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The whole formula at last!


For the longest time the world has been struggling to find a permanent path to Peace. And above are the wholistic – the spiritual, metaphysical and physical paths to Peace! We’ll start from the top and work down, as that is the empowering path…

“As above, so below” indicates that what God has, we have too – “Man is made in the image of God.”  God is Love, Peace and prosperity (peace without prosperity is a Chimera). So we have to develop these qualities within ourselves at the spiritual and metaphysical levels. When we do this, it starts reflecting in our personal (physical) lives and in the lives of others too, as we spiritually gift a part (10%) of our prosperity to help build up family, friends, neighbors etc.

With the above empowerment, peace becomes permanently possible, probable and then inevitable for us as individuals. As we succeed in this 3 step process we attract others to the “Path to Peace” and start duplicating ourselves! It is this duplicating process that makes peace probable and inevitable for the whole world! The duplicating path is an exponential path – 2, 4. 8, 16, 32, 64 etc.

rather than a linear one (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…).

Only when 5% of the world’s population are wealthy(Peaceful and Prosperous) will we reach the critical “exploding point”, so peace and prosperity expands to 80% of the world’s population (read “the 100th monkey”) and a permanent peace becomes possible. This formula enables ordinary suppressed workers to expand spiritually, metaphysically and physically to take over the worlds assets and apply them in the right way to establish Permanent Peace!

And God’s tool in this process is the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (sysnergy) or WPPN.

The world is changing rapidly. We can all see the conspiracies and corruption of the usurers. They think they are the winners but they live in an illusion, for God has decreed that Peace will reign on earth – soon. And who can resist God? Not me, not you, not the usurers either! Praised Be to God, the Eternal provider of Eternal Truth!

We have started the path to peace and it has been on earth since 1992. It will be a reality by 2032! So be one of the pioneers of peace and prosperity by joining WPPN!

Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity,

God be with us all,

reverend master j’iam

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skype; jiamwppn



Peace and prosperity is Possible, Probable, Inevitable!

If there is one man alone in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is possible!

If there are 7 people in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is even more possible! 

If there is one in 100 million in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is again more possible! 

If there is one in 10 million in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is probable! 

If there is one in 1 million in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is even more probable! 

If there is one in 1,000 in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is  almost inevitable!

If there is one in 100 in this world with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity are inevitable!

Even if there are only one in 1,000 in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace  and prosperity, then there are 70,000,000 – 70 million – people in the world with thoughts of peace and prosperity! And the strength of 70 million people thinking alike is phenomenal! Because each one can teach one one! That is to say that in ten years one person can teach another person to think peacefully, by conversation or exanple. So after 10 years there will be 140,000,000 peaceful people,

And each one of these can then teach another one person over 10 years, to give us 280,000,000 people with thoughts of peace. and prosperity. And in another 10 years the figures will again double, as the power of this divine thought increases to 560,000,000. At this point the rest of the world will fall into place with the dominant source of thought, as negative thoughts are only white noise but thoughts of peace  and prosperity are a single note chiming – like a bell – throughout the world, and becoming a part of the human consciousness!

Peace is not just a thought, but a spiritual essence that rings louder than any thoughts of confusion. This is why I say peace is inevitable! 

And the support for peace is always prosperity for the individual, just as the support for prosperity is always peace for the individual. For prosperity is also a spiritual quality, that has never been displayed in the world at large to date. It has always been contained within the elite few, who have reigned with either benign or malevolent dictatorships. In this new age we – the individuals of the world – have to start accumulating and spiritualizing money, tools, assets, goods and services. It is the spiritualizing of these things that produces a democratic prosperity.

For if the people are spiritual and own most (if not all) of the assets, then who can manipulate those assets to there own end? Certainly not the usurers of the world, certainly not the rich of the world, certainly not the bullies of the world. Certainly, only the people of the world!

Some may say I’m a dreamer, but are not the dreams of yesterday the realities of today? They are. I can remember a time when ipads and hand held telephones, computers  etc. were only dreams in comic books! But today they are reality, The internet has “sprung up out of nowehere” and taken the world by storm, and, although the world is closer in degrees we are still only slightly closer to communicating love to each other! But slightly closer is an improvement. And slight improvement upon slight improvement, upon slight improvement compounds upwards. Today we stand on the edge of a divine civilisation , the likes of which mankind has never seen before

Today we have, for the first time in the history of mankind, the TOOLS to achieve personal peace and prosperity. And one of those tools is the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network. And once the whole world is personally peaceful  and prosperous then the world too will be peaceful and prosperous! For what are we as individuals? The cells of the body of the world! If the cells are all healthy, then the body must be healthy too!

So with the will, the actions and the tools, Personal Peace and Prosperity are inevitable! Wirh personal peace and prosperity inevitable then world peace and prosperity is inevitable too!

I call all spiritual brothers and sisters to Peace and Prosperity.

Amen, Amen, Amen!

reverend master j’iam