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I can, I will, I Am!!

A few years ago I was in Malaysia as the guest of a very nice teacher in a private school. She was showing me what her students did and mentioned the motivation phrase I can, I will, which was said by the students at school. It instantly came to mind that the saying was incomplete and needed to be said – I can, I will, I Am! She agreed and started using the phrase immediately.

So what was missing?

* I can is on the physical level

* I will is on the metaphysical level

* so the only thing missing was on the spiritual level, which is I Am!

Looking back I realise that I have always been wholistically based, all my life. That is why i was dissatisfied with school as a child. That is why i never went to university. That is why I was searching for “something” until I was 28 when I found the spiritual source. That is why I continued to still search for answers because none of the world’s religions are working on a wholistic basis.

That is why I searched for wealth (not riches) and was given the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network. Perhaps I was given it because i was the only one that asked to be shown the very latest in wholism. Perhaps that is what God had been grooming me for all my life. I just don’t know the answer to that one, yet. But as soon as I was gifted the Network I stopped looking for the answer I was seeking, and started to develop it! That I can see very strongly!

Wholism is a very strong part of me. I cannot live my life in bits and pieces.

This has lead me down some very interesting paths and now it is my whole life (or the rest of it here on earth). The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network is actually a Wholistic Synergy Network that is going to change the world. It is like a spiritual Magna Carter for this new age. It is a replacement for communism and capitalism, both of which can be read as the same title – partial-ism – to be replaced with Wholism. 

How can we hobble along in this new age in an ancient car, adding new wing mirrors and seat covers, when what we really need is a new motor?! We can’t for much longer! The time is right for a new system to take over, one that is ethical, righteous, just and, most importantly, WHOLLY based!

So I offer the world the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity (wholistic synergy) Network.

The choice is the world’s to accept or reject. The choice is YOURS to accept or reject. Don’t reject it without at least looking at it as that is part of our duty in this new age – to independently investigate the truth!

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