothers and sisters born in the same physical familyWe see examples of this dotted throughout history and in the present time. Nelson Mandela had 13 brothers and sisters. He had three full sisters, three half brothers and six half sisters. I don’t think any off them occupy the same spiritual station as Nelson Mandela. They were physically his brothers and sisters, but spiritual family strangers.

The same goes with Jesus. [Matthew 12:46-50]

While he yet talked to the people, behold, his mother and his brethren(brothers) stood without, desiring to speak with him.

Then one(disciple) said unto him(Jesus), Behold, thy mother and thy brethren stand without, desiring to speak with thee.

But he answered and said unto him that told him, Who is my mother? and who are my brethren?

And he stretched forth his hand toward his disciples, and said, Behold my mother and my brethren!

For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.”

 Seldom are brothers and sisters born in the same physical family and always are spiritual brothers and sisters born in the same spiritual family!

 This is why I say God is the ultimate Cuckoo – He lays different souls in the same physical family. We can easily spot great people. But how often do we ask the question, “If this mum and dad produced this great (spiritual) person, then why aren’t all the family (brothers and sisters) great spiritual people?”

And the answer is because people belong to different families on the different planes (the physical, the metaphysical and the Spiritual planes)

 In modern life “famous people”  often have brothers or sisters who are drug addicts or other types of spiritually dead misfits. Fame is not necessarily a  bad thing, nor is it necessarily a good thing. I’m just saying, why is one family member famous and loved, whilst the other is ignored and repulsed by the same people who “love” their sibling? Because their SOULS are DIFFERENT!

 Ask for demonstrations of this principle throughout history, and modern day events, and you will be shown the most relevant examples for you! Demonstrations are examples you are shown under the laws of providence and all you have to do is ask for one (or 10,0000. there is no limit to the amount of knowledge you can ask for. The ideal number is the exact number it takes to move the knowledge from your head to your heart, where it becomes Knowledge – “And you shall Know the truth, and the truth shall make(set) you free”[john 8:32]0 and it is guaranteed to be given to you! There is no spiritual knowledge that is denied you, all you have to do is ask for a demonstration!

 When i was renamed I told my “best friend” and he said to me, “I’ll never call you that!” and he simply walked out of my house and out of my life! I haven’t seen him since! Lol!  Physically we were friends. But spiritually we were not and he rejected me! As soon as I revealed myself, we no longer even spoke the same language! Seldom are brothers and sisters born in the same family! Lol!!!

 So the point of me saying God is the ultimate Cuckoo was not to slur God, but to awaken you to another spiritual aspect of life in parable form. God is like a cuckoo, who lays different souls in the same physical family nest. We are unaware of this until it is pointed out to us. If you have read this blog then you were guided to it because you obviously needed it. And if you haven’t read this blog – what are you saying J’iam?!! Lol!!! 

I hope your day is happy, fruitful and enlightening,

Love, peace, prosperity and laughter to you.

reverend master jiam


What is dwnd? What does it mean??

I shifted rooms a few weeks ago and ended up stacking a box on top of my speakers. I was laying in bed and looked up and saw the word dwnd. What does that mean, I thought? Every day i looked at it from my bed and pondered on it’s meaning. Then after three weeks I looked at it again, but instead of just looking at the word, i looked at it’s surrounding to see if i could grab any meaning from them. And straight away I noticed that all the smaller words surrounding it were printed upside down! It suddenly became apparent to me that I was looking at the word dwnd upside down! So I inverted it in my head and realised that the word actually read “pump” the right way up! And that “pump” was the brand name of a spring water company! And that was the meaning of the word, but it had been reversed by turning it through 180 degrees. So dwnd means nothing until it is re-rotated through another 180 degrees! How does this little life lesson for me tie in with real life? 

We are born into the physical world of opposites. Our major dominant purpose at birth is to find the metaphysical and spiritual worlds so we can become adults. Many people have a job finding either worlds. But the secret lays in dwnd. The physical world consists of opposites that attract each other. To move out of the physical into the metaphysical world we have to turn the physical attributes upside down and look for qualities that attract each other, for the mataphysical world is one of “like attracts like” also expressed as “birds of a feather flock together“.

Once we can get out of our one-eyed vision of the physical world we can see the stereo world of the metaphysical! But as long as we stare at the physical world we can’t achieve the metaphysical! This is the way of life – we have to let go of, become DETACHED FROM, one idea for another, larger idea to come into focus. So dwnp becomes pump! And the physical becomes the physical and the meta-physical wolds!. Meta is a suffix that means”beyond“. so the metaphysical world is beyond the physical world. Which is why it is so hard to find!

We are born into, and live in, the physical world for the first part of our lives (the parts of our lives go in seven year cycles. Every seven years, every atom in our bodies is replaced, so we are no longer the same person.  Every seven years we undergo a spiritual transformation. From the age of birth until seven we live in a concrete, physical world – why do you think we believe in Santa and satan? Because they are concrete representations of good and evil. But at the age of seven we move into the metaphysical world of abstract thinking and no longer need concrete examples of things to understand them (although some people – fundamentalists, never grow out of the physical). So from the age of 8 to 15 we live in  both the physical and metaphysical worlds. 

At the age of 15 we should move into the spiritual world, but unfortunately that is right in the middle of the teenage years and we are hormonely raging know-it-alls! Lol! But we CAN make spiritual choices for ourselves from the age of 15 as this is considered the age of spiritual maturity, the age at which we can make out own minds up about spiritual matters. The problem with moving from the physical/metaphysical worlds to the spiritual is that the rules of engagement change again and we have to use a different method to have the spiritual worlds revealed to us/

And what is the method to reveal the spiritual worlds to each and every one of us? It is to simply ask to be shown! I know I remained an atheist for 14 years, even though for 7 of those years I Knew that there is life after death, after drowning at the age of 21! It took me another 7 years to actually ask aloud to be shown the spiritual world! The spiritual world is like a gentleman’s club whose membership is closed to only those who ask to be entered into it! We literally have to knock on the door of the club. Entry (for the most part) is only open to those who ask! And who can ask to gain entry? Why everyone of course! That is the paradigm, the paradox of the spiritual world – it is an exclusive club that is open to anyone who wants to join! LOL!!! 

So like my dwnd/pump, the answer is right there in front of our noses. So close to our noses, that we tend to look right through it to find the solution we are seeking! Like focusing afar whilst needing to focus closely to see the writing with the answer on it!

So if you are far from the spiritual world, and want to join it, simply ask aloud right now! Say, “I want to know about the spiritual world and enter into it in good and Godly circumstances!” These 17 words are all that is needed! As soon as you have said it aloud, it creates a vibration in the universe, like the vibration within the club caused by you pressing the bell on the street entrance(you can’t hear the bell ringing inside the club, but it definitely rings and a “butler” is sent to open the door!). So knock on the door, ring the bell, speak aloud your request to be admitted as a member of the club. That (for the vast majority of mankind) is the only way to do it!

And there is the secret to finding entrance to the spiritual world. Speak it aloud and the “Butler” will be sent to admit you. It took me sixth months to gain entry, as I had to remove my suit of armour, my bullet proof vestings, my raincoats etc to enter through the door because these things are not needed inside the centrally heated, protected environs of the club! I have seen people answered overnight, for they were as close to the answer as I was far away from it! Your time of entry is unknown, to you but far quicker than you imagine it to be! Once you are admitted inside you will be “reborn” again as a new person/soul/member. Be not afraid for everything will be taken care of – the source of all love and compassion in the universe hears your call and answers it and no man can resist it, no man can stop him coming to you and revealing the truth to you. Well only one man can can stop that happening and that is you – we have free will, the choice to turn towards or to turn away from Love. That is why we have to ask aloud; then there can be no mistake in you wanting to be admitted to the spiritual world because you have literally asked for it!  

The answer to the question will be perfect for you, for the creator knows how we are made and knows exactly what we need.

So again I ask you(for the third time) to speak your request aloud. Just the once – God (or whatever you want to call Him) can hear the merest whisper in the loudest storm. You simply have to speak it – “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” [Matthew 7:7]

amen, amen, amen,


What is the best choice?

We have three choices in life  – to learn everything by ourselves or to learn everything by the experience of others, or a mixture (balance) of the two. Many people on the physical plane are into learning everything by themselves through there own experience. Unfortunately this is a painful experience, especially things like losing fingers, bankruptcy, marriage break-ups etc. These are things that are best studied in other people with the aim of avoiding them ourselves!

Then there are Good things to experience. Most people on the physical plane don’t seem to really want to experience the good things in life – things like being wealthy, happy, successful, peaceful and healthy (not in that order.) In these fields people tend to ignore the experiencing and go for second hand study of the experiences. Why is this? Because these five factors take work to achieve, but more than that they require us to move out of the physical into the metaphysical and Spiritual worlds. And for most people that is asking too much! Personally i believe that we should Practice the positive things in life and try to achieve them and study the negative things in life and try to avoid them! Practice the Positive and avoid the Negative! As the song says. “you’ve got to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative!” So that is the balance we should aim for!

I’ll tell you a secret: to achieve big things in life we need to move off the physical plane up into the metaphysical and spiritual planes. Why is this? Because of the laws. On the physical plane the laws consist of man’s rules and regulations. On the metaphysical plane (the brain’s plane) the laws consist of principles. On the Spiritual plane the laws consist of the higher laws of the universe – Providence, Grace and Justice. The difference between the levels is in the energy and numbers of laws.

On the physical level the numbers of laws is extremely large. And the energy on the physical level is extremely low – just 1. On the metaphysical level the numbers of laws (principles) in probably less than 500. And the energy level is 10. On the spiritual level the number of laws (higher laws)  is less than 20 with the three “biggies,” all having energy levels of 100+! So the higher you go, the less the number of laws and the higher the energy levels. Which means each following level gets easier and easier to work! The main thing that stops people progressing is their “glass ceilings”. Glass ceilings are not actually ceiling at all, but barriers (perfect mirrors) that reflect their own experiences back at them. Until we can break through these barriers we cannot even see the the different levels. We actually have to experience the different levels for them to take a hold in our lives.

The physical levels beliefs systems consist of agnostic, atheist, religion and science. The metaphysical plane consists of science, principles and philosophy. The spiritual level consists of Spirituality, science, detachment and actions.

physical          = agnostic, atheist, religion and science.

metaphysical =  science, principles and philosophy.

spiritual         = Spirituality, science, detachment and actions

If you imagine the above layout to be an ocean then the physical plane represents the sea surface – lots of waves, storms and very little life. Man lives his life in a small boat on the ocean surface – a very rough life indeed!  

The metaphysical represents the sea under the surface, perhaps down to 1,000 metres when the ocean becomes pitch black. Here the sea teams with life and currents. Life and death are a daily part of events. But below the 1,000 metres mark the sea changes again with the pressure increasing (although in spiritual terms it is the opposite – the pressure actually decreases in the spiritual plane) the currents are a lot slower and life is far more rare at this depth.

In spiritual terms the depths of the ocean are the Beingness of spirituality. The pressure of the ocean can be compared to the energy level of 100+. The deeper into the ocean we dive the greater the pressure (energy level) becomes! It’s a pretty crude analogy, but a true one that can be expanded on with meditation, where you can change the rules of the ocean to reflect the rules of spirituality.

Personally I’d say the best choice by far is the spiritual choice. From this level you can look down and see the other levels exposed for what they are – levels of life we have to live but not get stuck in (Be detached from). Just as deep see fish rise to the surface at night time, so too can we descend to the physical and metaphysical planes when we really have too – but we don’t spend the majority of our lives there! We just do what we have to do without becoming attached to the level! I hope this is clear to you. 

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Who is my family? We have a choice to make!

Although we are born into the physical world and into a physical family, we are not permanent members of our physical family. At some point in life we can make a connection to the Spiritual World and be reborn anew. Then who is our family? God becomes our spiritual Father and other reborn people become our brothers and sisters. Do we still belong to our physical family? It depends on whether or not they too have been reborn, or are at least good people, if not reborn. If your physical family is Mafia, or drug dealers or gossipers and back-biters then you no longer belong to that family, it is as simple as that! And that is a hard thing to do, to remove yourself from a dangerous family environment. Because of all the years we have spent within that family, it feels safer to be in it than to leave it.

But we must leave it, because we are remade anew and you become like the people you associate with. If you continue to associate with a negative physical family then you will fall back down to that level. But if you associate with a new positive spiritual family you will be lifted up to that level. Jesus expressed this when he was told, “Your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to you.” He replied to him, “Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?” Pointing to his disciples, he said, “Here are my mother and my brothers. For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”

In the old age we were judged as either spiritually alive or  spiritually dead. In this new age, after the resurrection, all people are now considered spiritually alive – but in two classifications, the spiritually awake and the spiritually asleep! The spiritually asleep still add to this new age – now they add their dreams to the world and add to the progress of mankind, with new inventions etc.

But they also add their nightmares to the world which retards civilisation – landmines are a good example. What kind of spiritual person would develop a bomb that targets children? They wouldn’t of course. But because the sleepers own the assets of the world it is really hard to start at the top and work down. That is why God is now urging us to build our own assets, combine them and start buying up the factories, farms and houses of the world. Once we start this new system it will grow at an amazing speed, to buy up all the assets of the world and then we can shut certain “assets” (that are spiritual liabilities) down!

The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network is a tool to help us build our assets as individuals.


Not only assets for us, but for our children, our grandchildren and our great grand children, etc. down though the generations. Once we get a hold of an asset, it will not be released into the hands of usurers and the spiritually asleep ever again. Which is the meaning behind the above logo.

Once we have picked an axe off of the ground and started chopping wood with it why should we ever give it back to an axe murderer? That would be stupid! 

Our first duty is always to our spiritual family – the Poor, the defenceless, the weal and ill, the women and children, the reborn. 

reverend J’iam

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Responsibilities and Benefits, Work and Rewards!

There are two simple aspects to life – responsibilities and benefits, work and rewards! Many people in the world want benefits only and these are called materialists and usurers. Others want responsibilities only and these are called fundamentalists or “sick martyrs”. A very  few want both – these people  are called wholistically happy!

The usurers of the world are simply greedy. they are not happy because their pursuit of “benefits” usually takes them down the roads of misery – their lust after their main desire (usually money) produces many sins such as legalised theft, stealing, lying, cheating etc. Others pursue drugs, alcohol, sex and other crimes. All these aspects produce unhappy people because their focus is one sided and the one person they don’t look after is themselves!

Meanwhile those who chase after the responsibilities are a miserable lot too. Anything relaxing or fun is banned from their lives and they live in misery. Again they are unhappy because whilst pretending to focus on themselves they really focus on the “sins” of others and rail against them, ending up as fundamentalists of all kinds (politicians, dictators, religious nutters etc. ) and never able to achieve internal happiness because they become “control freaks”. They are invariably cruel to others when they gain a position of “power” . Much of the misery of the world – war, famine, corruption – is caused by this sort of person because they never obey Christ’s 11th commandment ( Love thou one another as i love thee) invariably going for the original, mostly materialistic, 10 commandments – which are basically “sharia” type laws (the old testament contains many death penalties for disobeying the laws, rules and regulations.)

The solution is to balance the two aspects of responsibilities and rewards. It is not an “either/or” choice but an “and” choice. The farmer is an ideal picture of the balanced person, because he looks ahead and sees spring coming on and plans his planting of crops. He gets up early and plants the crops after ploughing the land. Then he tends the crops and looks after them until they bear fruit and then he reaps the fruits of his works and sells them. Both aspects of the farm life produce benefits. The sowing produces hope and anticipation of good things to come. The caring of the crop produces satisfaction of caring. The selling of the crop produces the rewards of money and the satisfaction of a job well done and then the money can be spent to produce a better lifestyle for him and his family (including vacations!) . This is a balanced life, a wholistic way of life. Makes sense doesn’t it

The farming system has been working for many centuries for the farmer. But there really hasn’t been a “farming system” for ordinary people to achieve their life goals up to date. Neither capitalism or communism ever provided satisfaction for more than a few people at the top. 

For the average person today there are five aspects to life – Health, Happiness, Peace , Success and Prosperity. Within these five there are three main factors – Work, income and Home. . Unfortunately the western world today predominantly produces temporary fixes to these factors as it is run by usurers, who interests have very little in common with your interests.

To have these eight factors permanently in your life you have to set up your own system. A very few people do have this. But the time has come to expand the number of people who can obtain it. Whilst it is very difficult to set up by yourself and there are very few mentors who are willing to help you, fortunately God has seen fit to gift us the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network, a system that achieves all we want and need in life. It  permanently creates a legacy of syuccess in Health, happiness, peace, success and prosperity that can be passed onto you children, your grand-children, your great grand-children and so forth, down through the generations for up to 500 years or more!

For whilst the way is simple enough in each factor, the whole, as a lot, becomes complicated – far to complex for capitalism or communism to handle. As far as i know there is only one wholistic organisation in the world that contains all the factors to produce a whole and happy life – and that is WPPN, the Wholistc Peace and Prosperity Network. I was gifted this in an epiphany, in answer to a prayer in 1992. Since then I have spent my life setting it up and today we have 3½ members! Yes 3½!  But that is the beginning of a whole new way of life for mankind. Over the last 21 years I have watched the world change and move towards this system, as the old usurious systems of communism and capitalism have stumbled and fallen. Communism is now gone and capitalism has fallen to it’s knees, as God chases the people of the world towards new answers like WPPN, much like a sheep dog chasing sheep towards a gate that leads to greener pastures! Lol!

The WPPN systems, when broken down into their simpler parts are easy to understand, but not neccessarily easy to do as it requires new thinking and new actions that go against the ways of the majority of mankind (who are either materialists or fundamentalists). 

To be wholistic we must apply the remedies (responsibilities) to our lives on three levels – the matrial, the metaphysical and the spiritual levels, to reap the rewards. Unless the three levels are successfully up and running in each of our lives, we can never be Healthy, Happy, Peaceful, Successful and Prosperous! Ever! We can achieve some of these things by ourselves but extremely (extremely, extremely) rarely all of them! 

But with wholistic training all are eminently achievable! The WPPN System immediately sets you up doing all the right things in token form so you are under way towards your five big goals (health happiness, peace, success and prosperity) straight away. Basically you are planting seeds!

From the token amounts you pay (three gifts, totalling $25 per month, with $15 gifted to yourself! ) you start expanding until your whole life comes under the influence of the higher laws of sowing and reaping, when your life becomes whole, full and totally happy! This may take up to twenty years (who said the path to wholistic success was immediate?), but if you don’t start you will never achieve it. The universe works on consistency and that is what WPPN offers – immediatel consistent obedience to the higherr lawsin token form (this is obeying the higher laws by the principle of  “invoking the token“. These are the seeds of your success!

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     J’iam, stop being so happy!! LOL!


Order in the universe

From the beginning there has always been order in the universe. Only since the creation of Mankind has there been any disoder. Know that all disoeder comes from the gify of free will, literally the gift of being able to turn towards ar away from Love! All disorder (uncivilisation) comes from turning away from Love – theft, cheating, lying, deception, back-biting, fighting, killing, war, genocide, dictatorships, dark ages etc.

With the creation of divine civi lisation comes Peace. Prosperity, Justice, Freedom, order, certainty, etc.

 Know that the Rod of God is knowledge and obedience to higher law. “Spare the rod and spoil the child” doesn’t mean that we should beat our children with rods of wood (canes) but means we must teach them the ways of knowledge and obedience to higher law in order that divine civilisation can be contiuous, multigenerational. If spare the rod (the teaching of Moses) was interpreted as “ we can beat out children”, then Jesus’s teaching were interpreted as we can slay our enemies with a sword because He came with a rod of steel (and Jesus wept)! Surely a rod of steel means a sword?!! No it doesn’t.

In this new age we have been presented with a rod of gold. Who are we going to beat with a rod of gold? This is being interpreted as those in possession of the gold( Money, assets, services) can beat the poor withit This is exactly what the usurers of the world are doing today with their gold.

Wood was the Knowledge of Moses and equates to kindergarden and primary school. All the rules were concrete but still able to create a divine knowledge for some of mankind, on and off throughtout that age.

Steel was the knowledge of Jesus and Muhammed. Agin it was able to create divine civilisations on and off for a musch larger portion of manking for up to 300 hundred years at a time. The age of steel was the age of the middle and high schools.

Today we live in an age of Golden knowledge and the first divine civilisation is slowly being formed. But in this age the Divine Civilisation will be world wide, for all mankind (“the earth is but one country, manking it’s citizens”) and for up to 1,000 years. This is what is being formed right now! Today we are in Spiritual university and young adulthood. Soon the woes of this day will pass away and the dawing of universal peace and prosperity will arise!

 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.” Matt 5:17. A greater truth never faults a lesser truth, just expands on it. Thus the five year olds truth of motor cars goess like this;, “what makes a car go?” – “the engine!” whilst the university students level of understand is, “what makes a car go?” – “the transference of stored energy in petrol into heat energy, which is then transferred into kinetic energy by the engine and transferred to the wheels by the driving linkages to create motion in the car!” Does that destroy the truth of the five year old? No. it doesn’t! It is just a more refined understanding of the truth. This is exactly what Jesus meant when he said “I come to build on the prophets of old not to destroy them. “The truth is the truth, is the truth, is the truth!”