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Jesus, the Christ

Jesus, the Christ, is actually two separate entities. There is Jesus the very great, very wise  metaphysician and prophet. And then there is the Christ contained within Him.

Although a great person all His life, He was not the Christ until He went into the desert and fasted for 40 days. During the fast the Christ Spirit descended onto Him.As two people Jesus spoke in three forms

1) I, as Jesus the Man

2) We, as both Jesus and God

3) I Am, as God alone

As followers of God we have three choices, to follow a messenger of God (Jesus, Mohammed, Budha, etc.) or to follow the Christ Spirit, I Am. Or to follow both  – (Jesus AND Christ, Muhammed AND Christ, Budha AND Christ, etc.) So our choices are the physical either/or, or the spiritual AND.

Either/or is always divisive – christians hate muslims and muslims hate christians (notice the small c’s and m’s) Whilst AND is always Uniting: Chistians Love all people. And Christians includes Muslims, Hindus, Budhists, Jews and even Atheists and other non-religious people! As Christians we can follow any, and all, of the great manifestations (Jesus, Muhammed, Baha’u’llah etc). We can pick up any holy writings and recognise the Voice of God as “I Am” within those writings!

 My name is J’iam, which means “Hod of  I Am” Hod is an ancient babylonian bricklayers tool that literally means “extra hand” So I am the hand of I Am. I Am is the knowable divine essence of God (And God IS Love) so my name means “Servant of Love” My other two names are Rev and Mas, which mean reverend and master. Reverend means “servant of people” whilst master means “servant of Man” . So lined up my names mean servant of people (physical), servant of Man (metaphysical) and servant of God/Love (Spiritual). WOW! I think God gave me that name to remind me that I am His servant! Lol!

In my life journey I have met Christians of many denominations and faiths. Not many, but some. One of these Christians was a Muslim man who taught me about belief in God, long before I was reborn (I was still an atheist then). You can always tell a Christian by the light within their eyes! Most christians I meet don’t have the “light within”. As don’t most people of most religions.Christians have a belief in the possibility of “It can Be done( “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me“) whilst most christians live in an atmosphere of fear (False Evidence Appearing Real), Real Christians always laugh and enjoy life, regardless of their circumstances. False christians (or muslims or jews or, or, or…) don’t enjoy life and are are burdened down with fear, hate and politics.)

Most religions today are justs cults (“beware of false prophets bearing my name!”). If you want to know the Christ Spirit all you have to do is ask out aloud, perhaps with these words, “God if the christ spirit exists please show me! Allow me to be reborn into the Christ spirit!” and then be prepared to meet God! Be prepared to cast off your fears, doubts and worries! Be prepared to find God in the humblest piece of grass, or in the song of a bird or in the eyes of another Christian (regardless of what Faith they follow) Lol! God is Good, God is great, God is Mighty, Amen. Amen, Amen!