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Accelerated Learning

I teach accelerated learning which, as the name implies, is a faster way of learning than normal. One of the things I teach is accelerated guitar playing, with an emphasis on playing.


So how does accelerated learning work? For a start it works mostly on the adult mind because it requires a level of thinking not found in children. Usually it involves how and why (the Suzuki method – for children and adults – contains only the how). So at the beginning the student is shown the how and explained why they are doing it. For example I’ll take learning the chord of E.

 Most teachers teach the chord of E with the first three fingers (from right to left) of the left hand.



 Accelerated learning teaches the student E with the three fingers that go from right to left, thus 2,3, and 4 instead of 1,2,and 3.

 Why is that? Well the student starts on what is called open chords and after about six months changes to bar chords. To change to bar chords the chord E has to be relearned again and this is a difficult task for most students because they have trained themselves to perform E the old fashioned way.


As the new student doesn’t know any chords at all why not learn the bar chord way straight away? It is going to be equally difficult to either way so they may as well learn the bar chord way!


So why do guitar tutors teach the old fashioned E over and over and over? Because when the new student starts the fingers are naturally inclined to the open chord method, always starting with the “pointy” finger. Because Tutors find it easier to teach this way it is done!Know that the natural way is not always the best way for the student! Accelerated learning looks at the length of the students learning curve and starts with the end in mind.


Accelerated learning is setup to benefit the student whilst normal teaching is set up to suit the teacher. Take guitar tuition for example. I trained for a year under a guitar tutor and still could “play” the guitar. That is to say I could play in public. Many years later when i was reborn the first gift I asked for was the gift of music! And i was sent a 12 page A5 book by Pete and Peggy Seeger that contained only 5 pages of script – the other seven pages were songs!


And in those 5 pages they explained that the right hand, not the left one, [lays the guitar! The guitar is a rhythm instrument. Try playing a guitar with your left hand and you get only a very quiet, almost inaudible, sound. But play it with you right hand and it can be heard 200 feet away – just what is needed for performance! And, as i learned later, most people can’t distinguish between the notes, but they sure can tell when you miss a beat by stopping playing! I learned this on stage – first about the not stopping playing and later about them not being able to tell the difference between chords. I’ll explain. . .


I was invited to play in a band so i asked for a practice session, Okay we’ll pick you up on Tuesday. No one came. Okay we’ll pick you up on Thursday. Again no show. Saturday – no show!  Tuesday – no show! Thursday – no show! And at last they came around on the Friday night and picked me up! “Where are we going to practice?” i asked. “Oh. we’re not going to practice we have a gig in a pub!” they replied.


After setting up in the pub and tuning our instruments we started. The leader of the band said, “Just follow my chords and you’ll be fine!” and the then proceeded to turn towards the audience so I couldn’t see his hands and started to play. So I just lightly put my left finger on all the strings and proceeded to play rhythm. “Chug- chugga – chuga – lugga – chug -chug! Once in a while I’d recognize a chord by ear and play that but most of the night i was simply chugging along. At the end of the night they said to me, “You’re goof, here’s $50 your in the band!” Lol! Even the band members couldn’t tell i wasn’t actually playing notes!


Why is that? Because human beings are rhythm animals. We learn the rhythm in the womb by listening to our mothers heart beat. We learn notes/chords at a much later stage of life so the rhythm is the dominatot in human being. Watch small children at dances – even 18 month olds tap their feet to the music – and their timing is perfect!


Anyway after that I had a practice with them and became a valuable member of the band.


Now accelerated learning can be applied to any area of life. As adults we have less time to learn than children who spend most of their time at school. Also as adults we usually have to pay for new knowledge so we don’t want to learn at the rate of children – children only spend 1 hour of actually learning time in a school day! That is only a 20% efficiency rate! Accelerated learning learns at a much higher rate than that!


Amongst the other things I teach on an accelerated level is Art, Metaphysics, Spirituality, Peace and Wealth creation!  When I taught art at a polytech they asked me a question on finalisation of my course, “how do you manage to keep all your students?” Most art classes start with 20 people and end up with three! My answer was, “Well, I teach themwhat they want to know!


And that is what accelerated teaching is about – no mucking about – just teach the student what they want, nay NEED, to learn quickly and efficiently.


If you want to learn accelerated learning on any of these six subjects


ART                                  GUITAR




just get in contact with me on one of the ways below,


kindest regards,


May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,


reverend master j’iam



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Build a meaningful life! Beingness coach available.

We have to build a meaningful life. To do this means we have to build our BEingness! Our BEingness is always inside of us, so we have to build our lives from the inside to the outside. (“as within, so without“. “as in heaven, so on earth“)

This is a bit like planting a seed. At first nothing seems to happen because we have planted the seed INSIDE the soil. But under the soil the seed is actually expanding and growing and soon it’s leaves will pop above the ground, showing us it’s outside element. It’s inside element is it’s roots. Without roots the plant cannot survive – as simple as that!

Our BEingness is our inner roots that are dug into the soil of the soul.

Without BEingness all we have left is doingness and havingness. Doingness and havingness are a bit like going to hell and being given a beer and a lusty blonde to sit on your knee! What is hellish about that? The beer mug has a hole in it and the blond doesn’t! Lol! The states of being and doing can only manifest riches which is possession of money without happiness. “What profits the man to gain the world (possessions) and loses his soul (happiness)”. ALL PERMANENT HAPPINESS COMES FROM THE SOUL! Only temporary happiness comes from possessions (i had a friend who bought a $13,000 car. I counted the number of days it made her happy – three days). So material possessions can cost as much as $4,000 per day to make you happy. And of course like any addiction, it takes larger and larger amounts to make you happy for less and less time! Until money can’t provide you any happiness at all, no matter how much you’ve got!.And you are rich!

So it is important to build our BEingness! In fact it is vital! Because the only thing we take from this world to the next world is . . . our BEingness!

There are four states in the universe, two dis-empowered and two empowered states. Two states of Lack and two states of Empowerment (BEingness). The two states of lack are RICHES and POVERTY.

The states of Empowerment/BEingness are the states of POOR and ABUNDANCE! On the physical plane the state of Poor is known as Peace and the state of Abundance is known as Prosperity. That is why Christmas cards often have Peace and Prosperity written in their message – “Have a Peaceful Christmas and  a Prosperous New Year!” This is the ultimate spiritual greeting!

To achieve the states of Poor and Abundance, we first have to achieve the state of Poor and then progress onto the state of abundance. There is no way around this process. We cannot plant a seed and reap a crop before the seed has grown into a full sized plant

The stae of Poor is defined spiritually as “The kingdom of heaven” whilst those in the state of abundance are defined as “the children of God” We have to build within us the kingdom of heaven first, as these are the foundations of the house. Once we have strong foundations we can build the house! Remeber the wise man builds his house upon the rocks! Why? So it will remain standing during times of storms! The foolish man builds his house upon the sand (no foundations) and the first rain destroys the house!

Both POOR and ABUNDANT are empowered states. What does this mean? It means that the poor work under the higher laws of PROVIDENCE, whilst the ABUNDANT work under the higher laws of of abundance.

Know the laws of Providence state “Everything we NEED will be given to us basically free or very cheap“.

The laws of abundance state, “Everything we WANT will be given to us, but there is a cost

And what is the cost? Very few people know the answer to this question, so pay attention! The cost is that we have to fulfill our BEingness! (there are two types of BEingness to fullfull – a general beingness and a specific(personal) beingness! Not as easy as people say, is it? But the path is staright and narrow, that is to say, there is a routine and that routine has to be followed exactly to the letter – “The path is straight and narrow!” 


But if you want abundance that is what you have to do! It’s as simple as that – do this, this and that and the states of Poor and Abundance will happen. Don’t do these things and only riches and poverty happen! Riches can be gained by simply doing and having. Poverty is gained by not doing and not having!

I want to announce to the world that I am a BEINGNESS COACH! I can teach you the road to the states of POOR and ABUNDANCE (also known as WEALTH). Both have to be started simultaneously and the state of POOR will manifest first! This is like the roots and the body of the plant. The state of abundance comes later and this is like the fruit on the plant. Which comes first, the fruit or the plant? The plant of course! No plant, no fruits! (“to everything there is a time“)

So if you want to set yourself up right for life (and the afterlife as well) I can help you with your Beingness. Simply contact me and I will set up a free $50 appointment on skype to discuss your case. It can be either private or business, it makes no difference to the laws. 


I have done things like applied justice to a man who hadn’r seen his son for 2 and half years – even though he had legal custody every weekend! He had spent these years and thousands of dollars battling her and achieved absolutely nothing –  “possession is 9/10ths of the law” on the physical level. It took only 3 minutes to perform our reunion task and another 18 hours of time before the mother phoned him up and asked him to take his child for the long weekend! There was no more custody battle after that. All i did was move the battle from the physical level to the spiritual level!

I have saved a business from bankruptcy against the owners will (even though he asked for my help) after 6 accountants had told him to go bankrupt (and instantly charged him from $400 to $600 cash up front for the advice! After all they wanted his money and “knew ” he was going bankrupt!) He asked me to help and I agreed and then he wouldn’t cooperate with me (he was self destructive) so I created a synergy with the five staff and we took the business over. Within a month we had increased turnover from $13,000 per month to $23,000 permonth (it’s pre-crisis level) and over the next six months increased it to $31,000 per month. So these methods do work and work very effectively once implemented. I used three business sized cards planted around the business to achieve these results.

I saved another business from the same fate where the marriage synergy had been shaky and had effected the business synergy. (the business synergy always reflects you personal and marriage synergies!) They had compounded the problem by working first 6 days and then seven days a week. Each time they extended the time worked, the income of the shop went down because they were destroying their own rest and re-creation. I told them to take the Sunday off and their till would increase (sometimes less is more!) and after that happened to take two days off and the till would increase again!

But they could believe this so I showed them a way to increase their til by gifting (with $2 worth of 5 cent coins). They were so desperate that they did this and, because the money had come from the till it returned to the till. As I predicted their till rose from the returns of the gifting by over a seventh and they took a day of and the till increased again! So they took two days off and the till increased  yet again. With two days off for rest and recreation they were able to restore their marriage synergy and life became very good for them again!


If we have a problem in life, I find the answers are usually spiritually based. Because most problems occur on the physical plane on an energy base of 1, I move up to the spiritual plane for solutions – and the spiritual plane provides solutions on the energy base of 100!  We use the higher energy base to solve the problems of the lower energy base! It’s as simple as that!


To repeat, if you have a problem that you can’t solve then the solution probably lays in the spiritual plane. Call me and have a free half hour chat ($50 value). I’ll probably be able to help you solve it – I am a problem solver!  Know that most problems are solved for less than $300 – knowlege efficiently applied doesn’t have to cost a lot

Another discount – if you will agree to give me an anonymous written account of our results to your problem, i will give you a 50% discount! (limited time offer).

Plus a money back guarantee. If the solution doesn’t work for you, I will refund your money! (if it does work and I refund your money you will lose all the benefits gained! Lol! “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away!”)

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


phone/text: 0221 625 941 (New Zealand)

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Today I am announcing a Plan for Peace and Prosperity, that can be implemented by every individual on earth. 

You see, world peace and prosperity cannot be achieved by the so called “leaders” of the world, but only by the individual people of the world – “for where the people go, the leaders follow!”

The plan is a very simple 5 step plan: it requires for the individual to. . . 

1) set a written goal for personal peace and prosperity ( I will show you how)

2) find a method of achieving it (very hard to do in the physical world – again I will show you how)

3) make a plan (impossible without a method)

4) action the plan

5) become personally peaceful and prosperous

6) take it to the world

The real sticking point is number two. But I have an answer for that – WPPN, the WholisticPeace and Prosperity Network, which is the only method I know of to achieve personal peace and prosperity.

One of the beauties of WPPN is that it is  duplicatable – it can be passed onto family members first, and then to friends and then to people you have yet to meet! SO not only is WPPN the only method I know off, it is definitely the only method that can reproduce itself in others at your bequest!  How is it able to do this? It can achieve this because it is based in the spiritual. not the physical. What this means is that it is working on a base of 100+ (spiritual energy base) rather than on the 1 base of physical energy.

You see, the so called leaders of the world always work on the physical and metaphysical levels (physical energy base = 1, metaphysical energy base = 10) so how can we fight their war mongering ways if we limit ourselves to those energy bases? We can’t because they have these energy bases set up to make them win and us lose!. So the solution is to move to a higher energy base! What is higher than the physical and the metapjysical? The spiritual. There the initial energy is 100. And It then expands to 1,000 when we start using a virtuous cycle to invoke the higher laws of the universe. By transfering to the spiritual energy base it becomes not a matter of “IF” we will win but “WHEN!” we will win.

Gandhi knew of the power of the spiritual foundations and that is why he said (and I quote) “First they ignore us, then the laugh at us, then they fight us and and then we win!”  By the time “they” wake up and start fighting the spiritual energy is so strong that there is no way they can win! The battle is lost for them before it even begins! The victory always goes to the spiritually stronger because it is 100 and 1000 fighting against 1 or 10!

Jesus was one man who found 12 followers and conquered the Roman empire! Muhammad was one illiterate man who conquered the east. Moses was a stutterer w-w-w-w-who was able to lead the people of Israel to freedom!  Once the spiritual plan is revealed and followed by people there is no stopping it! People may “strut like peacocks” in front of God but what chance has a peacock got against a mighty warrior on the war horse of truth? None whatsoever. “and then we win!”

So today I throw a gauntlet down in front of you, challenge you to pick it up, put it on your own hand and join the cause of Peace and Prosperity! This is the first chance you’ve had in your life to change the world by changing yourself! Pick it up and put it on!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


phone/text: 0221 625 941 (New Zealand)

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How I have added to the world by adding to myself

Over the past 35 years I have added to the world by adding to myself. Some of the additions include…

(1) I have studied the ways of Peace and Prosperity

(2) I have implemented the ways of Peace and Prosperity into a Virtuous Cycle for myself and others

(3) I have started my own family bank

(4) I have Peace and Prosperity Goals that I work consistently towards – every day!

(5) I have become a Master of metaphysics and spirituality

(6) I have become a more loving and compassionate person than i was before

(7) I recognise, and live by, the fundamental truths far more easily now than I did before

(8) I have made my life a “do it to myself project” not a “have it done to me” project!

(9) I have reduced my consumption footstep in the world

(10) II have increased my contribution footprint in the world (try typing “reverend master j’iam” into Google and sees what comes up both under web and images!

(11) I gift 10% of my income to charity (and that will increase in percentage as more income manifests)

(12) My will is subservient to God’s will and to the higher laws

(13) I have taken my own health care out of the hands of doctors and placed it in my own hands and the hands of God

(14) I have synergised my body, brain and soul into a single unit (a house united will always win!) This increases my energy level from 1(physical energy) to 11 (physical + metaphysical energies combined) to 111 (physical + metaphysical+ spiritual energies combined) internally and allows me to tap into the 1,111 energy levels of the higher laws


There are probably a few more items to add to this list, but they will come to me when they come to me – this is what I was given this morning.

So I ask all readers to make up your own list of additions to your lives, additions that add to both your personal and world peace and prosperity. The method i am using is the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network, that costs me only $25 per month to craete an ever growing virtuous cycle. This lays out all the foundations of a peaceful, prosperous, successful, happy and loving life for the rest of our lives and into the lives of our children, our grandchildren and so forth down through the generations by creating a spiritual, a metaphysical and a physical legacy!

As a master I have paved a new path through the jungle of life and am now inviting others to follow this new path to a new valley that is ready for opening to mankind. The first to come through the path will be “adventurers” who will be able to lay claim to large tracts of peace and prosperity.  The adventurers will widen the path and make it a permanent path for other to follow. 

The next to come will be the “me too”‘s who will again make their claims in the new valley of prosperity and who will widen the path into a single lane gravel road that will allow cars and trucks into the valley to accelerate growth!

The next wave will build a town there and put in a paved two lane highway and the valley will be permanently settled and ready to expand for the nest 1,000 years! (remember the valley is a spiritual one, not a physical one!)

So if you want to make YOUR life a better one, so that when you die people will say “There lays a GOOD person” then come and join the travelers and “Head Westwards!!! …  

                                                                              WESTWARD HO!!!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


phone/text: 0221 625 941 (New Zealand)

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skype: jiamwppn


Jesus came to help the poor, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and heal the sick

So where has the spirit of The Christ gone? It has moved on – “The Moving Pen writes, and having writ, Moves on; nor all thy Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line“. God is an every-creating, ever evolving Being to Man, for he is our teacher and we, having learned, are constantly taught new lessons!

Look at the times we live in, a true age of miracles. Just imagine bringing a man forward from two hundred years ago – he would be flabbergasted at out age! Gone are the horses he and his kin had driven for 6,000 years! Replaced by cars, bikes, motorbikes, airplanes, jets and rockets to name but a few. Gone are the whistled songs of his age, replaced by tiny boxes that transmit music through the air on invisible beams straight to the ears in full three dimensional sound! Gone are the paintings that educated the people to be replaced by full colour printed magazines, books, computers, and televisions that are absolutely huge and in full colour and surround sound! All these things we take for granted! And yet are absolute jaw dropping miracles to our time traveller! 

But the churches have left their missions to “look after each other” and turned to politics – the gathering of “power”. So where has God manifested His loving kindness for the people in this day? In WPPN – the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network! 

This organisation is set up to allow any person on earth to follow God’s higher laws of the universe, to change their lives for the better in this new age, by setting up a virtuous cycle in their lives. This manifests in their lives as the positive side of the law of sowing and reaping which states – “They that Have (the power of the laws) shall be given more!” Nothing subtle of hidden about this law, is there? 

But how do you set this virtuous cycle up in your life? With three types of giftings! One to yourself (For yourself, always yourself first!), another to other people (for others, secondly) and another to the WPPN organisation (for the world, thirdly). Doing these three simple steps sets up a virtuous cycle that obeys all of God’s laws and over a period of 10 to 20 years changes your life for the better (you become one of the haves!) and also changes your children’s lives, your grand children’s lives and so forth down through the generations – as the virtuous cycle becomes multi-generational!(anything man made can only last a genberation for the individual, but anything God-made sets a family up through the generations!)

You see, this is the age of self-responsibility first and foremost. This doesn’t mean that we don’t care for others, but that we must care for ourselves first always, because of the way the spiritual laws work – “as within, so without!” If we cannot look after ourselves first how can we look after others? If we cannot swim, how can we rescue the drowning? If we don’t have excess food how can we feed the starving? If we are not in control of our lives spiritually, how can we give guidance to others, or offer them solutions? We can’t!!! 

WPPN is the Enabling Tool that allows us to manifest our spiritual powers in the world. It moves us up from an energy level of 1 to a minimum of 111, and then up to 1, 111 over a period of 20 years. Yes 20 years! (and if you don’t do it, the twenty years will pass anyway and you’ll still be in the power position of 1!The only thing you’ll have gained over those 20 years is a sense of regret from not having done it when you)

Being spiritually based it is not like any business you’ve ever seen before. In fact it is not a business at all, though business will manifest as the system grows in the form of 0% mortgages and working cooperatives! WPPN is something entirely new! It was revealed in 1992 to reverend master j’iam and has been developed by him over the next 20 years and was officially started two years ago. To date we have 3 members. But now the time is getting right to expand to 100 members and after that to 1,000 members! Once these two goals are achieved it will grow exponentially to cover the world. And in doing so it will remove the assets of the world from the hands of politicians and usurers and place them permanently into the hands of the WPPN members. 

Doing this process makes the WPPN members Peaceful and Prosperous (the two spiritual states of Poor (Peaceful) and Abundant (Prosperous)). Once a member is set up in this state, it becomes multi-generational,  so the world will never sink back into it’s current usurious state.

This is the good news of the age for mankind – there is Hope again!

You know, i always laugh at management trianing courses when they bring out the pattern of success which usually goes

(1) Goals

(2) A Plan

(3) Actions and

(4) Success!

Well that’s just great! But what is missing in that formula? A METHOD! You can’t make plans without a method. WPPN is God’s method for this new age!

(1) Goals

(2) A Method

(3) A Plan

 (4) Actions and

(5) Success!

With this method we have a plan laid out that leads, with actions, to the ultimate success – multi-generational success, Peace and Prosperity!

This is why I get so excited every time I write about it! Lol!

Come and have a look and judge for yourself, for this is the new age of self determination – no one can make the decision for yourself except yourself!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

WPPN Website;




skype: jiamwppn

phone/text: 0221 625 941 (New Zealand)

Skype: jiamwppn






The whole formula at last!


For the longest time the world has been struggling to find a permanent path to Peace. And above are the wholistic – the spiritual, metaphysical and physical paths to Peace! We’ll start from the top and work down, as that is the empowering path…

“As above, so below” indicates that what God has, we have too – “Man is made in the image of God.”  God is Love, Peace and prosperity (peace without prosperity is a Chimera). So we have to develop these qualities within ourselves at the spiritual and metaphysical levels. When we do this, it starts reflecting in our personal (physical) lives and in the lives of others too, as we spiritually gift a part (10%) of our prosperity to help build up family, friends, neighbors etc.

With the above empowerment, peace becomes permanently possible, probable and then inevitable for us as individuals. As we succeed in this 3 step process we attract others to the “Path to Peace” and start duplicating ourselves! It is this duplicating process that makes peace probable and inevitable for the whole world! The duplicating path is an exponential path – 2, 4. 8, 16, 32, 64 etc.

rather than a linear one (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…).

Only when 5% of the world’s population are wealthy(Peaceful and Prosperous) will we reach the critical “exploding point”, so peace and prosperity expands to 80% of the world’s population (read “the 100th monkey”) and a permanent peace becomes possible. This formula enables ordinary suppressed workers to expand spiritually, metaphysically and physically to take over the worlds assets and apply them in the right way to establish Permanent Peace!

And God’s tool in this process is the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (sysnergy) or WPPN.

The world is changing rapidly. We can all see the conspiracies and corruption of the usurers. They think they are the winners but they live in an illusion, for God has decreed that Peace will reign on earth – soon. And who can resist God? Not me, not you, not the usurers either! Praised Be to God, the Eternal provider of Eternal Truth!

We have started the path to peace and it has been on earth since 1992. It will be a reality by 2032! So be one of the pioneers of peace and prosperity by joining WPPN!

Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity,

God be with us all,

reverend master j’iam

WPPN Website;



skype; jiamwppn



World Peace and Prosperity begins with ME!

World Peace and Prosperity begins not with politicians, not with wars, not with “isms” but with each of us as individuals! The reason it is so hard to establish World Peace and Prosperity is because the so called “leaders” of the world aren’t interested in establishing us – you and I – as individually Peaceful and Prosperous. 

So we must do it for ourselves! We must take the leadership of the pseudo-leaders and give it to ourselves and start acting like we have the solution to world Peace and Prosperity because we do! We have the solutions available to us to create personal Peace and Prosperity, most of us just don’t know it. Great men have stated,  “the answer to to ALL problems is education“(not learning/indoctrination). Education is different in that it doesn’t carry pieces of paper with it. just knowledge and actions. An educated person is one who can distinguish the difference between truth and falsehood for themselves and carry out the actions required to BE educated. 

So where can you learn to be educated? From the spiritual source (not religions or cults) which is available to 7 billion people on this earth if they would but ASK! You see You see physical education is forced upon many of us as children but spiritual education is always a voluntary action. When we are born our real (spiritual) purpose in life is to seek out a spiritual connection to the highest source of Love. That is why we are given free will – so we can either turn away from or turn towards love. Once we ASK out loud tio be connected to Love we will be “reborn” in the spiritual worlds and have to give up our free will (who wants to turn away from Loe?) and apply our wills to peace and prosperity! For faith without deeds is dead

The next step is to help create a generalised peace and prosperity in our lives. IN OUR OWN PERSONAL LIVES. A generslised personal peaces and prosperity can Be made by simply establishing and following the higher laws of Love in our own lives. That invokes the laws of abundance which is in two parts – “They that have (the higher Laws on their side) shall be given more. They that have not (the higher Laws on their side) shall be taken away from, even what they have!”

The first state of abundance is the state of POOR (which seems like a contradiction, but isn’t spiritually). The state of POOR establishes personal PEACE. “Blessed are the POOR in SPIRIT (not material wealth, the lack of which is poverty): for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” The state of POOR is the STATE of PEACE.


The state of peace is a state of non-possessiveness, ort DETACHMENT. To be detached from all except Love is a great spiritual state  – which is why it is Blessed!

Another confirmation of the state of Peace is “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God (Love)”

So these are the rewards of the station of POOR and PEACEMAKERS. Not tiny in any respect, in fact HUGE in volume as these two atates lead to the POWERS OF COMMAND – “as you speak out of your mouth, so it shall be“! Think of some off the great peacemakers of the Past – Mother Teresa, John Lennon and Nelson Mandela – all of these people had the powers of command in buckets full because they established themselves in the second “Kingdom” as well.

The second state(kingdom) of spirituality is the state of Abundance. ABUNDANCE is simply a wider spread of POOR. POOR is limited to the spiritual world. First we must become POOR and then we will become Abundant as the state of POOR spreads to our metaphysical an physical lives. Only by BEing POOR in all three levels of the universe do we become HOLY (whole). 

Only by BEing POOR in all three levels of the universe do we become HOLY (whole).

Spirituality is but one level (the highest) of the universe. But to imagine buiding a bell tower without walls and a floor is to imagine chaos. And spiritual life is peaceful, not chaotic. And like the physical world  we have to build a house of peace.But in the spiritual world things are turned upside dwn in building because we always “start at the top and work down”. We start with the foundations of spirituality/peace and when those are truly build they spread to the metaphysical and physical worlds in our lives.

Abundance is always a spiritual state of knowledge, wholeness and gifting (actions). We always begin with the nearest “victim” – ourselves! Lol!  WE have to learn to “love ourselves and others. wholly and unconditionally” for this is the eleventh commandment, “ A new commandment (the eleventh from God) I give unto you, That you love one another; as I have loved you” [John 13:34] 

The eleventh commandment is the King keypin for the states of POOR and ABUNDANT(wealthy). Without living the eleventh commandment we are doomed to live in the two negatives states of riches and poverty (never confuse poverty with POOR they are as different as chalk and cheese).

The power of the eleventh commandment comes from our recognition of the order of the universe for God/Love. The order of the universe for God Love is the application of LOVE to ourselves first and then to others in the forms of recognition, Love, gifting and service.

You see the higher laws work for us if we work them (work the law and the law works for you). But the higher laws work in very precise and particular ways , not like the sloppy laws (rules and regulations) of the physical and metaphysical worlds. BEing poor is our apprenticeship towards being a Master. All apprenticeships lead towards a goal. The plumbing apprenticeship leads towards us being a Plumber. The carpentry apprenticeship leads us towards being a Carpenter. The POOR apprenticeship leads us towards being ABUNDANT! Abundance is the Master state of the spiritual world.

So how do you make a connection with Love/God? Simply SPEAK IT OUT OF YOUR MOUTH! We cannot ask to be united with the spiritual by thinking about it as the untrained thought has no spiritual power. We have to speak it aloud because the first spiritual power is the spoken word. It is the first spiritual power because it is the first real vibration – the vibration of sound. Scientist say the whole universe vibrates and that is a spiritual truth. So we literally have to ask to make a connection with Love/God aloud. Do that and the request will be answered – “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” Notice that two elements are the sound element – Ask and Knock.

But what element is seek? The element of seek is LIGHT. Light is the second vibration in the univserse. And it is the higher element of the two – sound travels at 700 miles per hour, whilst light travels at 186,000 miles per second. Know that POOR is the element of sound and Abundance is the element of Light.

I have probably reached as far as an unenlightened souls can reach. Those of you are enlightened (en-LIGHT-ened) will know exactly what I am speaking about (andmore). If you are seperated from the true power states of the universe then I ask you to Ask to be shown the source of empowerment!

Only by asking do we get released from the tiny prison of the physical world into the vast reign of the spiritual. Once released we begin our apprenticeship in the spiritual world and after a certain amount of time in the state of POOR we graduate into the masters role of POOR/ABUNDANCE. Know we never leave the learning and seving state of poor but become Poor AND Abundant. The physical world is always either/or, but the spiritual world is always AND. The abundant Man always remains the Poor man as well, otherwise that is like building a skyscraper on strong foundations and then removing the foundations

The Abundant Man’s first inheritance is always the Poor. The abundant and poor amn’s responsibility is always towards themselves and then towords God/Love. This is the order of the higher, spiritual world. Who does God Love above all? Why himself of course! We are made in the image of God so who should we Love first? Ourselves of course. Only by loving ourselves can we love others as everthing begins at home and spreads outwards God loves Himself first and Man second. We must Love ourselves first and others second. This is what the eleventh commandments teaches us, if we can but hear. 

The Peacemaker is an abundant Man (Man, with a capital M. is a spiritual state that is open to both male and female alike.) With the peacemaker come the powers of command (of self and others). As the peacemaker speaks out of their mouth so it comes into being in the wider world at large. As the Master speaks out of their mouths and write, so it comes into being in the wider world. There have been Masters who have not attracted a single follower in their lives, yet what they did in their own personal lives came into being in the world at large sometimes during, but usually after their lives on the physical plane had eneded.

An interesting, well known, example of this was the Master Painter, Van Gogh. Van Gogh sold only one painting in his emtire life and that was to his brother who supported him all his life (they also serve who only stand and wait.) Today you can buy a Van Gogh for less than 20 million dollars. 

It may seem to some as if I am talking in circles. And that is because I am! In the spiritual world “ALL THINGS ARE INVOLVED IN ALL THINGS”. Is that not a perfect discription of the AND principle? Indeed it is.

So to help develop world peace and prosperity WE have to BEcome Peaceful and Propserous! Start with (as an apprentice) and move to without (as a Master).

I hearby call upon all peacemakers reading this article to contact me and form a synergy of peacemakers (“wherever tow or more of you are gethered in MY Name, as you speak out of your mouths so it shall BE”)

Love peace and prosperity

reverend Master J’iam

My apologies for not correcting this talk but I have a pressing apointment to attend.




CONSPIRACY! What is it’s cure?

Before we come to the cure for conspiracy, we have to look at what the source of conspiracy IS. The word itself goes way back to Latin and comes to us through old French and old English, and means…. 

con = together, with
/spire = breathe

It’s meaning is literally based in a Physical foundation of breathing together. You can’t get much more physical than the act of breathing. It also implies secrecy, nefarious* means to achieve something not in the interest of the masses, only in the interest of the few plotters. We live in an age when conspiracies are being bought into the light of day. 

Conspiracies are always based on the physical plane, where light can be blocked out and darkness created. If the cause of conspiracy is based in the physical, then the cure for conspiracy must be the opposite in meaning and based not in the physical but in the spiritual. The opposite of physical is always spiritual. So what spiritual power can we harness to destroy conspiracies? 

The answer is SYNERGIES.

The word synergy comes from an entirely different language – Greek. It’s meaning is….

syn – Greek, combining form representing    sýn = with, together with

                                                                      /ergy = an “action”, “effect or result”

Literally synergy means an “action together

It has been long established that a synergy is spiritually based. It is expressed in the formula “1+1=3“, and “the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts“, where there is a gain in power within the formula. And that gain comes from the universe/ a spiritual source of higher energy.

So thew cure for conspiracies is a two step process – 

1) exposure to the light of daybeware, beware!

2) rectification of the conspiracy with a building synergy!

It is not enough to just expose conspiracies, positive actions must be taken to replace the negative energy created by the plot with Positive Actions. Otherwise one conspiracy is destroyed, only to be replaced with others – “an unclean spirit went for a walk and when it returned it found seventeen had taken its place!” 

We can’t replace darkness with darkness, we can only replace darkness with light! Conspiracies are dark entities that can easily be destroyed with the positive light of the sun. Synergies are energies of combined light. Each member of a synergy is like a match. When two or more matches are struck at once we combine their energies together they can create more light. With two matches burning we suddenly notice that there is a candle on the table and both matches light it and the flame of the candle is strong – and longer – than those of the two matches – 1+1=3!

Once the light is emanating from the candle, we can see a a hurricane lamp in the corner. So we light that and it produces yet more light (positive energy) into the room. From the hurricane lamps light we notice a small light switch on the wall and flip it on filling the room with electric light!

And from there we notice that there are actually cleverly hidden windows that have been shuttered by the conspirators, so we remove the shutters and the room fills with the light of the sun! That is the way synergies work. And that is the way to destroy conspiracies – by creating synergies to remove the  negative energy (darkness) from the conspiracists and replace it with the light of synergistic energy.

 If a conspiracy leads the majority down a path towards quicksand then the path has to be sealed off and replaced with a path that leads to rock foundations, otherwise people will be shown ten new paths leading to the swamp. People then build their houses in the swamp and their houses sink leaving many of the materials floating on the water to be gathered by the conspirators. But when we build our houses upon the rocks, they remain standing and deny the building materials to others. This is the power of synergies.

Jesus said, “Resist not evil” because resisting them simply drains your energy away from you to them. But we don’t have to resist then to defeat them! Instead we build a fenced enclosure with a village in it, to deny access to the conspirators (lions, tigers, bears) who have been feeding on the unprotected people

We don’t have to kill the enemies of lions, tigers and bears, simply confine them to the forest parks we create for them! Then they can hunt and kill each other! Lol!

A designed beauty of synergy is that it serves only to add, never subtract.“  Barb Rententbach, Synergy (2009)

So the implied end of the quote from Jesus is “resist not evil, but destroy it without confrontation!”

Question: And where can you find a synergy you can easily join today, that will not fight against the conspirators but quietly build a new housing estate on the rocks, safely confined within a tall, excluding spiritual fence?

Answer; In the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN). At the moment the sysnergy power of WPPN is four. And that is sufficient to dispel some of the darkness of the world’s evil and replace it with the light of Goodness. But we are always open to new members to increase the synergy from a candle, to a hurricane lamp, to electric light, to the power of the sun!

We are building a new world system that excludes the evil of the world – a new housing estate built on rock foundations with protective walls surrounding it, so why not join us? see the WPPN website at….

or you contact me directly at….  

(this contact will not always be available, so take advantage of it now, whilst you can)

love, peace and prosperity,


*Latin nefarius, from nefas crime, from ne- notfas right, divine law




I Am an Expert in Personal Peace and Prosperity

I don’t know exactly when I became and expert in Personal Peace and Prosperity, but I can trace the exact moment it began! It was way back in 1989 when I wrote a letter to a local millionaire asking him if there was such a thing as a club where people met to get the knowledge they needed to become wealthy. Of course i received no reply as I was asking a rich man for the secrets of wealth and he just didn’t know them! But from that none-reply i went on to ask God for the secrets of wealth and was granted them in 1992 in an epiphany. It then took me 20 years to swing my whole life around to become first Poor and then Wealthy. And somewhere in that time I passed into a teacher of Personal Peace and Prosperity. 

Why peace and prosperity? Because these two things are the foundations of a happy personal life and the foundations of world peace and prosperity.  Peace and prosperity are both SPIRITUAL Foundations. riches and poverty are simply physical traps for the unwary!

The rich man approached His Holiness Jesus and asked him how to move from the state of riches to the state of wealth. Jesus’s reply was, “Gift all your money to the Poor”. The rich man, knowing nothing about gifting, assumed he meant to give all his assets to those in poverty and turned away. The reason for this misunderstanding is because of the sloppy way people use words. Riches and poverty are both cursed physical states. Wealthy and Poor are both blessed spiritual states. Most people use the words interchangibly and never know the true value or worthlessness of the words they are using.  Wealthy and the state of Poor are both empowered states. Riches and poverty are both dis-empowered states. Simple as that! What can a disempowered man achieve? Nothing spiritual! What can an empowered man achieve? Great things on all planes – Spiritual, metaphysical and physical.

Sloppy thinking means sloppy results – J.I.J.O. – Junk In, Junk Out! Precise thinking means precise results – Q.I.Q.O – Quality In, Quality Out. Riches are the results of sloppy thinking as they are gained by doing only two of the three things we need to do in life – DOing and HAVEing. The third, and most important thing we need to do in life, is to BE. So wealth is a result of BEing, DOing and HAVEing. Beingness is the source of true happiness. What is the point of being rich and miserable? “What profiteth the man, if he gains the world and loses his soul?” 

Jesus told the rich man how to build his Beingness by GIFTING to the Poor. If he had of done this, he would have learned detachment from all things except Love/God and Become one of the Poor! Because he had become one of the Poor and had Gifted (not given away) his assets he would have invoked the law of sowing and reaping and all his money would have been returned to him multiplied. And he would have just slid across to being wealthy! A perfect answer to the real question he was asking! Which was how to be Happy and prosperous!

Sloppy people always assume. He assumed Jesus was giving him a formula for poverty and walked away. But spiritually we must never assume, otherwise we make and ASS out of U and ME! If you ask a master for an answer His answer is always correct for the question you asked. Sometimes we simply ask the wrong questions! Ask the wrong question and you’ll get the wrong answer to the question you really want to know. Sloppiness also lays in question asking! Once you learn to ask the right questions, the doors always open to the right answers. 

An example. You come accross a door that won’t open, so you ask. “why won’t the door open?” And the answer is “Because you are doing it wrong” The clue lays in the answer! But most people keep asking the same question over and over and keep on getting the same reply over and over. As i aid the answer lays in the question. You have asked WHAT you are doing wrong and received the correct answer to the wrong question. So what other questions can we ask. There are only 6 basic questions in the world and these where explained by Ruyard Kipling in his poem, “6 serving men”.

I KEEP six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.

The wrong answer came to the wrong question. The wrong question was a why, so what is the next question? A HOW of course, so ask, “How do I open this door?” and the answer will come back, “turn the knob clockwise and pull the door towards you!” Be Brilliant on the Basics (BOB!)

You are guaranteed an answer to any question, to any truth in the universe under the laws of providence, as knowledge is a need, a luxuryy – “if Knowledge was a thing that money could buy, then the rich would live and the poor would die!” 

See the precise pattern developing here? The be wealthy we must follow certain steps – just as everyone is born a baby and follows certain steps and over a certain period of time become adults! So to it is with wealth. To be poor is to be a child of wealth. To be wealthy is to become and adult of the state of Poor (“Blessed are the Poor in spirit”). No one is born an adult, everyone is born a child! This is why Jesus said , “we must become like the little children!” Not to become childish, but to become child like

Another aspect of the progressions in life is the saying, “We must learn to walk before we can run!” and this is emminantly true. Everything follows an orderly path and we cannot escape any of the steps that lead us upwards as we otherwise level out and don’t progress upwards!

All these things i am saying to you today are a reflection of the path i have taken to reach the state of wealthy. I am now spiritually wealthy! And soon my wealth will manifest in my physical life (“First you must BE wealthy and then you will become wealthy“). One of the manifestations of wealth is the realisation that I am now an expert in personal Peace and prosperity. And who was my fist “client”? Myself of course! I did all the experimenting on myself, testing the truth of what i am today over, and over, and over – until it became my truth! How could i teach anything except what I have personally learned by testing? And how could I test it on anyone else without testing it on myself first? IAs a poor man, I couldn’t. And as a wealthy man I can’t. For unless we test things on ourselves we cannot commit to them. And if we are not committed, we cannot know the truth of it and we cannot share it with others. “You will KNOW the truth, and the truth will set you free!” 

So I repeat, I am an expert on personal Peace and Prosperity. And from today onwards my door is open to teach anyone who wants to learn the secrets of Peace and Prosperity, so they can take a straight road to these two things, not the long, windy path i took! Lol!

contact me personally and ask.

Love Peace and Prosperity




Peace and prosperity is Possible, Probable, Inevitable!

If there is one man alone in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is possible!

If there are 7 people in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is even more possible! 

If there is one in 100 million in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is again more possible! 

If there is one in 10 million in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is probable! 

If there is one in 1 million in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is even more probable! 

If there is one in 1,000 in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is  almost inevitable!

If there is one in 100 in this world with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity are inevitable!

Even if there are only one in 1,000 in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace  and prosperity, then there are 70,000,000 – 70 million – people in the world with thoughts of peace and prosperity! And the strength of 70 million people thinking alike is phenomenal! Because each one can teach one one! That is to say that in ten years one person can teach another person to think peacefully, by conversation or exanple. So after 10 years there will be 140,000,000 peaceful people,

And each one of these can then teach another one person over 10 years, to give us 280,000,000 people with thoughts of peace. and prosperity. And in another 10 years the figures will again double, as the power of this divine thought increases to 560,000,000. At this point the rest of the world will fall into place with the dominant source of thought, as negative thoughts are only white noise but thoughts of peace  and prosperity are a single note chiming – like a bell – throughout the world, and becoming a part of the human consciousness!

Peace is not just a thought, but a spiritual essence that rings louder than any thoughts of confusion. This is why I say peace is inevitable! 

And the support for peace is always prosperity for the individual, just as the support for prosperity is always peace for the individual. For prosperity is also a spiritual quality, that has never been displayed in the world at large to date. It has always been contained within the elite few, who have reigned with either benign or malevolent dictatorships. In this new age we – the individuals of the world – have to start accumulating and spiritualizing money, tools, assets, goods and services. It is the spiritualizing of these things that produces a democratic prosperity.

For if the people are spiritual and own most (if not all) of the assets, then who can manipulate those assets to there own end? Certainly not the usurers of the world, certainly not the rich of the world, certainly not the bullies of the world. Certainly, only the people of the world!

Some may say I’m a dreamer, but are not the dreams of yesterday the realities of today? They are. I can remember a time when ipads and hand held telephones, computers  etc. were only dreams in comic books! But today they are reality, The internet has “sprung up out of nowehere” and taken the world by storm, and, although the world is closer in degrees we are still only slightly closer to communicating love to each other! But slightly closer is an improvement. And slight improvement upon slight improvement, upon slight improvement compounds upwards. Today we stand on the edge of a divine civilisation , the likes of which mankind has never seen before

Today we have, for the first time in the history of mankind, the TOOLS to achieve personal peace and prosperity. And one of those tools is the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network. And once the whole world is personally peaceful  and prosperous then the world too will be peaceful and prosperous! For what are we as individuals? The cells of the body of the world! If the cells are all healthy, then the body must be healthy too!

So with the will, the actions and the tools, Personal Peace and Prosperity are inevitable! Wirh personal peace and prosperity inevitable then world peace and prosperity is inevitable too!

I call all spiritual brothers and sisters to Peace and Prosperity.

Amen, Amen, Amen!

reverend master j’iam