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God is my Provider!

700 God is my provider prayer 2015

It doesn’t matter if it costs 2 cents to make a 1 cent coin!

Bureaucrats want to get rid of money altogether and they are aiming at the low coins first. They point to “economy” when trying to eliminate the smaller coins – it “COSTS” 2 cents to make a 1 cent coin, they complain! But that logic is illogical! They are only looking at the PRICE of the coin and not the true cost of it!

What is the difference between the price of something and the true cost of something, I hear you ask? The price is what you pay for the item and the true cost is the price divided by the usage!

So a one cent coin costs 2 cents to make, but how many times will it be used? If we say it is used every two days then that would be 365 divided by 2 = 182 times per year. And lets say a coin will last 20 years, minimum. That is 182 x 20 = 3,640 times it is going to be used. 2 cents divided by 3,640 = 0.0006 cents per usage. That is 6 ten thousandths of a cent per usage! And the figures of usage are extremely conservative! You can’t seriously be telling me the cost of a 1 cent coin is too high at 6 ten thousandths of a cent per usage 

You see people who work on the physical plane always work on the price (butthey call it the cost – which it isn’t, it’s the price). People who work on the metaphysical level always work of the true cost, which is the price divided by the usage. By working on the costs we can work out which deal is actually cheaper. The initial price is not always the cheapest cost.

A few years ago in New Zealand a place called the Warehouse started importing Chinese bicycles. They were far “cheaper” than the bicycles being sold in bicycle shops. But were they really?  Being chinese they were built to the lowest possible standards. So the average chinese bike would last about 15 months (the handle bars were especially weak and used to break and there were no replacements available) so the average COST was $100 divided by 15 months.

The New Zealand bikes however would last an average of 5 years and their price was $150 so their true cost was $150 divided by 60 months

Chinese bike = $100 divided by 15 months = $6.67 per month

NZ bike         = $100 divided by 60 months = $1.67  per month

Now which is the best buy? Sometimes less is more and more is less! 

To get ahead in life we have to understand the true costings of things. Many years ago I was looking at an antique table, like below 


I had been looking at this in a new antique store and the price new was $6,000. I went to a small town antique shop and saw the exact same model there except that it had been made in 1910. It’s price was $4,500 second hand. From these two sets of factors i could easily work out the cost of the tables. The year was 1990 when i saw the tables so the age of the real antique was 80 years old. So…

Old antique table = $4,500 divided by 80 years past usage    = $56.25 per year.

New antique table = $6.000 divided by 80 years future usage= $70.00 per year.


So the original owners had the use of that table for $70 p.a. minus $56.25 p.a. so the real cost per year to the original owners was 

$70 minus $56.25 = $13.75 per year! And this was the true cost of using the $6,000 table if I bought it!

At the time i was buying $300 tables made of vinyl. they lasted about 7 years so there cost was…

vinyl table = $300 divided by 7 years = $42.85 per year

lets say I used it for doubled that time (14 years) it would still be $21.45 per year! 

So the cost of vinyl tables was far more expensive than buying the antique table. And the antique table was not destroyed, or worn out at the end of it’s individual users life span. So economically it is a far better buy – in the long run – the “expensive” antique table! 


In the physical world ordinary people don’t look at costs, only the price. And salesmen don’t encourage people to look at cost because they lose sales by doing that (except for the higher ticket item sales people). And advertising DEFINITELY doesn’t encourage looking at costs. In fact advertising urges people to “buy now!” (before you think about it!).

So one of the great steps in moving towards true wealth is moving off the instant buy on price scale onto the longer term buying on cost scale. Once you move onto the true cost scale your other facets of life increase too. For example your buying of assets changes from price to cost too! And you move out of the short term “buffalo stampede” investments onto the longer term “cows grazing in meadows” investments(Lol!) 

And as you move into spiritual investing your long term investments expand yet again to what is called “Inter-generational” investments. The head of Sony has 800 year goals for the Sony business. “Why do you have such long goals/” reporters ask him, “You wont be here to reap them!” To which he replies, “No, but my children and grandchildren(and, and, and) will be!!

So on the physical level all purchases and goals are instantaneous (for personal use only) or at most a year long. On the metaphysical level they extend up to a life time(yours) and on the spiritual they cover many, many lifetimes! Only the spiritual is truly of Wealth with a capital W!

So I’d like you to start thinking about multi-generational investments. What legacy are you going to create to leave your children, your grandchildren, your great grandchildren, your great-great  grandchildren, and so forth down through the generations? Obviously you can’t use traditional short term things like banks, insurance companies etc. as they only think within the box of “one lifetime”

To go to multi-generational investments – that you can use during your life time as well – you have to come to someone like me. I have WPPN (the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network) as a tool for this. The secret is to set up (spiritual) Virtuous Cycles, “investments” that last for up to a thousand years. No one in the (material) investment business can help you with this. I an not an investor – i am a Spiritual Master and Metaphysician, and yet i have been charged with helping people move out of the short term material world into the long term (eternal) world of the spiritual!

So back to my original thought. a penny is not a thing, a consumable to be dispensed on false “cost” arguments.  A penny is a service! Services cannot be costed on a one-off usage because they are multi-usage items! The true cost of pennies is not pennies but thousandths of a penny per usage!

I hope I have opened you eyes.


kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


phone/text: 0221 625 941 (New Zealand)

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World Peace and Prosperity begins with ME!

World Peace and Prosperity begins not with politicians, not with wars, not with “isms” but with each of us as individuals! The reason it is so hard to establish World Peace and Prosperity is because the so called “leaders” of the world aren’t interested in establishing us – you and I – as individually Peaceful and Prosperous. 

So we must do it for ourselves! We must take the leadership of the pseudo-leaders and give it to ourselves and start acting like we have the solution to world Peace and Prosperity because we do! We have the solutions available to us to create personal Peace and Prosperity, most of us just don’t know it. Great men have stated,  “the answer to to ALL problems is education“(not learning/indoctrination). Education is different in that it doesn’t carry pieces of paper with it. just knowledge and actions. An educated person is one who can distinguish the difference between truth and falsehood for themselves and carry out the actions required to BE educated. 

So where can you learn to be educated? From the spiritual source (not religions or cults) which is available to 7 billion people on this earth if they would but ASK! You see You see physical education is forced upon many of us as children but spiritual education is always a voluntary action. When we are born our real (spiritual) purpose in life is to seek out a spiritual connection to the highest source of Love. That is why we are given free will – so we can either turn away from or turn towards love. Once we ASK out loud tio be connected to Love we will be “reborn” in the spiritual worlds and have to give up our free will (who wants to turn away from Loe?) and apply our wills to peace and prosperity! For faith without deeds is dead

The next step is to help create a generalised peace and prosperity in our lives. IN OUR OWN PERSONAL LIVES. A generslised personal peaces and prosperity can Be made by simply establishing and following the higher laws of Love in our own lives. That invokes the laws of abundance which is in two parts – “They that have (the higher Laws on their side) shall be given more. They that have not (the higher Laws on their side) shall be taken away from, even what they have!”

The first state of abundance is the state of POOR (which seems like a contradiction, but isn’t spiritually). The state of POOR establishes personal PEACE. “Blessed are the POOR in SPIRIT (not material wealth, the lack of which is poverty): for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” The state of POOR is the STATE of PEACE.


The state of peace is a state of non-possessiveness, ort DETACHMENT. To be detached from all except Love is a great spiritual state  – which is why it is Blessed!

Another confirmation of the state of Peace is “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God (Love)”

So these are the rewards of the station of POOR and PEACEMAKERS. Not tiny in any respect, in fact HUGE in volume as these two atates lead to the POWERS OF COMMAND – “as you speak out of your mouth, so it shall be“! Think of some off the great peacemakers of the Past – Mother Teresa, John Lennon and Nelson Mandela – all of these people had the powers of command in buckets full because they established themselves in the second “Kingdom” as well.

The second state(kingdom) of spirituality is the state of Abundance. ABUNDANCE is simply a wider spread of POOR. POOR is limited to the spiritual world. First we must become POOR and then we will become Abundant as the state of POOR spreads to our metaphysical an physical lives. Only by BEing POOR in all three levels of the universe do we become HOLY (whole). 

Only by BEing POOR in all three levels of the universe do we become HOLY (whole).

Spirituality is but one level (the highest) of the universe. But to imagine buiding a bell tower without walls and a floor is to imagine chaos. And spiritual life is peaceful, not chaotic. And like the physical world  we have to build a house of peace.But in the spiritual world things are turned upside dwn in building because we always “start at the top and work down”. We start with the foundations of spirituality/peace and when those are truly build they spread to the metaphysical and physical worlds in our lives.

Abundance is always a spiritual state of knowledge, wholeness and gifting (actions). We always begin with the nearest “victim” – ourselves! Lol!  WE have to learn to “love ourselves and others. wholly and unconditionally” for this is the eleventh commandment, “ A new commandment (the eleventh from God) I give unto you, That you love one another; as I have loved you” [John 13:34] 

The eleventh commandment is the King keypin for the states of POOR and ABUNDANT(wealthy). Without living the eleventh commandment we are doomed to live in the two negatives states of riches and poverty (never confuse poverty with POOR they are as different as chalk and cheese).

The power of the eleventh commandment comes from our recognition of the order of the universe for God/Love. The order of the universe for God Love is the application of LOVE to ourselves first and then to others in the forms of recognition, Love, gifting and service.

You see the higher laws work for us if we work them (work the law and the law works for you). But the higher laws work in very precise and particular ways , not like the sloppy laws (rules and regulations) of the physical and metaphysical worlds. BEing poor is our apprenticeship towards being a Master. All apprenticeships lead towards a goal. The plumbing apprenticeship leads towards us being a Plumber. The carpentry apprenticeship leads us towards being a Carpenter. The POOR apprenticeship leads us towards being ABUNDANT! Abundance is the Master state of the spiritual world.

So how do you make a connection with Love/God? Simply SPEAK IT OUT OF YOUR MOUTH! We cannot ask to be united with the spiritual by thinking about it as the untrained thought has no spiritual power. We have to speak it aloud because the first spiritual power is the spoken word. It is the first spiritual power because it is the first real vibration – the vibration of sound. Scientist say the whole universe vibrates and that is a spiritual truth. So we literally have to ask to make a connection with Love/God aloud. Do that and the request will be answered – “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” Notice that two elements are the sound element – Ask and Knock.

But what element is seek? The element of seek is LIGHT. Light is the second vibration in the univserse. And it is the higher element of the two – sound travels at 700 miles per hour, whilst light travels at 186,000 miles per second. Know that POOR is the element of sound and Abundance is the element of Light.

I have probably reached as far as an unenlightened souls can reach. Those of you are enlightened (en-LIGHT-ened) will know exactly what I am speaking about (andmore). If you are seperated from the true power states of the universe then I ask you to Ask to be shown the source of empowerment!

Only by asking do we get released from the tiny prison of the physical world into the vast reign of the spiritual. Once released we begin our apprenticeship in the spiritual world and after a certain amount of time in the state of POOR we graduate into the masters role of POOR/ABUNDANCE. Know we never leave the learning and seving state of poor but become Poor AND Abundant. The physical world is always either/or, but the spiritual world is always AND. The abundant Man always remains the Poor man as well, otherwise that is like building a skyscraper on strong foundations and then removing the foundations

The Abundant Man’s first inheritance is always the Poor. The abundant and poor amn’s responsibility is always towards themselves and then towords God/Love. This is the order of the higher, spiritual world. Who does God Love above all? Why himself of course! We are made in the image of God so who should we Love first? Ourselves of course. Only by loving ourselves can we love others as everthing begins at home and spreads outwards God loves Himself first and Man second. We must Love ourselves first and others second. This is what the eleventh commandments teaches us, if we can but hear. 

The Peacemaker is an abundant Man (Man, with a capital M. is a spiritual state that is open to both male and female alike.) With the peacemaker come the powers of command (of self and others). As the peacemaker speaks out of their mouth so it comes into being in the wider world at large. As the Master speaks out of their mouths and write, so it comes into being in the wider world. There have been Masters who have not attracted a single follower in their lives, yet what they did in their own personal lives came into being in the world at large sometimes during, but usually after their lives on the physical plane had eneded.

An interesting, well known, example of this was the Master Painter, Van Gogh. Van Gogh sold only one painting in his emtire life and that was to his brother who supported him all his life (they also serve who only stand and wait.) Today you can buy a Van Gogh for less than 20 million dollars. 

It may seem to some as if I am talking in circles. And that is because I am! In the spiritual world “ALL THINGS ARE INVOLVED IN ALL THINGS”. Is that not a perfect discription of the AND principle? Indeed it is.

So to help develop world peace and prosperity WE have to BEcome Peaceful and Propserous! Start with (as an apprentice) and move to without (as a Master).

I hearby call upon all peacemakers reading this article to contact me and form a synergy of peacemakers (“wherever tow or more of you are gethered in MY Name, as you speak out of your mouths so it shall BE”)

Love peace and prosperity

reverend Master J’iam

My apologies for not correcting this talk but I have a pressing apointment to attend.




The Sad Lady

As a solo dad on a benefit I was not exactly rolling in money, so hitchhiking was a necessary means of transport. Usually this was no problem as I asked God to provide the opportunity to meet interesting people or those who I could help in some way. The result of this arrangement was that it was most unusual for me to wait for more than half a dozen cars for a lift.
One day I had to go to Palmerston North for some now forgotten reason so I walked the mile to the main road and started thumbing. But nothing happened: I stood there for a couple of fruitless hours. I decided that if I hadn’t caught a lift by the time the scheduled bus came I would catch that instead. No sooner had I thought that than the bus came into view and so I flagged it down.
As soon as I entered the bus I saw a very sad lady. “Perhaps,” I thought, “I am meant to help her.” But there was no way I could find out because all the seats around and opposite her were filled.  So I sat to the front of the bus on the opposite side and said a little prayer, “God if you want me to help her, please bring her to me.”  

The bus went less than a hundred metres down the road when there was a muffled bang. The driver stopped the bus and got out to check. A few seconds later he climbed back onboard and announced to us, “We have a blown tire on the left rear. I can fix it but I’ll have to ask all the passengers on the left to move to the right hand side for a while.” So it was the sad lady came and sat next to me.
It turned out she was travelling down to see her husband on remand in prison. She had two small children and was finding it hard going alone. I put on my silly act to cheer her up and we talked of many things – both silly and serious. At the bus terminal we had a cup of tea together and I gave her a little prayer book. She departed happy and buoyed up!
The journey home was no trouble at all – I got a lift from the second passing car!