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poverty, riches, Poor and Wealthy

poverty, riches, Poor and Wealthy. these are the four states in the universe of man and Man – notice the lack of capitals in the former and the capitals in the latter! This is to distinguish the negative from the positive, the lower from the higher and the disempowered from the empowered.

Because the states of poverty and riches are disempowered, whilst the states of Poor and Wealthy are Empowered. The states of poverty and riches are states of man, whilst the states of Poor and Wealthy are states of Man.

man is a state on the physical level, whilst Man is a station on the metaphysical/spiritual levels.

To imagine that we have to “do” anything to attain the station of man is an illusion because we are all born into this state. To imagine we can achieve the station of Man by doing nothing is also an illusion! We have to follow a method, become disciples of that method and apply it in our lives. This path starts broadly and dimmly but becomes brighter and brighter the closer we get to the source of the light (Love). It also gets narrower, that beam of light! The way to “hell” is paved with good intentions and the road to “heaven” is paved with application of the methods – to Labour Under Correct Knowledge (L.U.C.K.)

And it is not complicated, “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” The only hard part is going against the teaching of man, the society we were raised in, for the ways of Man are totally different from the ways of man!

I hope you can hear what I an saying. If you can, you are open to the truth. If you can’t you are lost to the truth. So how do you find the truth? We all have to ask for it. What is the question we must all ask to find the ultimate truth? We must ask the ultimate source of truth to reveal itself to us! To do this we have to ask out aloud! we cannot just think it, because thoughts have no vibration and therefore no energy in them.

I was an atheist for 14 years because I vehemently loathed dogma. After seven years I died, went over to the other side and returned. This is called a Near Death Experience (NDE) Yet I remained an atheist for another seven years! How did I manage this? By simply not asking out aloud to meet the source of all Love (God to me, because “God is Love“) Once I had asked it was a short six months intil I was ready to meet God and when I did, “POW, WHAM, SMACK!!! Lol!” Mind you, I was a long way away from that source. I know of people who have made the transition with barely a hair ruffled on their heads because they were so close anyway! If I thought that dying was an experience my rebirth was like an atomic bomb compared to a firecracker of the Near Death Experience!

And I have learned since then there are levels of rebirth. We can be reborn on various levels within the spiritual world. Jesus talks about the “water and the fire” The water represents the knowledge of God and the Fire represents the spiritual actions of God. So we can know about God, but just be sitting in a corner “doing no wrong” but still “doing no good!” To be alive spiritually we must be whole(holy) – of both “water and fire” (spirit). I have a friend who is born into the water and he lives his life in fear and blindness! I have been helping him since 1999 and he still reckons I’m going to hell! Lol! Little does he know that he actually lives in hell! Hell is a place on earth that ends when we die. Hell is a station in the next world, one we impose on ourselves when we realise that in three score and ten years we could have gotten to within a few metres of God, but we wasted our time on earth and now stand half a mile away from Him. And because we had free will on earth we had the chance to approach as close to Him as we could in our short lifes. But in the next world there is no free will. I’ll just repeat that phrase – IN THE NEXT WORLD THERE IS NO FREE WILL!

The only way we can get closer to God in the next world is through the Grace of God. It may take us 10,000 years or more to make the transition to a few metres from Him. And that is the hell of the next world – knowing that we wasted a Golden opportunity to get closer to God, in the twinkling of an eye!

So how do we get closer to God in this world? Through our actions! Actions(fire) speak louder than words(water), Yes we have to be reborn into the Water. But the second rebirth is always into the Fire! Water can be compared to Station and fire to Rank.

Station can be compare to being either an officer or an enlisted man in the army.  Rank is your place within that station. So you start as a private but then advance to corperal and then to segeant. So sergeant is your rank within the station of enlisted men. We can advance our rank but not our stations. An officer starts at the lowest rank of officers and then starts working his way up the ranks through his actions.

Where we progress to in this life in rank may not be our final ranking potential. And that is when the spiritual hell comes into beingness. It is not God imposing hell on us, it is us imoposing hell on ourselves! We are the final judges of our own lives! God will remove the hell from us as time progresses and He moves us closer to Him (promotes us). And yet we all go to “Heaven” in the next life! We no longer have a body or a brain but we have our “mind”, our soul. And that soul is freed from the limitations of this world forever. And there is no fault(sin) in the next world as we are all lacking in free will and must follow the “method” (be disciples).

I hope I haven’t waffled on too much for you and that you have understood what I’ve said. It has been much of a stream of consciousness tonight.

God Bless you, and Peace and Love Be in you today!