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All the Possessions in the World

I had a dream, so real it was a vision. I dreamed I was in the presence of God and He asked me, “J’iam, what do you want?” And I replied, “I want all the material possessions in the world.”

God snapped His fingers and all the people in the world disappeared! As the dream faded into a fog there was a howl of loneliness: it was coming from me.  
Then, like a video rewinding, I was back at the start of the dream and God was saying to me, “J’iam, what do you want?” This time I replied, “I want everyone to love one another.”  
Again He snapped His fingers and this time all the possessions disappeared! As the dream faded I could see the people gravitating towards each other. Attachment to material possessions is a great barrier to Love.