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Man and Woman – the heart of the matter

Men and women are born equal as souls and can become equal as souls on the metaphysical level in the station of Man (note the capital M). The station of Man is a nonsexual station that applies to both male and female. Notice how i have changed from man and woman to male and female because that is a more scientific description of the different sexes on the physical level.

It is unfortunate that male and female are described as man and woman in English as most people can’t distinguish between the man and the Man stations and treat bot the same.  This is a hindrance to spiritual progress. 

The station of Man is achieved when we move from the emotion state of working to the logical state of working. There is a saying “Don’t make permanent decisions on your temporary emotions!” And so true!

You see most of the world make their decisions on their emotions and then put there “(emotional) logic” behind that. Completely the wrong way of doing things. Mature people work things out on a logical level and then put their emotions behind that decision! All Men/Man are logical thinkers with enthusiasm behind their decisions. Enthusiasm is not an emothion at all. It means “Intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval”  and comes from the root word  enthous which means ‘possessed/inspired by god,’ (based on theos ‘God’ – as in theology etc).

Once we start using enthusiasm we become MAN with a capital M. Personally i stopped using man and women years ago and replaced these two worlds with male and female.

So if the male is the head (as in the brains) and the female is the Heart (as in marital Love) what are their duties in the marriage. The females job is to love her man – LOVE HER MAN! Simple as that. The males job is to protect and love his wife and family. But the man cannot love his wife if she doesn’t love him! He cannot create love in a marriage that isn’t there because that is the females job. And yet how often do we see the females acting as consciousnesses to their husbands, as judges, juries and executioners of his actions? Many, many times. and all these actions lead directly to the divorce courts. 


The male is out in the world and often surrounded by unattached single women looking for men. If he comes home to a scowling face he is coming home to ugliness of the worst kind. If his advances are repulsed because “i have wet finger nail polish” or “you’ll ruin my hair” that adds to the repulsion of the wive towards the husband. Men may be dumb but they are not that dumb! They can read the signs of unwelcomeness. If a wife constantly repels her husband how can she complain when he goes off with some else? Isn’t that what she’s been saying through her actions? “Go away, I don’t love you!” Tell people to go away all the time (through your actions, not your words) and what is the result? They go away! We reap what we sow!

Remember love is a plant that grows with TLC (and can die from neglect) not a pole set in concrete and their forever as a right. And the responsibility for the growing and good health of Love within the marriage is the lady!

So women, you fought to win the love of your man, so remember to keep on loving him – to keep him loving you! Do that and you’ll have a long and happy marriages. 

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

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With Power comes Responsibilities and Benefits

True power in life comes from empowerment. Empowerment means Power from without. Empowerment from without comes when we internally synergise ourselves, or become empowered within.

With power comes responsibility. With responsibility comes benefits. When we are initially empowered we receive a  benefit straight away, that of the wiping of all past karmic debts. All debts under the law of sowing and reaping are wiped and we start with a clean slate. This is a huge benefit! Then we must start looking at our responsibilities and growing these in harmony with our benefits. At rebirth we are made brand new. All our past faults are forgiven and we start accruing new debts as soon as we start breaking laws (which we still have to learn). So we have to learn to forgive ourselves each and every day and accept God’s forgiveness along with that. God can never forgive us alone, we have to be with Him by forgiving ourselves too!

And we also have to learn how to find out the good things we did that day, recognise them and bring them into tomorrow. Far too few people do this. But if they don’t they are trying to eliminate negatives only, and to eliminate a negative it has to be replaced by a positive. Otherwise we eliminate a negative and it is immediately replaced by two or more other negatives! 

One of the first responsibilities we inherit is our responsibility for the Poor. And, just having been reborn, we are the poor. So we have a responsibility for ourselves. This is covered in the 11th commandment which tells us to “Love ourselves and others, wholly and unconditionally” 

Unfortunately this goes against most peoples inner convictions to external motivation. To be empowered we have to change from external motivation to internal motivation! (“as within, so without“) Saul was externally motivated. He thought he could solve his problems by massacring others. God struck him down, changed his name to Paul and changed his mission to first changing himself and then to changing others. SOME CHANGE!!! Lol!

Protection of others always starts at home – first learn to protect yourself and then learn how to protect others. If the lifeguard cannot swim extremely strongly how is he going to rescue someone who can’t swim well? He can’t and will simply end up being  dragged under the water to be drowned along with the one he is trying to save!

So always start at home and then expand outwards! I remember going to a Salvation Army service in Woodville many years ago and listening to a sermon from a visiting preacher … “if you see your brother standing by the road, with a heavy load, from the seeds he sowed… ) At the end of the meeting everyone rushed by me standing on the steps, got into their cars and went off looking for someone to give a lift too on that wet and stormy day! Leaving me to walk 2 miles home into the country, laughing at the inspiration the sermon had given them and the uselessness of the sermon to the man standing by the road, wanting a lift home! You see they all thought they had to go somewhere different to find someone to pick up. That is always the way with externally motivated people! Internally motivated people turn to the person standing next to them to see if their neighbour needs their  help.

Unless we are internally motivated we will travel the world looking for people to help and always just missing them by a minute, 59 seconds, 58 seconds and so forth until we get down to tenths of a second and then hundreds of a second etc. etc.

If we don’s carry out our responsibilities to ourselves, how can we carry them out for other people. If we don’t accept the benefits for ourselves, how can we demonstrate them to others who want them and are seeking those benefits, never being able to see them because the so called spiritual are a “miserable pack of b*ggers”  Lol!

What are things most wanted by the world at large? Love and Laughter! What are the benefits of spirituality? LOVE and LAUGHTER! Only by accepting these two benefits and sharing them with the world will we attract people to a better way of life! 

We can’t attract spiritual souls to Love with do and don’t rules and regulations, disempowerment and misery. So STOP IT! Be happy, be Empowered, be Detached, Be internally Motivated, Be different from the ways of the world, Be immersed in the ways of God. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I see is God’s smile in the Rising Sun! I hear God’s laughter in the morning chorus of the birds! I hear “Glory to God” in the birds prayers to Him!

Sure you’ll have detractors who say, “He’s weird, eccentric, strange, loony etc” But what business is it of yours to worry about what others think of you? It is your responsibility to be happy, to be joyful, to carefree and love yourself and others wholly and unconditionally! That is what draws to hearts of men towards you! And then you give them the pure words of God, for only these words can change the dross of the world into the gold of faith!

Life is simple, not complicated – let go, let go, let go! let go of your problems and let God take care of them . Let go of your fears and attach yourself to the certainties of Love! Let go of your inhibitions and grab a hold of the courage of Faith! Then my friend you will have changed yourself into God’s gold and be able to attract the seekers after Him.

love and Peace 



Responsibilities and Benefits, Work and Rewards!

There are two simple aspects to life – responsibilities and benefits, work and rewards! Many people in the world want benefits only and these are called materialists and usurers. Others want responsibilities only and these are called fundamentalists or “sick martyrs”. A very  few want both – these people  are called wholistically happy!

The usurers of the world are simply greedy. they are not happy because their pursuit of “benefits” usually takes them down the roads of misery – their lust after their main desire (usually money) produces many sins such as legalised theft, stealing, lying, cheating etc. Others pursue drugs, alcohol, sex and other crimes. All these aspects produce unhappy people because their focus is one sided and the one person they don’t look after is themselves!

Meanwhile those who chase after the responsibilities are a miserable lot too. Anything relaxing or fun is banned from their lives and they live in misery. Again they are unhappy because whilst pretending to focus on themselves they really focus on the “sins” of others and rail against them, ending up as fundamentalists of all kinds (politicians, dictators, religious nutters etc. ) and never able to achieve internal happiness because they become “control freaks”. They are invariably cruel to others when they gain a position of “power” . Much of the misery of the world – war, famine, corruption – is caused by this sort of person because they never obey Christ’s 11th commandment ( Love thou one another as i love thee) invariably going for the original, mostly materialistic, 10 commandments – which are basically “sharia” type laws (the old testament contains many death penalties for disobeying the laws, rules and regulations.)

The solution is to balance the two aspects of responsibilities and rewards. It is not an “either/or” choice but an “and” choice. The farmer is an ideal picture of the balanced person, because he looks ahead and sees spring coming on and plans his planting of crops. He gets up early and plants the crops after ploughing the land. Then he tends the crops and looks after them until they bear fruit and then he reaps the fruits of his works and sells them. Both aspects of the farm life produce benefits. The sowing produces hope and anticipation of good things to come. The caring of the crop produces satisfaction of caring. The selling of the crop produces the rewards of money and the satisfaction of a job well done and then the money can be spent to produce a better lifestyle for him and his family (including vacations!) . This is a balanced life, a wholistic way of life. Makes sense doesn’t it

The farming system has been working for many centuries for the farmer. But there really hasn’t been a “farming system” for ordinary people to achieve their life goals up to date. Neither capitalism or communism ever provided satisfaction for more than a few people at the top. 

For the average person today there are five aspects to life – Health, Happiness, Peace , Success and Prosperity. Within these five there are three main factors – Work, income and Home. . Unfortunately the western world today predominantly produces temporary fixes to these factors as it is run by usurers, who interests have very little in common with your interests.

To have these eight factors permanently in your life you have to set up your own system. A very few people do have this. But the time has come to expand the number of people who can obtain it. Whilst it is very difficult to set up by yourself and there are very few mentors who are willing to help you, fortunately God has seen fit to gift us the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network, a system that achieves all we want and need in life. It  permanently creates a legacy of syuccess in Health, happiness, peace, success and prosperity that can be passed onto you children, your grand-children, your great grand-children and so forth, down through the generations for up to 500 years or more!

For whilst the way is simple enough in each factor, the whole, as a lot, becomes complicated – far to complex for capitalism or communism to handle. As far as i know there is only one wholistic organisation in the world that contains all the factors to produce a whole and happy life – and that is WPPN, the Wholistc Peace and Prosperity Network. I was gifted this in an epiphany, in answer to a prayer in 1992. Since then I have spent my life setting it up and today we have 3½ members! Yes 3½!  But that is the beginning of a whole new way of life for mankind. Over the last 21 years I have watched the world change and move towards this system, as the old usurious systems of communism and capitalism have stumbled and fallen. Communism is now gone and capitalism has fallen to it’s knees, as God chases the people of the world towards new answers like WPPN, much like a sheep dog chasing sheep towards a gate that leads to greener pastures! Lol!

The WPPN systems, when broken down into their simpler parts are easy to understand, but not neccessarily easy to do as it requires new thinking and new actions that go against the ways of the majority of mankind (who are either materialists or fundamentalists). 

To be wholistic we must apply the remedies (responsibilities) to our lives on three levels – the matrial, the metaphysical and the spiritual levels, to reap the rewards. Unless the three levels are successfully up and running in each of our lives, we can never be Healthy, Happy, Peaceful, Successful and Prosperous! Ever! We can achieve some of these things by ourselves but extremely (extremely, extremely) rarely all of them! 

But with wholistic training all are eminently achievable! The WPPN System immediately sets you up doing all the right things in token form so you are under way towards your five big goals (health happiness, peace, success and prosperity) straight away. Basically you are planting seeds!

From the token amounts you pay (three gifts, totalling $25 per month, with $15 gifted to yourself! ) you start expanding until your whole life comes under the influence of the higher laws of sowing and reaping, when your life becomes whole, full and totally happy! This may take up to twenty years (who said the path to wholistic success was immediate?), but if you don’t start you will never achieve it. The universe works on consistency and that is what WPPN offers – immediatel consistent obedience to the higherr lawsin token form (this is obeying the higher laws by the principle of  “invoking the token“. These are the seeds of your success!

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     J’iam, stop being so happy!! LOL!