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Actually I lie. I don’t “have a plan so cunning you could put a tail on it an call it a weasel!” If i did i could translate that into “I have a plan so devious you could call it a scam”! And I hate scams. Scams can be described in one word – THEFT. But done with slimy words of hope and a call to greed to over-ride the victims good sense of honesty.

Every day I get at least two scam offers – and some days as many as 5! Many years ago I wrote a small book against scams and spread it abroad. One day i received a letter from a lady (a total stranger to me) in a town about 200 miles away, asking me for advice on a scam that was going around at the time called “jacks”.  I took the time to write her a letter in which I advised her that it was a scam and the reasons why it was a scam and carrying the advice to avoid it like the plague. I heard nothing back from her until about 4 months later when i received another letter asking for help as she’s paid $900 for one of these jacks and then had sold another three to other people and spent the money. Then the Commerce Commission had declared it to be illegal and told her she had to pay her victims the money back – but she a]had spent the money!

What could i do for her? Not much really. I had advised her not to touch them but temptation had over-ridden her sensibilities and, after having nearly a grand stolen off her, she had become a thief herself by perpetuating the scam and selling to other people. I’m sure she didn’t see herself as a thief but she soldit  three to other people and ripped them off. And that is theft. People who perform the act of theft on others are called thieves. I am sure that basically she was honest, but the call of “easy money” was too much for her and it blinded her to her own foolish actions in perpetuating the thefts.

There is no such thing as “EASY MONEY” and anyone who tells you that there is is a liar. Liar. liar, LIAR! However there is such a thing as good husbandry of money – but this takes effort, and some people want an “easy path” to “easy Money.” Actually looking at that phrase I ‘ve just written just add S and L to the beginning of both easys and you have the reality of easy money being “a sleazy path to to sleazy money”

But what about good husbandry of money (and our personal assets)? Ah, now that is a whole different thing! Good husbandry is basically

1) The act or practice of cultivating crops (of assets)
2) The application of scientific principles to your own life
3)  Careful management or conservation of resources and building assets (not just physical, but also metaphysical and spiritual assets)
 But these things are HARD to do I hear people say! Only in the beginning, I reply! It takes 30 days to start a new habit and 60 days to make that habit permanent! So in a year you can change six habits! You only need to change ten basic habits to become wealthy! So in less than two years you can be on the road to wealth!
One of the primary things we are exhorted to do is to LOVE OURSELVES FIRST. We do this by gifting the first 10% of income to ourselves. This means we learn to live off 90% of our income. Which provides a 10% safety barrier against fluctuations of income! Many people spend 100% of their income. Yet another huge group spend 101+%!! At this rate we are bound to fall over sooner or later. But if your income drops 5% and you are living on 90% of your income you still have a   5% safety barrier left!
And, as I love to point out, if you are gifting to yourself you are also going to be receiving back returns from the laws of sowing and reaping that will free up even more more of your income, so you can gift to other people – which in return amplifies the laws of sowing and reaping! This is how WEALTH is started! Wealth is an empowered state of Beingness. If you start with the aim of becoming empowered, then that is where you’ll end up – Empowered. Em means (spiritually) “from without” so empower means power from without. Which means power from the outside of us! What is that power? Spiritual power – the highest rating of power in the universe! So empowerment increases our energy levels too!
So what I am saying is that it is emotionally easy to fall for the words of thieves and emotionally hard to build yourself to become empowered, because it “appears to be hard”. But it isn’t that hard that it’s impossible!. It is emminently achieveable  for anyone who has the desire and the commitment (commitment is simply desires put into permanent positive action)  to actually DO it! Andt he only thing missing from that formula is KNOWLWDGE!
But the commitment to do, opens the doors of knowledge to achieving your goals. It may take a very long time if your goals are big. But I had massive goals and the universe answered me and gave me a system to lever our goals through creating virtuous cycles. I was given an organisation called WPPN (the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network) that saves you at least 20 years in accumulating the knowledge you need to be wealthy and increases your actions by “Invoking the token” ( a spiritual leveraging principle).
So if you want to be wealthy (which is BEing, doing and having as opposed to rich, which is simply the accumulation of money through doing and having) then you can join WPPN and have a wealth system start growing immediately (And within two weeks you be a millionaire! B.S!) Within twenty years you’l be Loving, detached, happy, peaceful, successful and prosperous! Nothing is ever achieved overnight with spiritual life. But it is achieved for sure and if you don’t start today twenty years will pass any way and you’ll still be where you are today. Is that what you want? I know i don’t and I also know I aren’t where i was 20 years ago! Thank Goodness!!!
So “I don’t have a plan so cunning you could put a tail on it an call it a weasel” but “I do have a plan (and a method) so good you can bet on it as being a certainty over time!” And it is called WPPN!
Before i go, I have to ask you a question – how many times in your lifetime have you been approached with an opportunity that says it is hard to start but gets easier and easier with time and is guaranteed to work if you persist? Not many times, i’ll bet (and i’m not a betting man, but i’ll make an exception in this case! Lol!) And that the end result is wealth, not riches (wealth is happiness first, plus all the assets you’ll ever need!)
If you tel me to go away, you know what I’ll do? I’ll just go away! I’m not interested in helping people who wont help themselves! Lol! I’ll just go somewhere else and offer it to someone who actually wants it (not just needs it – we all need it, but only those who want it will actually implement it!)
If you want to look at what I’m offering them go to my website at…

The total cost to start your own wealth plan and virtuous cycle is $25 per month. That’s it – no hidden costs or traps. You start with a three month probationary trial. After that you become a new member. And there are many, many advantages to joining. We help build people’s home, work, incomes, giftings and savings! These are the primary keys to perpetual happiness (called Wealth!)
Think about it and then investigate for yourself – self investigation of the truth is a gift of this new age we live in. Self investigation means that you decide. I believe in your ability to distinguish between truth and falsehood for yourself – this is another gift from the universe we can call upon at any stage in our lives, when we are investigating things. Not the learning of books, but the learning of the soul!

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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