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I am a reverend, I am different – NOT!!!

The first part of the title sums up what a lot of people think. The last word sums up the reality! I may have a different job from you, but on the physical level I am exactly the same. My body is prone to the occasional sickness, I have to go to the toilet, I have to have showers to stop me smelling (much easier than cutting my nose off! Lol!), I wake up with bad breath because I too excrete toxins in the morning, I eat daily, I sleep daily, I even let rip the occasional fart! (Lol!)  So physically i am the same as everyone else.


So when did i find out that i was to be a reverend? Way back in in 1980’s! I was an atheist then (but God never lets that stop Him, Lol!) and a photographer. I had done a wedding and was invited to the reception. Someone said i was a reverend and it spread amongst the crowd of 200 like wildfire and for some reason they became absolutely convinced I was a reverend! And nothing I could do or say would convince them otherwise! So I spent the evening being called “reverend” It was a strange experience especially as i had been an atheist for 12 years! 


Little did I know that in another 2 years my whole life was to change completely and i would become a believer! And that in another 30 years i actually would become a reverend! But not a church one! A scholarly reverend, instead! The wedding reception was a message to me from God before I could hear Him! Lol!


I must be one of the few reverends who never goes to church. I would like to, but each church or faith lets it be known that i am not welcome because i don’t believe exactly as they do. So I have become a spiritual person – a much better way to be! 

I believe in God because He is real and i speak to him and He inspires and speaks to me! I know that this is not a common thing among church goers, so i tend to keep that a secret. But one day soon that cloak will be torn off by God and i will be revealed to the world for who i am – a servant of Love! (j’iam, my spiritual name, literally means servant of Love!)


I am different in that i am a scholar. This has lead to me becoming a writer on metaphysics and spirituality with a strong leaning towards IMPLEMENTING metaphysical and spiritual practices into a self improvement system that develops virtuous cycles for members. I do this through WPPN – the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network – a Peace and Prosperity training system for members that creates multi-generational virtuous cycles! I have always had a very strong leaning towards implementation! God has given me a method to achieve a (spiritual) divine civilization here on earth!


I was given this system in 1992 and have been developing it since. It has been actually running for 3 years now and we have 3 members! But that is the foundation of a mighty system that will change the world completely once we start to grow and the the usurers start to fall!

I am looking for the next 97 members right now! They will have to be…

(1) Internally motivated! (they make up there own minds)

(2) self-determining (They do what they think is the best for them!)

(3) Courageous (it takes courage to BE different!)

(4) Committed (to themselves first and foremost!)

(5) persistent (willing tocontinuously action their commitments)

(6) self investigating(they investigate and can tell the difference between truth and falsehood for themselves (this is called native intelligence) and then make their decision and stick to it.)

In other words, i am looking for people like myself, to get up to the next stage of 100 members!

If you have these 6 qualities i hereby ask you to investigate the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network  for yourself to see if it is actually true!(it is!)  Whilst WPPN is a huge thing, it’s founding principles are very simple and I have evidence to back up each simple step. 

You can take as long as you want, but the longer you wait to investigate the longer it will take you to start building your perpetual personal Peace and Prosperity (that’s a nice piece of alliteration! Lol!)

WPPN is not a business that runs for profit, it is a system of virtuous cycle creation that runs on 3 types of gifting to empower it’s members! I’ll write that again 

WPPN is a system of virtuous cycle creation that runs on 3 types of gifting to empower it’s members! 

I believe that is one of very few systems that actually do this. The only ones to profit from the system are the members, as it empowers them in such a way that they can hand it down through the generations (to your children, your grandchildren and so forth)

It contains such things as work creating cooperatives that are owned by the members and zero percent mortgages that allow members to own a freehold home and a freehold retirement income! These are just two of the benefits. 

But the main benefit is your change of inner reality from dis-empowered to BEing spiritually, metaphysically and physically empowered!

Men have searched for this for generations and some(not many) have found it. But now, in this new age, it has been put into a system that works for anyone  only $25 per month (and there is even a sweat equity system if you can’t afford that – no one is kept out of God’s Systems!) 

Read some more of my earlier blogs to get an inkling of what I’m doing. Or go to….

the WPPN Website;

for another glimpse of it. 

If you like what you see then come to me and ask me to explain it to you – i can be reached on skype

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


phone/text: 0221 625 941 (New Zealand)

WPPN Website;



skype: jiamwppn




What a strange title! What do I mean by that? 

 What i mean is this; that we are all born into a physical family. From the parents point of view we are all their physical children. From God’s point of view, we are all His family. From the parents point of view, we must all conform to the family standards. From God’s point of view we must all conform to His spiritual standards – so each of us is allocated a spiritual “place” in the universe. The end result of this arrangement is that parents have the child from the age of 0 to 15, whilst God claims the child from the age of 15 onwards, if the child seeks out his true parent!  It’s like we are all temporarily adopted out in the Hope that we will seek out our true parent after the age of 15. 

 We have  the choice of seeking out our true parent or not. This choice is called free will. We can seek or not seek – find out or ignore. The choice is ours.

 From the point of view of the parents, they are like birds given eggs in their (family) nest. So Mum and Dad may be buzzards. and they are given 4 eggs over time. They call each egg a buzzard too. So there is Buzzy, Buzzo, Buzza, and Buzz. The trouble is that the parents never get to see the true spiritual child within the egg, only the egg containing the child. So their assumption of their egg containing a buzzard may be true or false. They can only tell when the egg hatches and they can see what is inside the egg!

 So  Buzzy may be a buzzard as is Buzza. But Buzzo is in actual fact a Crocodile, whilst Buzz is a Peacock! This why people are often “renamed” when they are reborn (out of the physical shell). A crocodile is not a Buzzard and it is stupid to continue to call it a Buzzard when it obviously (if the parents and friends have their eyes open!) a Crocodile! The same goes with Buzz the Peacock! 

 Now in Nature birds of a feather flock together – crocodiles group together with crocodiles, Buzzards with Buzzard and peacocks with Peacocks (and Peahens! lol!), So it is with divine nature.

In Richard Bach’s Book “Illusions”, it says, “Seldom are brothers and sisters born in the same family.” This is the effect he is talking about. Seldom are spiritual brothers and sisters born in the same physical familyWe see examples of this dotted throughout history and in the present time. Nelson Mandela had 13 brothers and sisters. He had three full sisters, three half brothers and six half sisters. I don’t think any off them occupy the same spiritual station as Nelson Mandela. They were physically his brothers and sisters, but spiritual family strangers.

The same goes with Jesus. [Matthew 12:46-50]

While he yet talked to the people, behold, his mother and his brethren(brothers) stood without, desiring to speak with him.

Then one(disciple) said unto him(Jesus), Behold, thy mother and thy brethren stand without, desiring to speak with thee.

But he answered and said unto him that told him, Who is my mother? and who are my brethren?

And he stretched forth his hand toward his disciples, and said, Behold my mother and my brethren!

For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.”

 Seldom are brothers and sisters born in the same physical family and always are spiritual brothers and sisters born in the same spiritual family!

 This is why I say God is the ultimate Cuckoo – He lays different souls in the same physical family. We can easily spot great people. But how often do we ask the question, “If this mum and dad produced this great (spiritual) person, then why aren’t all the family (brothers and sisters) great spiritual people?”

And the answer is because people belong to different families on the different planes (the physical, the metaphysical and the Spiritual planes)

 In modern life “famous people”  often have brothers or sisters who are drug addicts or other types of spiritually dead misfits. Fame is not necessarily a  bad thing, nor is it necessarily a good thing. I’m just saying, why is one family member famous and loved, whilst the other is ignored and repulsed by the same people who “love” their sibling? Because their SOULS are DIFFERENT!

 Ask for demonstrations of this principle throughout history, and modern day events, and you will be shown the most relevant examples for you! Demonstrations are examples you are shown under the laws of providence and all you have to do is ask for one (or 10,0000. there is no limit to the amount of knowledge you can ask for. The ideal number is the exact number it takes to move the knowledge from your head to your heart, where it becomes Knowledge – “And you shall Know the truth, and the truth shall make(set) you free”[john 8:32]0 and it is guaranteed to be given to you! There is no spiritual knowledge that is denied you, all you have to do is ask for a demonstration!

 When i was renamed I told my “best friend” and he said to me, “I’ll never call you that!” and he simply walked out of my house and out of my life! I haven’t seen him since! Lol!  Physically we were friends. But spiritually we were not and he rejected me! As soon as I revealed myself, we no longer even spoke the same language! Seldom are brothers and sisters born in the same family! Lol!!!

 So the point of me saying God is the ultimate Cuckoo was not to slur God, but to awaken you to another spiritual aspect of life in parable form. God is like a cuckoo, who lays different souls in the same physical family nest. We are unaware of this until it is pointed out to us. If you have read this blog then you were guided to it because you obviously needed it. And if you haven’t read this blog – what are you saying J’iam?!! Lol!!! 

I hope your day is happy, fruitful and enlightening,

Love, peace, prosperity and laughter to you.

reverend master jiam