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I Am…

I Am, I Am, I Am.

I Am the Christ spirit, the knowable essence of God, the source of all divine revelation.

I Am the pure source of knowledge that speaks to man every thousand years, through a messenger of God.

I Am the One the current messenger signs the Covenant with.

I Am the source of every good thing on earth, both material and Spiritual.

I Am the path to spiritual Peace and Prosperity.

I Am the one you earnestly seek day and night in your deepest prayers.

Ask and I Am will be given to you. Knock and I Am will answer the door.

I Am the royal rebirth. Speak the words and I Am will be given to you.

Their are no restrictions on Love in this new age for I Am the new age!

To Be a follower of I Am is to Be a Christian. Men of all religions can be Christians once they recognise that their personal divine messenger was a follower of the Christ Spirit!

The first master I met was a Christian who was a “Muslim.” He went too Mohamed, through Mohamed to I AM.

Many people of many religions are simply followers of the manifestation of God, not followers of God/I Am. So a christian tends to be a jesus-ite. A jew tends to be a Moses-ite and muslim a Mohamed-ite. You can tell the difference because an “ite” lives by the rules and has very little tolerance whilst a Christ-ian lives by God’s Love and the higher laws of the universe.

The “ite” lives by his tongue, the “ian” lives by his actions! What a difference!

You will find the “Ian” detached from the little things of life, open to laughter (spiritual relaxation), open to music (Spiritual relaxation and upliftment), open to Gifting (service) and open to unconditional Love of God, himself and others. You will know him by his deeds, not by his words!

My name is J’I Am. This name was given to me as a gift from God as my new name and my masters

Graduation degree way back in 1990. It means Hand (J) of (‘) I Am. No mistaking God’s intent there! Lol!

In this new age the peoples of the earth are to move out from under the umbrellas of religion to the sunshine of Peace and Prosperity for the world under I Am. This is to come into being in the next 20 years and will be in place by 2035.

To this end God gave me the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network in 1992. This is the spiritual solution to economic problems for us (His children) and the world(His family). It is for the individual first and foremost – the governments of the world will follow where the people lead!

To follow I Am we have to submit our spiritual will to the will of God. This is hard and yet easy. It is hard to let go of our egos and try to “control it all!” Yet it is easy to live without controlling and controls, other than the will of God! The will of God is always based in the higher laws of Justice and Love. Justice and Love are paradise and heaven.

Submission to the will of God is the hardest thing to do for christians(Jesus-ites) because submission to the will of God was exactly what Jesus was meaning when he said, “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.[John 16:12] Submission to the will of God would come 700 years later, and yet this was not meant for mankind as a whole, only only given to a tiny part of the world.

In 1844 this ruling was declared for the whole earth and today it has not spread far. Gandhi was one of the first to broadcast it abroad in the physical level.

So the churches evolved into “Water” churches where the “Fire/Spiritual” aspect was played down. Yet it is the fire aspect we were told to pursue by Jesus, the Christ.

Water is the knowledge of God, Fire is the actions of God!. We can only perform the actions of God by awakening our own God aspect. We can only awaken our own God aspect by submitting to the will (the method, the higher laws) of God!

Know that the path to royal rebirth is known as The 10th Path. This is because there are Nine Messengers from God and most people go too the messenger and through the messenger (if they are lucky). The 10th Path goes straight to I Am (The Holy, the Christ spirit) and back to all the messengers of God! That is the fundamental difference between a rebirth and a royal rebirth. Gandhi had a royal rebirth! He was a Hindu who read the Bible and Koran equally!

How do I have a royal rebirth? Simply ask! It is good if you are an atheist or a “hatch, match and dispatch” (christenings, wedding and funerals) believer because you are not too corrupted by the teachings of man and will have an easier path to God.

What to say? “Lord I want to meet you at the highest level, the 10th level, as soon as possible in good and Godly circumstances!” And that is all you need to do.

Then start keeping an eye out for the answer! It took me six months to make the meeting, but I was a long long way away from God (by my own choosing! Lol!)

I was sent a Jesus-ite who helped me over some problems, with prayers for me. When I was reborn I was sent to the place God wanted me to go and my Jesus-ite friend put me through two exorcisms and wanted to go for a third! “Don’t be crazy” I said, “You can’t exorcise God our of a person!” The first two I went through because I was so spiritually naive!

The 10th Path is not a religion – God has no religion, only man has religion. The 10th Path is the highest calling of/to God. You will be guided to where you need to go, will be told what you need to do, will be assisted every step of the way in your task in creating a new Divine Civilisation. Those three things I can promise you, so fear not, have courage, be brave enough to ASK and set the ball rolling! You will never regret it! Ever!

May Love, Peace, health, Happiness, success and prosperity Be yours through I Am,

kindest regards

reverend master j’iam

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My religious free childhood

As a child my life was remarkably religious free! I never attended a single christening, wedding or funeral (Hatch, match and Dispatch) because my family were isolated from the larger family by moving 12,000 miles from England to new Zealand. We couldn’t have been physically further away. Also the only reference I heard to the father son and holy ghost was “Daddio, Laddio and spook!” from my father in a joking way (army humour)

And then we were isolated by the fact that my father was in the army and I spent 8 years of my childhood in an army camp called Waiouru, that was physically isolated from the nearest town by 20 miles and in the middle of a volcanic plateau. And of course no religious people were allowed to teach in Waiouru – only the tamed religions that allowed warfare, the catholics and the church of England.

I didn’t attend one children’s religious class in 8 years and that was fun, filling in the pictures with crayons. I don’t think they were actually allowed to teach any religion directly in Waiouru. I do remember singing an army based song of “I may never march in the infantry, ride in the cavalry but I’m in the Lord’s army!”

And that basically was my association with religion in my childhood.

Not that I didn’t have spiritual experiences. Like falling backwards out of a tree, going into an altered state and seeing my young life flash before my eyes! Or having an altered state experience of seeing the sky as a dome with Mount Ruapehu and the sun just painted onto it. And staring at the sun that appeared to be like a big copper ball.

Another experience was laying on the bed reading a book when I was suddenly up on the ceiling, looking down at some chap laying on a bed reading a book. “That’s funny,” I thought to myself, “he has the same bedspread as me!” Then I thought, “wait a minute that is my bedspread! So if that is my bedspread that must be my bed! And if that is my bed then that must be me down there reading that book! So if I’m down there reading a book what am I doing up here on the ceiling?” Whoomp! And I’m back in my body! Lol!

So my life was not without spiritual experiences. But I was kept magnificently separated from all religions as that was part of my path in life that lead to my royal rebirth at the age of 28.

The next big step came when I was 14, going on 15 – the age of spiritual freedom when I would be able to make up my own mind about spiritual choice and make a commitment. I was in third form of college and I had a wonderful science teacher who always said, “Don’t believe what I say, always test it in the test tubes and see if what I say is true. By testing it you will be able to get repeatable results and KNOW it is true!” I highly respected this teacher!

Then at the end of the year we were to be given religious instruction, and Mr ******** was chosen to do it. He started spouting off a lot of stuff that I didn’t understand (and I don’t think he believed either) so I put my hand up and asked him where the proofs were for what he was saying. He came up to my desk in a rage. Leaned over me and said, “You don’t need proof, you have to believe what I’m saying!” Wow! What a reversal! I instantly decided to become an atheist to protect myself against the dogma I was being fed! Unfortunately I also threw the baby out with the bathwater! I threw God out with the dogma! But it was all part of the isolation plan put in place by God/the Universe etc Himself to protect me for my rebirth. I spent the next 7 years battling the system by being an atheist.

The next big spiritual event came when I was 21 years old(notice the seven year gaps starting) when I drowned and passed over to the other side in what is called a Near Death Experience (NDE). Even though I experienced this amazing event I still remained an atheist for another seven years! Why? Because I didn’t ask to connect to Love/God! Unless we ask of our own free will we will not meet with I Am – the knowable essence of God. The strange thing is that I still had spiritual experiences and, as an artist, people always said my work was “Very Spiritual!” Which puzzled me no end! Lol!

Now the three states of happiness are (1) contentment (2) Joy and (3) Ecstasy and Bliss. And the three states of unhappiness are (1) discontent (2) Depression  and (3) Self destruction. As an atheist I gradually sank lower and lower down the unhappiness ladder until, at the age of 28, I reached the edge of self destruction. With nothing to lose I awoke to ask God if he existed (at all?) Within 6 months of asking this question I was reborn into the Holy Spirit (I Am, the Christ Spirit) in a massive WHAANG!!!! Lol! And that was the beginning of my second part of life. To be continued….

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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Religion or Spirituality?

In the olden days we had two choices – to be of the “dead” (the spiritually dead), or to be of the living (the spiritually alive – religious). Today we live in a new age where all the previously dead have been resurrected into spiritual life and the two classes now consist of the spiritually asleep and the spiritually awake. That is the main difference between people of the old age and people of this new age.

If you are spiritually awake today you are likely to class yourself as “spiritual” because the responsibility for spiritual growth has been removed from the churches of the world and placed on each individuals shoulders. We, not any outside influence, are the captains of our own spiritual ships. 

If you are spiritually aware you will eventually come under the reign of the higher laws of the universe. To come under the reign of these higher laws, you have to submit your will to God’s will and actually LIVE the higher laws! Under the higher laws there are definite freedoms and definite “no go” areas. As long as we stay out of the “no go” (forbidden) areas and work within the permitted areas we will always be building ourselves a virtuous cycle. As soon as we go into the forbidden areas we lose all our virtuous cycle and inherit a vicious cycle instead. In the old days the virtuous cycle was called heaven and the vicious cycle was called hell. Either way, virtuous /heaven or vicious/hell, the end results still feel the same! 

Because the rules have changed we can no longer go to the former institutes (churches and faiths) for guidance because they are still using the old ways. Instead we must seek out masters of the new age. The supreme source manifestation of this age is Baha’u’llah (the Glory of God – it’s amazing that most of the churches in New Zealand have “to the Glory of God” (to Baha’u’llah – this is Persian for the Glory of God) written on their foundation stones!). Then there are various masters, on various levels at different ages since 1844. Today I am a master who has been sent to new Zealand.

There is no glory in being sent a master – we are always sent to spiritually bankrupt places and New Zealand is definitely spiritually bankrupt and corrupted. Almost invariably the local masters are initially ignored by the ones they are sent to counsel. And that has been my experience to date. But we just have to keep on keeping on. There are masters who have entered this world and departed with exactly zero followers. This is not a failure, because the master is the single disciple during his life time. And the master is also a bubbling wellspring of new knowledge and enlightenment, and this is still poured into the world because of his very existence on earth!  To date we have 3 and a half disciples (including myself). I am hopeful that the half will become a whole, as soon as he recovers his health. I am open to receiving another 97 disciples at the moment to build a perpetual synergy of Wealth and Prosperity. The next sub-target is for members is 9, then 19, then 49 and then the 100. All in the Good Lord’s time, not mine.  

Sometimes I use J’iam’s prayer for patience, when I am feeling low and alone. It goes like this…

“Lord give me patience, RIGHT NOW, IMMEDIATELY, INSTANTLY!” (the gestures in this prayer consist of shaking one’s fist up towards the heavens!) And then laughing out loud! God has a wonderful sense of humour! When we laugh together, I always feel connected and my spirit soars!  Lol!

But back to serious now. We have been given these choices because this new age is one of Unity. The first unification is the unity of body, brain and soul – the self. A spiritual unity is also called a synergy. Once we are internally synergsed as people, then we can synergise with other synergised(whole) people to create bigger units. Like a cell can unite with other cells to make a kidney or a heart etc. Only by having whole cells and uniting them together can we make the body (the world) whole, peaceful and prosperous). So world peace and Prosperity starts with us, the individuals of the world. You and I both know that politicians can’t achieve world peace – their weapons for peace are war and fear! (talk about an oxymoron!) Weapons and fear only achieve dominance, and dominance is not peace.The tools for peace are example (within ourselves) education and actions. We all know the theory that politicians are supposed to be servants of the people, but that isn’nt going to happen until the usurers of the world are gotten rid of and the people actually own the vast majority of the worlds assets. Only then will the politicians start listening to the people. For although they claim to be leaders, where the people go the politicians follow

Gandhi had a saying..

“First they ignore us

then they laugh at us

then they fight us

and then we win!”

This is the classic path of all the masters of the world. At the moment I am in the ignored box. But soon I will be recognised by more and more people and then they will start laughing at us. Then they will start fearing us and start fighting us. This is when we have reached a certain percentage of the population (the princople of the 100th monkey) and by then it is too late to fight and win against us. And of course we naturally “win” and our ways become the ways of the world at large and then everyone wonders why we were resisted!

The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN) is a system designed by God to enable the people of the world to grab a hold of their own assets and remove them from the hands of usurers. I suggest you take a look at WPPN. There is a teaser website(no website can contain all the knowledge of the network) at…

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me at…

love, peace and prosperity to you.


Spirituality is a universal experience of transcendent Reality, common to all humanity

I have a friend in Malaysia and he posted a quote on facebook by Swami Vivekananda, who I had never heard of, so I looked him up on google and found a page dedicated to him. And there I found another quote which really struck a bell with me, as an excellent definition of what spirituality is. The quote goes, “religion is a universal experience of transcendent Reality, common to all humanity”. I have replaced the word religion with the word spirituality to bring it up to date, so it now reads, “Spirituality is a universal experience of transcendent Reality, common to all humanity“. The author of the original quote died in 1902 and lived in a time when organised religion still held dominance. But 110 years later organised religion is dropping away rapidly as the spiritual element has dropped out of them, because we live in a new age! In this new age the spiritual element has become a lot more person from Man to God rather than from Man to  church, to God. 

This ties in with the Dalai Lama quote of, “People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road as I am doesn’t mean they’re lost!” There are many paths to God, but the one path in common is always Love (I Am/ the Holy Spirit) and Love actions. Don’t criticize someone because their path is different from yours, if their results are the same – the manifestation of Love and good actions. We are all different (i’m not! SMACK!!! LOL!!) some of us are like 5 year olds, some of us are like university scholars. The university scholar should not criticize the 5 year old for his understanding of what makes a car go – the engine! Even though it is only two words long it is still a valid answer for a five year old! 

When it comes to spiritual matters the university graduate should try to teach the five year old the next step in the process of love, not try to stuff the entire tree of knowledge down the students throat! One step at a time is all the student can learn! If the student hasn’t learned, it’s because the teacher hasn’t taught! The most common source of this is the teacher teaching 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 or even 100 steps ahead of the student! The skill is knowing what step is the next step! Fortunately with Love all we have to do is ask to be given the next step and it will be provided for us, even to the extent of having our tongues taken over by God and us teaching things we don’t know! So be alert, and listen in and try to understand the new knowledge when that happens to you!

so the quote of the day, of the century for today is…

Spirituality is a universal experience of transcendent Reality, common to all humanity

reverend master  j’iam