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Poverty is first a state of mind and then a state of reality!

Just as poverty is first a state of mind that then manifests in reality, then so too is the state of Abundance! It begins in the mind and later manifests in reality because whatever the mind can conceive and believe it will achieve!

Poverty thoughts are thoughts of lack. Rich thoughts are thoughts of excess. Riches in reality are simply a variation of poverty because neither the povertic nor the rich man have internal happiness! Internal happiness comes from the state of Poor, where we learn to be happy by having sufficient!

The state of sufficiency is the first state of happiness and that is called Contentment. Once we become Content with our own sufficiency we can move onto the state of Abundance by learning the Joy of the universe and then proceeding onto Ecstasy and Bliss! (contentment, Joy and Ecstasy and Bliss are the three states of happiness – the physical (Contentment), the metaphysical (Joy) and the spiritual (Ecstasy and Bliss!)


Once we have sufficient we start living on margin AND BEGIN ACUMMULATING MORE THAN SUFFICIENT, SLOWLYY AND OVER A PERIOFD OF TIME SO WE CAN LEARN TO HANDLE IT. If we remain happy with sufficient and detached from the excess we start receiving, and then fully enter, the state of Abundance.


The state of abundance requires that we do something constructive with the excess we have, so we can build a divine civilisation – leave this world a better place than it was when we entered it! All excess needs a plan to handle it, it is as simple as that, otherwise it will turn around and bite you! In spiritual terms these plans are called a mission!

The danger of lack thoughts is that they are passed down from generation to generation, from parents to children by sheer indoctrination before the age of seven (when children stop accepting everything their parents tell them without judgement of any kind!) Spiritually this is expressed in the saying, “The children inherit the sins (faults) of the parents!”


Fortunately the opposite is true too and the children will (predominantly) inherit the correct actions of the parents as well! So the wealthy produce wealthy children and the povertics produce povertics! This why the Bible says that as adults we must, “Put away the things of childhood.” This means we must go through our adulthood thoughts and weed out negative and get rid of them entirely! This takes some effort – it takes no effort what so ever to continue on unchanged!


What is the one thing that people in poverty lack entirely? Why, spiritual thoughts of detachment and abundance, of course! What is the one thing that makes us truly happy in life? Why, spiritual thoughts of detachment and abundance and the actions that accompany them! When we have thoughts of detachment and abundance they are called (spiritually) the Water. When we have actions of detachment and abundance they are called (spiritually) the Fire (or the spirit).


The actions of detachment and abundance are called “Virtuous cycles.” Virtuous cycles lead directly to abundance, so we are free to pursue our true mission in life – the pursuit of the creation of a divine civilisation! God won’t do it by himself, because he has given us the job and the free will to either do it or to not do it! The moment we are born our task is to connect to the source of love – I Am, the knowable essence of God – and after that our purpose is singular – to help create a Divine Civilisation! To leave this world a better place when we go, than it was when we entered it! Put that way life is very simple, isn’t it?

It takes about seven years of constructive work to become truly detached and content with our lot. After that wealth starts manifesting, slowly at first and then rapidly! It said that when wealth comes it comes so rapidly and so abundantly that you wonder where it’s been hiding all your life?! It is also said that it takes 21 years to become an overnight success! Lol!


Well, strangely (to human beings), Abundance/Wealth is hiding behind the state of Poor! To reach the state of abundance we all have to go to the state of poor – and remain in and on it! For the state of Poor in an integral part of the state of abundance! Poor and Wealthy are not separate pieces of string, but a woven rope! We have to go to and through the state of poor to reach the state of Abundance!

First build the foundations by building the state of Poor and then build the house by building the state of Abundance with virtuous cycles! Virtuous cycles are actually spiritual investment schemes!


To everything there is an order of progression. We, as humans, want to build our houses without foundations! God, as a Divine Being, wants us to be Divine Beings too (we are made in the image of God!) and to build the foundations first so that our houses don’t fall down at the first flood or earthquake! “The wise Man builds his house upon the rocks!”

So our choices in life are to aim for the divine states of Poor and Abundance or to head for the lack states of poverty and riches! God in no way wants us degraded and exhorts us to aim for the Poor and Abundant states! I do the same, and say it is possible because I am doing it right now! Come and join us! You have nothing to lose except your (inherited) poverty, riches and misery! And everything to gain in the states of Poor, Abundance and creating a Divine Civilisation!


kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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Vain Imaginings…

Vain Imaginings! What do these two words mean? 

Well, let’s start with dictionary definitions.

Vain, in the sense of the phrase means …

1. ineffectual or unsuccessful; futile: vain hopes; a vain effort; a vain war.
2. without real significance, value, or importance; baseless or worthless: vain pageantry; vain display.
3. Archaic. senseless or foolish.

Imaginings means: ideas, stories, etc. that are thoughts in your mind, that are not true, real – they are illusionary

So it is a combination of Two types of falsenesses; Foolish unrealities, insignificant dreams, Worthless idlings.

As we all know two wrongs don’t make a right! So why am i talking about vain imaginings today? Because the world is caught is a linked string of vain imaginings that is slowly strangling it to death! People imagine themselves to be free, but in reality they are financial slaves to the usurers of the world. If a slave imagines he is free, when in reality he is not, is that reality or vain imaginings? It is simply vain imaginings. And yet the myth of freedom is so strong in people that continue to do the same thing over and over and over again! And always hurting themselves and with each new try hoping for different results!

Many people think they have found God, but in reality they are trapped in cults of religions that worship the messenger, not the One who gave Him the message. So most christians are actually Jesusites, not followers of the holy spirit (Christ, I Am, God). Many Muslims are Mohamedites, not followers of God (I Am, Christ, Allah). Most Jews are actually Mosesites, not followers of the truth God (Jehovah, I Am, Christ – there are many names for God!) And so it goes. Most of the people in religions today are following Vain Imaginings – commonly called cults!

They continue to follow the false teachings of their mothers and fathers because they have never sat down and asked themselves, “am i doing the right thing by God?” If they were to honestly ask themselves this question, the scales would fall from their eyes and they would see reality as it is – a bit like Neo downing the pill in “The Matrix.”

We carry forward, never questioning the teaching of our childhood!  1 Corinthians 13:11 says ” When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” Know that nothing changes until something (or someone) changes. You can’t get different results by using the same texhnique over and over and over!


You see, as tiny children we CANNOT THINK or REASON for ourselves, so we just absorb everything we are told, see or hear. We are told many truths and that is good. But we are also told many partial-truths and non-truths and that is not good for us as adults. So we have to go through our thoughts and sort out the untruths and throw them away. Also we have to find our half-truths and complete them. An example? When i was growing up i was told, “Necessity is the mother of invention!” But is that true, half-true or false? Well i know it’s not false by having tested it. Yet I also know that it is only a half-truth because i  asked to be shown the full truth by the source of all knowledge! The answer I received was “Necessity is the mother of invention and the father if crime!” Aha! That explains a lot of human behaviour!

How can we work our lives properly on half-truths? It’s like learning to drive and being told that the car only has two gears – first and reverse! We can get to places with these two gears but only very, very slowly! We only have 70 years on this earth and that passes at a blazing speed!(ask any 70 year old and they will tell you it only takes a month to go from 20 to 70 years old with hindsight – because time is relative!) We think we have a lot of time here on earth, but that is only a vain imagining!

In the physical world we are constantly fed untruths and half-truths. An example is advertising. No one ever NEEDS a big expensive, fancy car. We WANT that big expensive, fancy car because advertisers motivate/feed our greed gland, our vanity gland or our desire gland, so we start “feeling” that we need what we actually only want, and will go to great lengths to purchase that item! The feeling that we need a diamond watch is a vain imagining. The feeling that we need a private executive football box is also a vain imagining. The feeling that we need a Maserati car is a vain imagining too! How can you tell? 


Well, change your circumstances for a second. Imagine you have every toy in the world and you are on your yacht sipping wine when you fall overboard with all your gold chains and fittings. Gold is heavy! They start dragging you under water and you start drowning! What do you call out for? Diamonds, gold, money, Maseratis? No, of course not. You call out for help. Help to get you back into the air, that you are lacking right now!

And what are you prepared to give at that very moment to be rescued? EVERYTHING! Everything you own, your whole life-time of collecting possessions is suddenly worth nothing at all as compared to air – the thing we take for granted every day! To breath is your only need at that very moment! And you would sacrifice everything to get it. That is the value of truth and knowledge in this world. Truth and knowledge is the very air we breathe spiritually!

Know all great truths and knowledge come from the spiritual world. The world of man carries very little truth towards the realities of life. And what are the fundamental realities of physical life? Death and Taxes! But is that the full truth? No, because these are physical things only and have no account of the spiritual things in life – Love and immortality. Death is simply a physical event where the body and brain are annihilated to release the Soul from this temporary earthbound existence. The soul doesn’t die – it is immortal! We are all spiritual beings having an earthly experience! If we don’t grow into our soul as we age we die spiritually malnourished – like hitler and so many others.

So there are at least 4 things that are inevitable in life death, taxes, Love and rebirth(into the spiritual world). Some of us (read some as many!) will miss the opportunity of rebirth on this world and won’t experience it until we die or have a near death experience. Even Hitler was nudged towards rebirth in his rantings called mein kampf. The holy spirit put words and phrases that, had hitler of read them and understood them he would have been reborn as one of the greatest leaders in the history of mankind!

And what stopped him reading the wise words he wrote? His vain imaginings! I have written a small book (it has only 6 A5 pages in it) called the “Wisdom of Hitler”. These are the promptings of the holy spirit, trying to offer him rebirth. To get them I had to wade through the entire mein kampf (a brutal, ugly, disgusting book). Literally, it was like trying to find diamonds in a cess pool! But they were there. God NEVER leaves anyone to their own devices. Everyday we are offered opportunities to be reborn into the holy spirit, the spiritual realities of life! Ask to be shown one of these opportunities and you will be shown it as a demonstration! You can ask for as many demonstrations as you need!

Look at myself. I died, went over to the other side and returned to this life at the age of 21. Yet it wasn’t until i was 28 i called out to connect with Love/God! Why did it take me another seven years? Because of my own vain imaginings! And what God did (and He may be doing it too you or someone you Love) is to let me make my own life so miserable (through my own actions) that the pain of changing was less than the pain of staying the same! When you reach this stage you are literally spiritually drowning and you don’t think of you childish possessions (vain imaginings) and you simply call out for help! Like the Alcoholics Anonymous Associations say, “you can’t do it (change) without outside help!” Another reality in life is CHANGE. Nothing ever stays the same as it was in the physical world! so the five inevitabilities are: death, taxes, change, Love and rebirth (the rebirth takes place either in your life or at the end of your life – so it is inevitable!)

The moment I asked for help, for change, for a meeting with I Am/Christ/God, my life started changing.  Imperceptibly at first and then more and more noticeably as i got towards the “Meeting.” (the change). And then I met my maker and my life changed forever. Not in ways I had conceived (in my further vain imaginings) but in practical, real ways. I was taught to walk the spiritual path with practical feet, to be whole, to be holy(the same thing as whole, but on the spiritual plane.)

I say to you that most of the “rules” that most of the people of the west are living their lives by are simply vain imaginings! 

For the people are wandering in the paths of delusion (vain imaginings) bereft of discernment to see God with their own eyes or hear His Melody with their own ears.”

So what are the realities of life? The realities of life is that we don’t have to live as physical slaves to the “system”. All we have to do is ask to be removed from it – and we will – by meeting with our maker (I Am/Christ/God, call Him what you like. If you are arguing with others on the name of God you are living in a vain imagining! You think God cares what we call Him? What He cares about is that we LOVE HIM!)) and learning the truths of life and detaching yourself from the vain imaginings of the physical world. “But now I Am a Man, I have put aside the childish things of life and have become both mature and as a little child” (i like to laugh and play as well! You may have gathered that to BE as a little child is to have the good qualities of the child (e.g. acceptance of others) not to be childish (immature) in thoughts and actions.)

And that, I think, covers today’s topic. Ask for demonstrations of people spouting out vain imaginings and you will see them right before your very eyes! Ask for a demonstration to reveal the full truth of a half-truth you don’t even know you have and see what a surprise you get! Ask for a demonstration of some nasty person who was offered a connection to Love/God/I Am and the just ignored it! It will surprise you indeed!

And then ask yourself, ” Have I ever done the same thing in my life?” Have I ever followed my vain imaginings instead of the truth? Again you will receive a demonstration and will be surprised by the results! But these demonstrations are all just knowledge on your path to “the Meeting/the Change!”

You can make your choice every day of your life – to turn towards Love/God or to turn away from Love/God! We do this by our actions. Do we lend a hand where we can help or do we simply walk away? Do we react with kindness to someone’s suffering or simply say, “It serves them right!” There is no such as a small act of kindness as all acts of kindness come from a Love base and love is infinite. If we divide infinity, it is still infinite!

The solution to vain imagining is Truth, Knowledge and Certitude. All these three are only available from one source. Are you connected to that source?

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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Appearences and Realities


This is a drawing I did about 15 years ago of Sir Edmund Hillary. Just after that I was inspired to write to Him to offer him a gift of $5 for his charities in Nepal. I wrote explaining what i was doing with WPPN (it wasn’t even started then, though!) and that I was a great believer in gifting. And then I forgot all about until about two weeks later when I got a confirmation from him. Instead of putting it into his charities he returned it to me signed! This was a huge confirmation that what I was doing was important. If I’d wanted to I could have sold the note for $300 and added to my own task. But the confirmation was so important that I had it framed and it is still hanging on my wall today, just over my shoulder.


Above is another drawing of someone on the top of Mount Everest. It is taken from a very famous photograph of 1952. Most people assume that the picyure is of Sir Edmund, but it’s not . The picture is of Sherpa Tensing and it was taken by Sir Edmund Hillary as he stood atop the mountain. As he explained to many people over the years, “Tensing didn’t know how to use a camera and rather than take of my masks and gloves ( a dangerous thing to do at that altitude) and try to explain him how to work the camera, I simply got him to pose and took it myself” Very practical! And of course most people assumed it was Sir Edmund because what can you see of him? Nothing really – no hands, no face just an anonymous mountaineer holding a British flag aloft. Tensing was a part of the synergy to conquered everest! The photo proves Two people conquered the mountain, the subject and the photographer. As one of them had to be Edmund Hillary the picture proves in the abstract that both of them were there!

The illusion that the photo is Emund Hillary is so strong, that I had a woman verbally attack me when I pointed out the reality of the picture. Instead of arguing with her my response was to tell her to do some research on the subject but I doubt if she did because her illusion was so strong, that the illusion was more important than reality to her! And that is the way of many people in the world. Many people are so convinced that the illusion they follow is reality, that they will attack you if you try to break that illusion!

There is a saying, “In the land of the blind a one eyed man would be king.” But that only worlks if the one eyed man doesn’t ripple their illusions. I have rephrased that saying to, “In the land of the blind a one-eyed man would guard his tongue most carefully, lest the blind find out he has sight and rip his eye out!”

That is why masters are hidden from the world until they are strong enough to challenge its illusions with the truth. Gandhi wrote, “first they ignore us, then they laugh at us, then they fight us and then we win!” This is a perfect description of the process that ties in with the saying, “when the student is ready the Master will appear!” You see, people aren’t actually blind in this age, rather they are asleep. “never awakeken a sleep walker” is another favourite saying because  it is dangerous to do so – more dangerous to the awakener than the awakened!  What the master does is waits until a sleeper starts awakening and opens one eye. Then they can see the master. The master then welcomes them to awakedness and starts training them in the realities of sight. From their they become a synergy (where the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts) and you have two sighted people looking for new people stirring. After a while, another two are found and you then have 4 sighted people, who in turn again double their numbers to 8. These eight then double to 16, to 32, to 64, to 128. By the time the numbers have doubled 10 times how many will you have? Exactly 1,024 people. What will you have if you double it another ten times? Why 1,048,576 of course! This is why the exponential system is called the folding system in the Bible. People were not as educated then as they were today. But anyone can understand the principle of folding (say a sheet of cloth). 0 folds is a flat sheet. One fold is a sheet folded in half to give two thicknesses of sheet. If we then fold it in half again (2 fold) that gives us 4 thicknesses, another fold (3 fold) gives 8 thicknesses and so forth. The completelist of folding up to 30 fold is shewn below

0    fold    =    1
1    fold    =    2
2    fold    =    4
3    fold    =    8
4    fold    =    16
5    fold    =    32
6    fold    =    64
7    fold    =    128
8    fold    =    256
9    fold    =    512
10    fold    =    1,024
11    fold    =    2048
12    fold    =    4096
13    fold    =    8192
14    fold    =    16384
15    fold    =    32768
16    fold    =    65536
17    fold    =    131072
18    fold    =    262144
19    fold    =    524288
20    fold    =    1,048,576
21    fold    =    2097152
22    fold    =    4194304
23    fold    =    8388608
24    fold    =    16777216
25    fold    =    33554432
26    fold    =    67108864
27    fold    =    134217728
28    fold    =    268435456
29    fold    =    536870912
30    fold    =    107,3741,824

Can you see why Gandhi said, “And then we win”? Because by the time the blind wake up to the danger (to their sleep mode) the numbers of awakened people is already far to big to stop! Besides what can a sleeper do, except thrash blindly about? It is inevitable that once one person has been awakened by God all people will eventually be awakened By Him! LOL!

You will also notice that in the above chart the halfway point to a million people is not 500,000 people, but only 1,024 people (10 is half of 20. ten fold is 1,024 whilst 20 fold is 1,048,576.) This is why God and Spiritual people always win the battle – the odds are stacked up against the resisters of spiritual evolution!

I hope this has been of help to you today,