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Continuity combined with Stability and Growth – a formula for Security!

We all seek security. Know that security is made up of three factors – Continuity, Stability and Growth! Continuity is the Spiritual factor, Stability is the metaphysical factor and growth is the Physical factor. To be secure we Must have all Three! Any two without the other one leads to insecurity.

I want you to imagine that life is a skipping rope. A skipping rope has the three factors of life within it. Growth is represented by pulling the rope tight an inclining it from leftt to right so it looks like a road going up a hill. Stability is represented by the opposite – fluctuations. If we grab the rope at both ends and wiggle it it looks like waves coming in from the sea. These waves have a high point and a low point. if the waves are tiny it is a calm day. if the waves are big it is a rough day. Where the waves bottom out it is often below zero. Zero is the tipping point for crisis in our lives. So is we are not growing and have big fluctuations we will be dipping in and out of crisis all the rime. If we do have growth then eventually even our lowest points will grow above the crisis point and we will have a form of stability called fluctuations.

The real danger is in lack of continuity. Lack of continuity is basically a break in the skipping rope!  A broken skipping rope can’t be played with and has to be knotted together to continue. The lack of continuity is the worse of all crisis’ because most of the rope drops to the ground (zero).

So the formula for success (security) lays in getting continuity, stability and growth going – in that order! Once you have continuity you can focus on the stability. Once you have continuity and stability you can focus on growth and then everything comes together!

Spiritual law works on Continuity. I remember when I first started out I was on a really tight budget. I started “paying myself first” and Gifting to others in token sums (invoking the token)of 10 cents (to others) and 50 cents(to myself) Then one Tuesday I was feeling really grouchy/irritated – nothing seemed to be going right, my returns from gifting had dried up and then I realised that I hadn’t hadn’t paid myself first, nor paid others in the form of gifting, the previous week. So all the returns had stopped. I made a commitment right then and there to return to gifting to myself and others on the coming Thursday (pay day) and all the returns opened up and started coming in again! I didn’t even have to do the giftings to get the past returns, simply commit back to them! This is the importance of the the two forms of gifting in the spiritual world! And the importance of commitment!

Now I talked about two forms of gifting. What are these two forms? Well they are simply gifting to yourself first and gifting to others secondly. What is gifting to yourself? Paying yourself the first portion of all incomes. I’ll repeat that. The first form of gifting is “Paying yourself the first portion of all incomes (including goods and services)”. Your payments to yourself are then accumulated and put into a family bank (not a family trust – a family trust is metaphysical, not spiritual). The money in the family bank is repeatedly used, rotated around to build and grow. Once it reaches a certain point it becomes self-feeding and produces incomes far beyond the input into it. It literally becomes a money, goods and service tree for yourself, your children, your grandchildren, your great grandchildren down through the generations.That is why it is important to start with the continuity first. Starting here is like putting a spring on the skipping rope so it does wear out and break! It is also the equivelent of “starting at the top and working down”

If you start the two giftings at the same time them you have started on the stability too! Giftings are always returned to you multiplied, so from the returns your gift 10% to yourself and another 10% to giftings to others and you still have 80% left to increase your lifestyle! So that is 10%, 10% and 80%, basically the Pereto Principle (the 20/80 rule) applied to your own life!

Once these two are going THEN you can start applying growth to you life! When you reach a certain stage you will become permanetly empowered. Empowered means you get external energy (spiritual, metaphysical and physical) applied to your life. Em is a prefix that means “from without” – literally power added to us from outside of ourselves, but the source of the initial spark must come from within – like striking a match to light a candle, to see the light-switch on the wall, to open the curtains and let the sunshine in! The candle, the electric lights and the sun are all forms of more powerful empowerment!

Why is gifting so important spiritually? Because that is the way spiritual law works – “As you sow, so shall you reap multiplied – thirty, fifty and 100 fold!” But to sow we have to plant. To plant we have to do it right. No good just scattering seed on the gravel banks of the river, on on the sandy desert surface. The ground has to be prepared. And the spiritual sowing is companion planting – two types of seed at once that synergise with each other to give a far greater return. Gifts always have to be offered and accepted. If they are not offered and accepted they simply become losses on your part. So if you say, ” here have this” it is not a gift, it is a loss on your part and a gain of the receivers part – a typical physical win/lose  situation. But if you offer the gift and it is accepted it becomes a win/win situation because they have won by getting something gifted to them and you have won by the getting a return (as you sow, so shall you reap!) You don’t have to worry about your returns from them (the receiver) because it will be returned to you from somewhere else! If they try and return it to you straight away, it’s probably because they are into physical trading and want to “pay you back”. With people like this, don’t offer them a second gift unless it is done anonymously.

I did this with a friend a long time ago. I had been trying to tell them about the power of gifting, but she was into trading, So one time I dropped a gift off to her through her letter box, unsigned, anonymous. She phoned me up that night and told me the good news of receiving the gift and then accused me of giving it to her. Uh-oh, I thought, here goes a gift being demoted into a trade. So i denied giving it to her and cast out to God to help me. No sooner was the prayer/request made than there was a knock on the door at her place and she hung up the phone to answer the door. About a minute later she returned to the phone and said, “My apologies, it wasn’t you. That was the lady upstairs and she saw a man in a yellow jacket get out of a car and put in into my letterbox!” At that stage I didn’t even have a car, so that was my gift/return protected. But then she had a problem; she had received money and couldn’t pay it pack to the gifter. So after a couple of weeks she passed it forward, she made a gift to someone else. From that I was able to get her to ask for confirmation of the return of the gift, which she received and saw the power of gifting for the first time, and from that point on she was converted to gifting! So she moved up from the physical level (of trading) to the metaphysical level if gifting to others. Sadly, however, she never made the spiritual transition to gifting to her self first!

So to recap. the spiritual level of gifting is gifting to yourself first, the metaphysical level of gifting is gifting to others and the physical level is that of trading with others (no gifting at all).

Spiritual                            Gifting to self

Metaphysical                    Gifting to others

Physical                            Trading with others

Physical represents growth, metaphysical represents stability and Spiritual represents continuity. On the spiritual level continuity is far more important than amounts which is why we can start of with miniscule amounts of effort but still reap huge amounts – “invoking the token” One such invoking of the token has come down in history to us through the teaching of Jesus. It is the “widows mite” the widows token. Jesus was pointing out what she was doing and showing how, spiritually, it had far more power than the giving of mere excesses by the rich men (that they had to point out by (literally) “blowing their own trumpets.”) What made the gift so powerful was the commitment of the poor widow as opposed to the flaunting of the rich men. Commit, commit, commit is the spiritual afformation!

So if you want security then start at the top and start paying yourself the first portion of all your incomes. What example do we have spiritually to follow? Why God of course. God loves Himself first (agape love), then man. So He pays Himself first and then others (us) secondly. We are made in the image of God, so we always have to love ourselves first and then others! “As above, so below

Always start at the top and work down, much like a cloud raining down on the land (there is no effort on the part of the rain, it falls under the influence of gravity!)

I hope this is of help to you,


Consistency – a Spiritual Attribute

Did you know that consistency is a spiritual attribute? Not many people recognise this fact but once you’ve seen it you’ll see it everywhere. God is consistent within each of the three planes and within all of them. God consistently sends us “manifestations” (Spiritual Masters) about every 500 to 1,000 years. Every manifestation brings with him a new set of social laws and takes us to a higher level of Love. So the Love is always consistent, only the social rules change to fit the age the people live in. Each new set of rules unites a bigger portion of the population. We live in an new age where the whole world is going to be united into one national – “the earth is but one country, mankind it’s citizens“.

One thing that God consistently teaches is that we are here for one lifetime only. Only one manifestation teaches about reincarnation and that is Krishna. “Why does Krishna teach about reincarnation and none of the other messengers do?” I used to wonder. Then one day I was told to read the Hindu writings and as I read it became clear to me that the reincarnation that Krishns talks about is a totally different kind from the ones that reincarnationists talk about. Reincarnationists talk about leaving the body at the end of life and being reborn back to earth to live life over and over again.This effectively removes god from the picture so they “never” have to face a reckoning.

God says we are born onto earth to learn lessons and we only need 70 odd years to achieve that and once we die we lose our free-will forever and enter the next world at the stage we progressed to in this life. I’ll repeat that phrase, “we enter the next world at the stage we progressed to in this life.” If we end up far from God at the point of death then that is where we enter the next world. The feeling we get when we get there and recognise that in 70 short years we could have been far, far closer to God than we are is what is called “hell” Because there is no way we can undo that station in the next world. What we could have achieved in this world in 70 years may take a million years in the next world because we can’t promote ourselves any closer to god in the next world, only in this one. The feeling of “heaven” is when we get to the next world and realise that we have done as much as we can to get close to God and there is nothing more we could have done to move closer – that is heaven. Heaven and hell are states of beingness, not places of existence. These states of Beingness are also achieveable in this world. To reach hell simply do nothing! To reach heaven we have to always seek out the truth – everyday of our lives!

So there is no coming back to this earth to live your life again! So what sort of reincarnation is Krishna talking about. Know that we sleep one third of out lifetimes. Why is that? Because in that third we are actually in the next world. So we spend two thirds of our life in this world and one third in the spiritual world. When we awaken we are cast out of the spiritual world into this one. This is called an incarnation at the point to conception in the womb and a  re-incarnation every time there after. And it happens every 24 hours, every day, not at the end of our earthly living! So the teachings of Krishna are consistent with the teaching of all the other manifestations! (Like Jesus, Muhamed, Budha, Zoroaster, Moses etc)

mankind is always looking for differences, but spiritual people are always looking for consistencies, because God is One, Man is one and all the Manifestations agree. If all things are involved in all things, how can they be inconsistent (not different, inconsistent)

An apple and a walnut may be different but they are both manifestations of trees, which is the bigger consistency. So things can be different and consistent.

All the laws of the universe have different manifestations on the different levels but are always the same law! So the law of attraction states “opposites attract” on the physical level. On the metaphysical level the same law states that “like attracts like” – the complete oposite to the physical level, Yet it is consistent on each of these levels. On the Spiritual level the law of attraction states “Love attracts all except the human heart that chooses to turn away” because we have free will to turn towards Love or to turn away from it, in this world (only).

So the spiritual person works on Consistency, stability and Growth to achieve a divine civilisation (heaven), the metaphysical person works on growth, and stability whilst the physical person works only on growth. Can you see the difference in the states? Only the top spiritual state combines to give security. And that is the underlying urge of every man, woman and child on earth!

Welcome to reverend J’iams WPPN Post

WPPN!  WPPN?  What is WPPN, I hear you ask. WPPN stands for the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network and it is a concept i was given in an epiphany in 1992. I have spent the last 21 years setting it up, exploring it, expanding it, perfecting it! And now this year it is ready GO!

WPPN takes care of all the factors in life we need to take care of – WORK, INCOME and HOUSING, along with CONTINUITY, STABILITY and GROWTH, along with unity of BODY, MIND and SOUL. Take care of these NINE FACTORS and life becomes easier and easier to live as we become EMPOWERED.You can spend several lifetimes just finding out what the nine key factors of life are that lead to Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity! And then you have to start building them!

But now there is an organisation that trains you as you go towards success at minimal amount ($25 per month of which a $15 gift goes into your permanent savings, a $5 gift to gifting to others and $5 gift to build the network!) In WPPN you are mentored and trained and then become a mentor and trainer as you learn!

So read on as i post other writings or go and watch some of my training videos

kindest regards,

reverend master j’iam