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Do it, lose it!!!


Another synergistic artwork


This is a synergistic picture I finished today. The Nude is by John William Godward, the Lion is by John Macallan-Swan and I, reverend master j’iam, am the third part of the synergy. It actually started out when I was cruising through a directory and the two pictures were next to each other, in the same direction as they are in the finished picture. In my minds eye i saw the two images actually merge together and the picture was finalised in my mind – before i even started work.

I took the nude picture and made it twice as long horizontally by adding the amount of pixels (about 2,500) in the picture to the right as canvas. I then took the original picture and reverse it horizontally and pasted it on the canvas. Next i cut the lion out from it’s original background and pasted it on top of the reversed nude, to the right. That just left me with a leg to clone out and a bit of seashore to insert and the picture was pretty much done. A bit of shadowing on the lion to cement it down onto the beach and a bit of blending on the outline to fade it into the picture. I also changed the direction the lions eyes were looking in and inserted his right eye, as there was only a blank there and it didn’t “feel right.”

This picture took less than two hours, but it was so finished even before it was started, so I’m not surprised at all! Pictures usually take a lot longer than that (one took 25 years!) but i feel that this is a finished picture, complete and whole in it’s own right.