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I have completely mastered the right way of doing everything wrong!

This is a de-motivational poster I got on Facebook this morning and whilst it is initially funny, it is tragically true of so many people! They haven’t mastered anything, only turned out to be failures by doing nothing and thereby losing! To be proud of losing and claiming mastery of it, is vain imaginings indeed. 

Yet so much of the world lives in vain imaginings. We grow up with untruths and accept them as truths and are proud of those (un)truths and refuse to listen to words of wisdom form those who know. It is only when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing that we actually move!

I know this to be true because my life has been lived that way in the past!

Even though my life has been spiritually blessed, on the physical level i made all the classic mistakes! I married into riches, left that state and went straight into poverty. Only when poverty reached the stage of self destruction did I ask for spiritual help. And then I was reborn into the spirit (and instantly cured? NO!!!). I was weaned away from poverty over many years and then entered the state of POOR. Once you enter the state of POOR you never want to leave it. You want to EXPAND the state of Poor into the state of ABUNDANCE! And that too takes time. Of course once you’ve trod the path you can see shortcuts you could have used with hindsight that were completely invisible with foresight!

Once such shortcut is the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN -that is it’s physical name; it’s spiritual name is the Holy Poor and Abundant Synergy – HPAS!) Unfortunately for me I couldn’t use the WPPN method as it stands today because I was the first person in the world to receive this knowledge(in a vision) and I spent 19 years getting to understand it. At first I thought is was a business, but it isn’t. It’s a Spiritual Enabling (Empowering) tool. It’s purpose is to free ordinary people from the usuerers of the world so that all can build spiritual, metaphysical and physical assets that permanently belong to them! And by permanent it means multi-generastional. 

You see the world is headed towards unification (“the earth is but one country, mankind it’s citizens“) but governments can’t be trusted with your assets. The New Zealand Governments have gradually sold off all the peoples assets to usurers instead of looking after them. We can only have a world government when all the assets are owned by the people and cannot be sold by our governemt! Only then will the elected governments will become servants of the people, not the people the servants of the governments and usurers.

My God, that sounds revolutionary! Yes it is. I am God’s Revolutionary. God gave me WPPN (HPAS) and has led me to the point of being a Peacemaker. Most peacemakers are considered “revolutionaries” by the “ruling classes” because they threaten their ill-gotten gains.  

And if that is what God asks of me then that is what I’ll do. So be it!

Back to the head line, ” I have completely mastered the right way of doing everything wrong!” To BE successful it has to read,

I have completely mastered the correct way of doing things righteously!

Only WPPN (HPAS) offers a path to achieving this goal! I challenge you to find me a better way than WPPN with it’s instant Virtuous Cycle creation! WPPN is not a business, but a life changing empowerment tool. Yes. it will make many millionaires over the next 20 years, but these people will be complete permanent (multi-generational) owners of every cent they accumulate! And it will be passed on completely to their heirs (chosen by themselves) to compound down through the generations. 

Once a certain number of people are using this new spiritual method it will expand throughout the world (read “the 100th Monkey”!) and stability will be restored to the earth. Stability means that the people will own the land, the buildings and the assets of every community. Only then – when WE rare EMPOWERED can we use the governments as the servants of the people.

Think of this. Can you trust a body of people who get paid far more than the people they are governing, who pay themselves ridiculous amounts of pay rises every year (often back dated) and who legislate on emotions? Of course you can’t! Yet that is the situation we find ourselves in today – pretty much world wide! 

So have a look at WPPN (HPAS) and see if you are ready for it – because it is ready for you!

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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A call to those who can hear!

There are many motivators in the world talking Bull****. I don’t mean this to be derogetory towards them, because they talk with sincerity from where they are at. But as far as the spiritual plane goes they are talking bull and other untruths because they know very little or nothing about the spiritual plane of “fire” (the actions of God on this plane).It says in the Bible (book to be read) “Only the righteous know the rewards of righteousness” Which means the spiritual knowledge needed to achieve spiritual wealth is only known to the spiritually awake. So how can we learn what is needed to achieve spiritual wealth? (It is said, spiritually,  that a Wealthy man is a great blessing upon this Eart!) By studying Manifestations and Masters. There are no living manifestations of God in the world at the moment, nor will there be for at least 850 years. But there are living masters and it behoveth thee to study under these masters. I am one living master and am open to reaching who ever is ready to receive the knowledge. The purpose of a master is to duplicate thenselves to a greater or lesser degree and create new masters from disciples (the word disciple means,( “a follower of the method” – just as the word sinner means, “not a follower of the method”, which is why we are all born sinners – because we know nothing at birth!)

It also says that the “Path is straight and narrow” to wealth, not crokked and broad as many teach these days. Go off the path by the least degree and you are out of light and back in darkness (luckily it is easy to re-enter the path by simply asking!)

We don’t have free will in the spiritual plane if we have given it to God but we are allowed to make mistakes and be forgiven daily. We are not allowed to be stupid by knowingly making the same basic mistake over and over again. As long as we sincerely try to stay on the path we will always attract Divine Protection.

And we will be tested on things until we learn the lesson of our incorrect behaviour that is causing the test and change our ways to a more suitable “success habit”.

But the spiritual path is far, far easier than the physical and metaphysical paths – far easier! Because we can obtain heaven on earth, something denied to the two lower stations.

So those of you who want to become spiritually (as well as metaphysically and physically) wealthy come and join out WPPN Family and learn as you craete your own wealth for yourself, your children and descendants down through the generations!