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Sodomy is rape

Spiritually, sodomy is forbidden. That means it is something no one can impose on us and something we can’t give away to others – who volunteers to be raped? No one sane!

In this new age homosexuality is not to be legally punishable. But this doesn’t mean that homosexual marriage is okay with God. Mr Elton John recons that Jesus would be okay with homosexual marriage, but where did he get this thought from? From his vain imaginings is where. Jesus would never agree to homosexual marriage because marriage is set up by God to be a synergy between male and female. Jesus would never go against the will of God, ever!

Marriage is a synergy of souls and homosexuals cannot make external synergies because they are not internally synergised, No one who breaks the rules of God can ever be internally synergised (whole).

The reason so many marriages break up these days is because one or other of the partners is not internally synergised and therefore they cannot create a marriage synergy. The life span of any marriage that is not wholly synergised is around 4-5 years! Years ago I was a wedding photographer and in the end I had to give it up because I could tell who had a synergy and who didn’t. About 80% didn’t have one on their wedding day and about 50% already had a bag packed! It just got to be too painful to take photos at the majority of weddings!

The purpose of the male in a marriage synergy is to protect himself, the female and the children. The purpose of the female is to protect herself, the children and her husband. Note how the male is last in the woman’s protective order! As a couple they have to protect all from malicious influences.

Now a part of the males role is to protect his synergy partner from rape. But how can he do that if he is raping her himself? Well, obviously, he can’t!  Anal sex is the flavour of the decade. If a man or a woman’s imagination is given permission to go down the homosexual road then that is where it may head. The male may demand anal sex (sodomy) from the female or the female may demand it from the man. Or they may demand it from each other.

It doesn’t really matter who demands it – one is saying I want to rape you, the other is saying I want you to rape me! And the end result of such demands is the removal of their internal synergies! That is the punishment because a house divided can never win! Two houses divided may delay the downfall a little but again they are never going to be able to synergise together because synergies work on wholeness – 1 + 1 = 3. But the non-synergy systems work on multiplication so 1 x . 5 =.5  It will always be less energy than already exists – that is why it can’t win! And if both are internally broken (un-synergised) then the results are even smaller! So .5 x .5 = .25.

Why would a woman demand to be raped? Because pain is very similar to pleasure and, with the aid of the imagination, can be easily transferred over. Plus there are many rape fantasies in marriages because then the female doesn’t have to be responsible for saying “Yes” and the man get a sense of ego power (Rape has nothing to do with sex, it is simply an act of aggression expressed in a sexual way).

The rules of the spiritual laws are different from the rules of the physical world. This is because the physical laws can be manipulated by man whilst the spiritual rules cannot! Physical laws are only rules and regulations, whilst spiritual laws are immutable!

If you are engaging in anal sex think about what I’ve said today and try to stop it – not an easy thing, because it is very pleasureable thing for the males ( and often the masochistic female). The other reason sodomy is forbidden is because it is unclean. Would you stick your penis into a bowl of sewage? Well that is what you are doing with sodomy. I wrote this up on face book as a contrarian joke and people jumped on me from a great height because my reality of sodomy clashed with their (vain imaginings) reality of homosexual sodomy! And they couldn’t see the forest for the trees!

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The Punch

From the age of 14 I suffered badly from ingrown toenails which made compulsory school sports an agony. I was 17 when ordered to play a game of “scrag”, a rough and tumble game with the sole purpose of tackling and being tackled. I managed to stay out of the game until one lad took it upon himself to get me involved. He threw the ball to me and I simply threw it back to him and he got tackled.

In the locker room after the game he started getting on my back, goading me and calling me a coward.  I ignored him and worked at getting my shoes off with as little pain as possible. This guy was a lot bigger than me so I suppose he thought he had the advantage. Anyway he kept on and on and on until something snapped inside me and I took an almighty swing at him.

I was on the floor stooped over my foot when I started, with him standing over me to the rear. In a split second I had turned, leapt and took my swing. I shifted states at this stage. The anger disappeared and I became strangely detached. I was in a time altered state, staring at my fist in fascination.  It was travelling so fast it was whistling! Yet because of my altered state appeared to be travelling in slow motion, humming in a low pitch as it went.  Physically my feet had slipped from underneath me and my body was swinging around and out. My body ended parallel to the ground with me looking at him eye to eye. This was good fortune for both of us because it pulled me outwards: when my fist reached its target it just grazed the tip of his chin and nose.

At this stage I returned to the physical state only to find myself falling to the ground at a great rate. I managed to put out my hands and feet to soften the crash so not much more than my pride was hurt. The other boys in the room laughed which broke the tension. But the boy I had swung at was white as a sheet. He had come close to getting his jaw broken: he knew it, I knew it and everyone else knew it too.  After that there was no trouble at all when I took the sidelines in games. Looking back I see that God protects us all – from ourselves and from each other!