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I tried to sell my soul to satan!

Sometimes we have “Disadvantages” Sometimes we struggle against them long and hard not knowing that these are actually advantages to us, if not in this world then in the next

I want to share a story that is “Absolutely true” with you. When I was a teenager I decided to walk down the dark path. I started wearing Black and listening to heavy death metal. Then I “decided to sell my soul to satan” and set off to find him. Fortunately God had imposed dyslexia on me and instead of selling my soul to satan I ended up selling it to Santa! So here I am today! Lol!

We all have real and perceived faults. Any real faults we have are there to help us in the long run, or to settle with, that is to say to love wholly and unconditionally. It is the overcoming of our faults that makes us strong spiritually!

If we have a physical disease we need to find a competent Doctor to help cure us. Finding a competent doctor (one who believes in healing, not just chemicals and pills) is a bit of a task. Don’t stay with your current doctor if you feel he doesn’t believe in healing, because if he doesn’t believe in healing how is he going to help you heal yourself?

I will give you a true story here. I had a growth on my forehead right between my eyebrows. I went to my local health centre only after I had tried acid, alkaline, hydrogen peroxide and a few other things and couldn’t get rid of it. I was told it would have to be chopped out, which was fine by me and was assigned a doctor.

The doctor I got was from Ceylon, a very nice lady doctor. She numbed the spot, picked up the scalpel and just couldn’t cut it out. Why? Because it was in the exact spot that Indian ladies put their red dots on! And it was just too much for her to break the old traditions she had been bought up with. So I was asked to return another day to a different doctor.

This time I was given a brusque Welshman. He cut it out no trouble and then said to me, “you are going to have a hole a quarter of an inch deep in your forehead!” To which I replied, No, I won’t.”

Not used to being spoken back to the hairs on his neck bristled and he said to me “Yes, you will!” To which I replied, “No, I won’t!” We did this several more times and in the end he said (smugly) “Well, we’ll see when the plaster comes off!”

I went back a week later and he set too taking the plaster off and when it was removed there was no hole in my head. The look on his face was a real picture. He was shocked! “Well, I’ve never seen that before!” he said in amazement! No, I thought, because you always tell your patients they are going to have a hole in their head and they believe you and stop the natural healing process! The body is plastic and responds to our thoughts/commands! I told my body to fill the hole in and it did. If I had of believed him I too would have had a permanent hole on my forehead! He was obviously not a competent doctor.

We are the captains of our own ships and we decide where we are sailing too in life! Never forget this. The principle involved with the welsh Doctor was my “Power of Command!”

As you speak out of your mouth, so it shall be!”

If you don’t use your power of command then other people tell you what to do! Simple as that. And, may I say, that other people never have your best interests at heart! That is why Masters never simply teach people, but show them a truth they believe in and ask the student to see (test) if it is true. Only this way will the student make it his own truth and be able to demonstrate it to others!

As time goes by and you use your power of command there comes a time when you can use it for other people. It then becomes your “PowerS of command. First you command yourself and then you can command others under the higher Laws of God. “As within, so without.”

I will give you another true demonstration of the powers of command. I knew a man who hadn’t seem his son for 2 and half years, even though he had legal custody of him every weekend!

His ex was using physical law to prevent him seeing his son. Know that on the physical level there is very little justice and that “Possession is nine tenths of the law.” This is exactly what she was doing. I pointed out this and suggested that he needed to move his problem up to the spiritual level where Justice does exist and is irresistible – “Justice is mine sayeth the lord!”

Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord” Romans 12:19

And this is exactly how I handled the problem. I got him to see his ex-wife in his mind and got him to forgive her wholly and unconditionally for every negative action she had done against him in the past (He handed her karma over to grace.) This cleared her karmic debt completely. And then he said that the next negative karmic debt she put against him would instantly be forgiven and handed onto Justice. (This would invoke “Instant Karma” against her.) And that was it. No more needed to be done.

Within 18 hours she had phoned him up and asked him to take his son for the long weekend (we did this at 5 pm on a Tuesday evening. We both had no contact with her between the forgiveness and the result. Coincidence – I think not! In fact I know not! That contact was between her and God that night as she dreamed. This is exactly why “The best form of forgiveness is revenge because it restores the spiritual order of the universe. It puts us back into the love column, and places them into instant karma or the (meaningful) threat of instant karmic (from God.)

Learn the higher laws and use them. Work the laws and the laws works for you. Not necessarily on the physical level, but always on the Spiritual level.

May Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity Be with you,

reverend master j’iam

700 devil with contract

The ship parable PART THREE – very important to read!

This is the ship parable part three and it is very important to read because it deals with the motors of the ship!

Now everyone knows that the motors move the ship – forward, backwards and at different angles because there are two indenpendantly variable motors. So when both are going forward there is only forward motion, when both are in reverse there is only reverse motion, but when they are varied from each other it will have a pulling effect to the left or the right (port or starboard to mariners!)

If you consider the parable so far with the ship as the body, the captain as the ego and you as the owner what part do the motors cover? The subconscious is the answer.  There are two motors. Each motor is controlled by a lever in the bridge by the captain. The main problem with communication between the bridge and the engines is that they talk different languages. The captain is English but the motors are run by Swahili engineers. So unless the communication is worked effectively there will be difficulties getting anywhere!

So how does the captain speak? In double negatives. And how do the motor engineers speak? In single positives.

An example; In the Bible there is a double negative quote about unity that says, ” a house divided against itself will never win.” The double negatives are divided and never. What does this really mean in single positives? It means, “unless there is unity we will always lose!” or more clearly. ” a house united will always win!”

Now the captain is used to speaking in, and interpreting, double negtaives so he has no trouble understanding what is being said in double negatives. But the Swahili engineers, who control the motors, cannot hear a double negative at all and simply delete one of the negatives to put it into a single negative phrase. So the command, ” I do not smoke!” is heard as, “I do not smoke!” Which is why so many people find it hard to give up smoking – because they are actually telling the engineers that the DO smoke! A house divided!

So the captain has to learn to speak to the engineers in their own language of single positives. 

Know also that there are two motors and two sets of engineers and both have to receive the same single positive orders for the boat to proceed where it is wanted to go. One set of engineers receive their orders by word of mouth and the other set receive their orders by light transmission, e,g. green light means go, red light means stop and a row of amber lights controls the rates, so one amber light mean slowly. whilst 10 amber lights means emergency – GO, GO, GO or STOP, STOP, STOP!!!


You can see that the bridge command has two independant levers – one for sound and the other for light. In our human lives our levers are sound – the spoken word (affirmations)  and light (the written goal). There are only two commands on this control box – ahead (forward) and astern (reverse) with degrees of the command from 1 to 10. This is all the captain needs to control the engines 100% safely and completely clearly so there are no mistakes. 

The human mind, however is not trained to work this way having been taught on the conscious (ego) level only and allowing the subconscious to flounder its way after the ego, as best it can. No wonder so many of us are completely screwed up! We keep on yelling and screaming at our subconscious’s to do certain things (in double negatives) and keep getting the same single positive results back! (and we don’t want those results at all – e.g. “I do smoke!”) 

So what we have to do at some stage is start to learn how to communicate with the engines because no engines going equals no going anywhere!

A classic mistake the ego makes is to think that by thinking the command he has communicated that command to others. Know that thoughts have no power of communication. We actually have to speak our thoughts aloud to communicate them to others!  Because we don’t have a proper system of communication set up, the subconscious has rigged a microphone on the bridge and listens to every thing you say and then interprets that to the best of it’s ability – as your command! (Commander!)

So what happens is everything you speak is transmitted out of your mouth and into your ear, where the subconscious picks it up and tries to interpret it . If it gets it wrong and you are headed into rocks on your ship at full speed it’s because you haven’t effectively communicated with your engineers! 

The same goes for the light system. Everything you write, or read, is liable to be taken as a command by the light engineers. With light, the thought passes from your mind to your hand, through the pen and onto paper. It is then transmitted BY LIGHT to your eyes where it by-passes the conscious and is picked up by the subconscious to interpret! Remembr that the subconscious is not very good at interpreting commands and will often get it wrong!  A moving ship is a great thing, unless it is moving in the wrong direction at the wrong speed! Like coming into Dock at 20 knots, full speed ahead! You just know there is going to be damage!

So what we have to do is set up a system where communication between the conscious and the subconscious is 100% clear and accurate! How do we do that? By setting up new systems of communication. I’ll go into that in “Goal Setting and Powers of Command” in a future article. Goals of course are the light system of communication and powers of command are the spiritual sound  system of communication!

So to recap, we are not whole, complete or united until the captain of the ship can effectively communicate exactly what he wants the engineers to do. On a ship this is all set up and the captain is trained in bridge work. But in human beings it is a real lottery, with our chances of winning somewhat less that the chance of being struck by lightening(negative circumstances)!

We are not trained in this form of communication until we find a Master and he/she shows us what to do! (e.g. motivational,spiritual, self improvement books, videos or audios!) If we fail to change, then we continue to fail – it’s as simple as that!

This part of the training is the most important part. If we keep on doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results then isn’t that simply stupidity. It must be obvious that different results require different inputs – JIJO OR QIQOJunk In and Junk Out  or Quality In and Quality Out! The choice, as always, is ours!

And that ends the parable of the ship.


kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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