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Class Reunion 2025 – a book on the secrets of wealth

This is the opening of a book I have written on the secret of creating Physical Wealth(only). Read this excerpt and see if you like it. If you do and want the whole book just email me and i will gift you it. This story is told in parable style like “acres of diamonds” It has it;s own ISBN number and a colour cover too


Class Reunion 2025, by Reverend J’iam – an excerpt of the beginning of the  book


ISBN 0-473-02030-0

Class of 05 announces the sign strung from the rafters of the hall where the twenty year school reunion is being held. There’s a large gathering around a man standing beneath the banner. Hes considered the most successful member of the 2005 graduating class, for he is wealthy and powerful.

Bob lives an enviable lifestyle. He donates large sums to various charities, yet each year sees an increase in his wealth. Strangely, he was not picked as the most likely to succeed in the graduating yearbook – in fact no mention was made of his potential at all. The gathered old boys, curious at his success, were crowding around asking questions.
How did you do it? Is it luck? Did you inherit your riches? How do you manage to have everything while many of us struggle to make ends meet? You weren’t top of the class; you studied the same subjects, under the same teachers. Why has your life turned out so differently from ours? The questions washed over him like a Tsunami.

Raising his hand for silence Bob looked around the sea of remembered faces, rubbed his chin thoughtfully, and replied. Because youre old school-friends I’ll share the secrets of my success with you tonight. The great news about my success is that you too can do what Ive done, have the things I have, or even more, if you want. He pulled up a chair and sat comfortably facing the audience, who moved into a circle around him.
My friends, it is true that we shared common ground when we were at school. You will find nothing in our schooling that accounts for the differences in our fortunes – rather the answer lies in what happened AFTER leaving. For it was then that my true education began and the differences in our fortunes started. Know that knowledge is of two kinds. The first type is of things known. This is the type we receive in school and it’s commonly called general knowledge. Then there is the learning of unknown or empowering knowledge. This is available only to those who seek it.

It’s in this area of hidden knowledge that the principles of wealth creation, and retention, lay. If you are not wealthy it is because you either don’t know, or don’t practice, these wealth principles. Most likely the first. Neither luck or inheritance have a part to play in true wealth creation – it is the application of the wealth principles that creates wealth, and it is these that must be sought after, found and put into practice.

School teachers dont know the wealth principles because they are not general knowledge! Think it out for yourself. If teachers knew how to be wealthy they would be driving around in Rolls Royces or Mercedes! No, the wealth principles lie outside of the schooling system and teachers never leave school to find them!

What about Luck, which some say is the source of wealth? I believe that luck is a fickle master that may lead you to unearned riches, then back into poverty with the same ease. Luck makes spendthrifts of many recipients, for there is no value to unearned money. Too soon the money will evaporate leaving only insatiable cravings and unfilled desires.
Others luck makes into misers who starve in the midst of their gold: they wont spend their money for they dont know how to replace it once its gone. How can they? The money came by chance, not design, thus its not consciously repeatable. They hide themselves away in fear of robbery that could remove the money so easily gained. How unfortunate and lonely is the life of a miser! There may be some who can take their good fortune and make it multiply for them, still retaining their happy ways. But I have not come across many like this, so far. A hum of agreement came from the listening group and there was a general nodding of heads.

One of Bob’s classmates spoke out, So your wealth is not because of luck or inheritance – we now understand this. So please tell us how you came into your great wealth.

Certainly,” Bob agreed. After leaving school it dawned on me one day that there were two paths I could follow. One led to wealth and all the good things in life, the other to small rewards with years of scrimping and struggling. I saw this reflected in the lives of other people in society, on TV, in magazines and in my friends and work-mates. Yet it is the latter path of refined poverty that the majority seem to travel, despite their unhappiness of this lifestyle…


Of course this is only the steps to physical wealth. The steps to metaphysical and spiritual wealth can “easily” be contained in an A4 book, with very small type and a foot thick! Which is why God hads created the Wholitistic Peace and Prosperity network; it is a system that gets spiritual wealth going in your life immediately and you learn by the doing to create the Beingness needed to achieve true wealth (including Happiness, Peace, Success and prosperity)

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