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An Epileptic Fit

I was definitely asleep: I knew I was, but it seemed as if I were awake. And in this new reality I was lying on the floor conscious but paralysed. I started shaking, loosely at first then building up in intensity like an internal earthquake. It dawned on me that I was having an epileptic fit. It felt like all my joints were tin cans banging together creating a huge din and an equally huge pain. The intensity of the shaking grew and grew and grew, along with the pain that accompanied it. Bigger and bigger until I felt that I could stand it no longer. In desperation I cry out for help and “Click” – like the switching of a TV channel everything changed.

I am now in a warm black place. Absolute silence embraces me, along with a surrounding warmth, accompanied by a sense of serene peace the likes of which I have experienced only once before – when I died.
For such a long time I float there, how long I cannot say for there is no ticking of the clock.

Suddenly the channel has switched again and I am back in my body, back to the same level I had left. Except now the intensity of the shaking is descending. Even though I am at the same level that had broken me before somehow it seems far less. Then the dream faded and I awoke.

I was puzzled about the message of this dream. I had a friend who was an epileptic and I wondered if the dream was about or for her. About a week later I went to a summer school and was describing the vision to a group of listeners. One of them, a 12 or 13 year old, said, “That’s easy: God never tests you beyond your means.” And there, out of the mouths of babes, was the simple truth!