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Most dangerous advice!

I was listening to the radio yesterday , mostly as background noise, when my attention was caught by an announcer saying “there is no right or wrong, only a bunch of decisions to be made!” I couldn’t believe my ears! The announcer then went on to expand on the theme and it was exactly what I feared it was – advice saying there is no right or wrong! This is very bad advice to people as it is based solely in the physical realm and excludes the spiritual realm as if it doesn’t exist at all. There is right and wrong in the universe but it doesn’t happen on the physical level anymore, as the physical and the spiritual have been separated in this new age. The physical is now the level of man made rules and regulations. These has no basis in right and wrong anymore, so we get mass abortion (the genocide of our unborn next generation), homosexuality legalized, sodomy legalized (because of the legalization of homosexuality), murder no longer a divinely punishable offence (the spiritual penalty for murder is the death sentence) but a man-made 15 years in jail, and the list goes on. 

Just because we live in a physical world doesn’t mean we should stick to physical law on the big events – there is right and wrong under spiritual law, no two ways about it. This is because under spiritual law there are two cycles. The good cycle known as the virtuous cycle, and the bad cycle know as the vicious cycle. Both of these cycles are tied into a self regulating law called the law of sowing and reaping (or Karma in the east) which states, “as you sow, so shall you reap multiplied, thirty, fifty or 100 fold” Under this law every positive (good) you do comes back to you multiplied and everything negative (bad) also comes back multiplied. Do you want good returns (the virtuous cycle) or bad returns (the vicious cycle)?

There are certain things we cannot do. Murder, Arson and Drug Pushing all have the death penalty attached to them – not as punishments but as mercies from God to the one who committed the crime. If the death penalty is carried out then they no longer have to account for that crime on the other side, because they have repaid the crime with their lives. This is a huge benefit to the soul of receiver of the penalty! The soul is always more important than the physical life of all of us! Remember that.

Why is murder a death penalty cause? Because it is interfering with God’s creativeness. God creates us all at the point of conception in a three way process of male (sperm), female(egg) and God (a soul is attached to the created human). Imagine that we are caterpillars. at some stage of life we are transformed into chrysalis’s to be changed into butterflies. Again this is an act of creation by God. Murder takes away the transformation period. No one can die until the time is right for that soul! Only God knows the right time. Therefore murder is forbidden and carries the death penalty. The same goes with arson. In this age arson is not just setting fire to things, it also includes explosions. So all terrorists who blow upthings are classified as arsonists under spiritual law. And drug pushing? Drug pushing is also a form of living murder as it separated the addict from access to his soul. If you’ve ever met a full blown addict you’ll no what i am talking about. They will do anything for the next push including selling their own children! And murder, prostitution of their own bodies, theft etc, etc. So those who manufacture and distribute the drugs are liable for the death penalty, no ifs, buts or maybes. 

So the advice that there is no right or wrong, is wrong in itself. How can you make a decision based on right or wrong if you have to make a choice to turn left or right, and someone has taken down the sign that said, “Road to Left” and “Quicksand to right!”? You obviously can’t make that decision wisely anymore and leave your choices up the laws of cahance (chance only exists in the physical world!)

In this new age the different levels of physical, metaphysical and spiritual have been widely separated. Why is this? So we as individuals can reunite then and become whole in our lives! in the old days the three levels were all over-lapping because we didn’t have the spiritual choices available to us in this new age. We are still born separated, but now have to make our own choice to be whole, to unite ourselves inwardly. In the old system we were nudged and guided in that direction. In this new age we receive far less nudging and guidance because we have been set free! We are free to chose to become whole (to unite the spiritual, the metaphysical and the physical within us) or free to remain separate. At the moment we are in a transition stage of mankind. As things become worse and worse from the law of sowing and reaping for mankind, people will be forced to make decisions (all decisions come form the soul) to “make the hard choices“. The choice of deciding between unlimited freedom in the physical or absolute freedom under the spiritual laws! Under spiritual laws there are places that are forbidden to go (like the tar pits and the erupting volcano) and there are places of absolute freedom (places of safety – the rest of the universe!). Unlimited freedom means you are free to fall into the tar pits, volcanoes and off cliffs. Absolute freedom means there are fences around the tar pits and other dangerous places. Simple as that. Do you want unlimited freedom or absolute freedom? The choice of absolute freedom also includes the right to choose not to go to certain places!

To anyone living solely  in the physical world the advice that there is no right or wrong rings a bell of familiarity. To the anyone living in the spiritual worlds the same advice rings alarm bells! As an adult imagine giving your three year old unlimited freedom to walk/run anywhere he wanted! Straight across the nearest road! He may get away with it a couple of times, but sooner or later he is going to be struck down by a car! The spiritual laws are the adult part of us, the physical laws are the small child part of us. We have to become whole to grow up into adults. Otherwise we are just dangers to ourselves. The adult knows not to run across roads, but they are free to run down the beach into the surf! The adult knows not to jump off cliffs, but they are free to climb the cliffs with mountain gear! The adult knows not to run into molten lava but we can walk across fire in bare feet under certain conditions! The adult can read the sign that says, “Danger, high voltage” and know not to touch, but at the same time enjoy all the benefits of electricity in his home.

This is the difference between unlimited freedom and absolute freedom. Unlimited freedom has no safety barriers, Absolute freedom is the removal of all dangerous decisions and the freedom to do whatever is left. Fire walking looks dangerous, but it is not. Cliff climbing looks dangerous, but it is not. Swimming in the surf can appear dangerous, but there is a lifeguard on the beach! Touching high voltage lines IS dangerous, life threatening – that is why the signs are there! But using electricity in our homes is completely safe within the rules (don’t poke knitting needles in electric plugs! Lol!)

So be alert, check out things of the physical world against the laws of the spiritual world. And then try to balance the whole to become wholistic in yourself (this internal wholism is know as an internal synergy). If you want guidance of the right way to become whole I’d suggest you take a look at the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network – 

or get in contact with me at I am the world’ s best synergising master, I can lead you to the spiritual paths of truth, without getting you involved in any particular religions. I can lead you to a wholistic life because i am a spiritual master (look at my name, j’iam. j means hand, ‘ means of, I Am is the holy spirit, the knowable essence of God! My name literally means servant of Love.)

Love and peace,

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Spiritual law is an insurance policy against dangerous living. Physical law is a reckless way of living by itself!

The differences between the old age and the new age

The differences between the old age and the new age are as follows: the old age was a physical age of either/or whilst the New Age is one of metaphysical qualities of AND. 

The physical qualities are ones of opposition – day/night, Yin/Yang, good/bad etc. whilst the metaphysical qualities are attractive qualities of “birds of a feather flock together” and “Like attracts Like” and “Love attracts all except the human heart that chooses to turn away” (that is our freewill at play – the abillity to turn towards Love or away from it!). The metaphysical worlds are the total opposite of the physical worlds. The physical world is one of opposites, repulsions whilst the metaphysical worlds are ones of attractions and unifications.

It might be stating the obvious but the two different sets of worlds require different applications to make them work. We cannot use opposition in the metaphysical worlds (“resist not evil“) yet this is exactly how most people try to work metaphysical law (because they have no inkling of how to do anything else – all their training has been on the physical plane!) they invariably fail and many don’t persist saying, “it’s all a load of bunkum!”

It is only when we drop the physical ways, and start using metaphysical law correctly, that we start succeeding in the world. So there are actually three  steps to every law in the universe – the physical, the metaphysical and the spiritual (both metaphysical and spiritual are technically classified as simply metaphysical, although the spiritual is the higher state).

I’ll give you an example: the law of agreement/honesty. On the physical level agreements are always made with a contract because the level of honesty on the physical plane always consists of Truth/Lies. But on the metaphysical plane the truth consists of principles and deals are made on a handshake. In the Spiritual plane deals are made on a synergy basis and deals are made on a word or even a nod (the highest form of spirituality). Of course the number of people capable of doing each step rapidly diminishes as you go up the scales. So physically based people are 80% of the population, metaphysically based people are perhaps 5% of the population and spiritually based people are 1% of the population. So a spiritually based person will give his word, shake hands and draw up a contract. A metaphysically based person will shake hands and draw up a contract. A physically based person will just draw up a contract. And those are the three levels of honesty. Notice how each step above includes the steps below. So the metaphysical includes the physical, whilst the spiritual includes both the metaphysical and the physical!

To work each level we have to apply the rules differently. Consider the physical level to be the equivalent of walking, the metaphysical level the EQUIVALENT of driving a car and the spiritual level the EQUIVALENT  to driving a jet aeroplane! Obviously we need very few rules to be a pedestrian and they are so simple that no license is needed. But a drivers license is needed to drive a car because everything is amplified in a car – the speed, the mass, the danger to self and others on the road and footpaths. So we need to work within the rules of the road to drive. And again a different license is required to fly and airplane because it has different dangers and basic rules. The road speed limit is 100 kilometres per hour. But in a jumbo jet it can’t even fly until it reaches 140 kilometres per hour! So obviously the rules must be different and the test harder.

One of the obvious dangers of flying is falling out of the sky! So pilots must be trained to check a long list of things before starting to fly. Checking that there is sufficient fuel aboard is vital. So a pedestrian cannot drive a car or fly a plane, but a driver can be a pedestrian and not fly a plane. But a pilot can fly a plane, drive a car and be a pedestrian, just by changing their hats! And that is something people don’t understand. It is not a choice of being physical, metaphysical or spiritual but a choice of being spiritual and metaphysical and physical! We have to learn the rules of all three planes (we have to get our licenses) and simply change hats when necessary!

Once you have learned the rules of the road and driven for a while they become instinctive. The same goes with flying – the first time we fly, we are filed with nerves! The 100th time we fly we are far, far more relaxed about it! The pilot gets up and walks to his car (who is ever nervous about walking? it is so instinctive that only the mentally unstable have any worries about it), gets into the car and puts on his drivers hat and drives to the airport. Once there he changes hats again and walks to the plane where he puts on his pilots hat and starts to fly. And so it goes throughout the day. Hats are changed without a thought being given to it, because everything we do, over and over again, becomes instinctive and natural to do!

The hard part of the physical, metaphysical and spiritual planes is finding out and learning the rules on each level. The physical level is taken care of by schools and universities because it is always based in facts. The metaphysical level is taken care of by polytechs and motivators because it is based in principles. The spiritual plane is taken care of by Manifestations (Messengers from God) and Masters because it is based in Higher Law. So facts, principles ans higher laws are the ingredients of the three planes – the physical, the metaphysical and the spiritual.

physical              =  facts

metaphysical     =  principles

Spiritual              = Higher laws

There is no point trying to learn higher law from a school teacher, because they are not trained in higher law. You have to learn it from a master (“they who would a master be, follow a master“)

To learn principles on the metaphysical level you have to go to a philosopher. Confucius is a philosophical master, not a spiritual master. The Budha, Jesus and Muhammed are all top ranking spiritual masters (the original sources, manifestations of God). And then there are lower ranking spiritual masters of every generation (God never leaves us alone and unattended). The lower ranking masters have manifestations, Higher lawsand other masters as their masters. 

So the lesson here today is about facts, principles and higher laws. Learn the rules on the three levels and life becomes so much easier. Spiritual problems need to be solved on a spiritual level. Metaphysical problems need metaphysical solutions. Physical problems need physical solutions.

There are millions of facts created every week. There are hundreds of principle and they are created far less frequently. There are less than 20 big laws (higher laws). so what the spiritually aware do is to tie all the facts to known principles and all the principles to higher laws! Then the world becomes so much easier to understand and handle!  

Spirituality is ALWAYS based on method. The word disciple means “follower of the method” whilst the word sinner means “one who is not a follower of the method” These two words really have very little to do with good and bad as defined on the physical level. They are states of presence and absence on the spiritual level!

Presence and absence are not opposites but absence is the lack of the positive. In the spiritual world darkness is not the opposite of light, simply the absence of light. Darkness can be got rid of by simply lighting a match because all matches contains the power of radiance. There is no such force of darkness where you can go into a lit room and strike a dark “match” that then radiates darkness to every corner. It simply does not exist. To darken any room we have to pull the curtains across the windows, close all the doors and block all the light leaks (this is called a closed mind). A person born into that room would grow up believing that darkness is a force, rather than an absence. But it only requires one parent to strike a match for that illusion to be dispelled forever! Once we have seen the light we can never forget it!

We are all born into the physical world and our purpose is to discover the metaphysical and spiritual planes. Until we do both of these things,  their absence is like two “glass ceiling” that we cannot see through as it reflects out current plane entirely and we can only see our own physical reflections. When we discover the metaphysical plane we have only one glass ceiling above us. Again we cannot see through it because it reflects our two current planes (the metaphysical and the physical planes). Only when ASK (aloud) to be shown the spiritual plane are we shown it (“Ask thou shall receive, knock the door will open“) It is only from the spiritual plane we can see all three planes as a whole! 

So back to the title. What are the differences between the old age and the new age? The difference is that the old age was a physical age and the new age (this century) is a spiritually based age. So we must start using spiritually based higher law (not religion – that comes from the physical age). Unity is the name of this new age and that is the trend in the physical and metaphysical worlds as well (look at the unification of nations like Usa, Eec and Malaysia [all of them are having problems because they are not set up on a spiritual basis])

To suceed in this new age we must use the higher laws and the only way i know to achieve that easily is to join WPPN – the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (synergy), because this is a tool God has set up to help us achieve the new methodology in our lives, and therefore in the world at large. If you want to have happiness, peace, success and prosperity in your life, for the rest of your life, then please contact me (j’iam) at

or go to the WPPN website at

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BE!!!! That is the word of life. We are urged by life itself to fulfill our BEingness. What is our BEingness?? Know there are two kinds of Beingness – a general beingness and a specific beingness. To be whole we have to fulfill both. Our general beingness is hard for most people to find because it is not taught in schools or any of the mainstream institutes. So I will tell you right now. Each and everyone of our general beingnesses is “to leave the world a better place than it was when we entered it!” If even 20% of the world had this as there specific daily goal the world would quickly become a paradise.

Another way of expressing our general beingness is “to create a divine civilisation“. There are probably many expressions of the same goal in life but those are the two I personally focus on.

Once you have your general purpose under way you will have your specific purpose pointed out to you. I got mine as a 30 year task – to help solve a huge problem in the world and, more specifically, in our everyday lives. To aid me in this I was given the WPPN – The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network, a tool that sets up our individual lives for continuous  Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity!

I realised today that I have always been, and will always be, a PROBLEM SOLVER. Ever since I was a child I have been solving problems. That is simply a part of my beingness. Some of the problems I solve are small, some of the problems are enormous (like WPPN) but I know that they will all come into beingness, because that is my Beingness in life – to solve problems.

As a metaphysician I solve problems too. Once I was dealing with a man who hadn’t seen his child for over two years, even though he had full legal custody of his son every weekend! So he had a big problem. But to me it seemed obvious – he was dealing with the problem on the wrong level, where he had no chance of solving it. So I suggested moving the problem up to a higher plane to be solved, to move it from the physical plane to the spiritual plane. On the physical plane the “law” is basically a set of man-made rules and regulations. On this plane possession is 9/10ths of the law and she (his ex-wife) had possession of his son, so she chose to deny him access.

With a few sentences we moved the problem up to the spiritual plane. On this plane higher law rules and there is no escaping their consequences. On this plane “Justice belongs to God” and God dictates what is to happen and woe betide you if you fight against it! Anyway with three sentences we cast it into the spiritual plane and within 18 hours (without any contact from us) she phoned him up asking him to take his son for the long weekend (three days away)!

You see there is no escaping spiritual law and this is what caused her to change her mind. One of the lower aspects of spiritual law is Karma – “what you sow is what you reap.” Our actions caused her be cast into her own Karma. The only escape from negative karma was to change her practices or to seek forgiveness (forgiveness wipes the negative returns of Karma – which is why “all things are made new” when we are reborn into the spirit! The first act of rebirth is total forgiveness of all past wrongs!) In this case she chose to change her practises – and solve her husbands problem at the same time!

So seek out your general beingness and start doing that – making the world a better place to live in because you exist!  And ask to be shown your specific beingness too! You are guaranteed an answer to that question (not always an immediate answer though, but when the time is right). To ask you have to speak it aloud, e.g. “I want to know what my specific beingness is in life (and then add this rider so it always comes to you in a positive way) in Good and Godly circumstances.”
Once you have said this aloud, then write it down and sign it. Put at the top of the page, “My name is ……………….”  this is your ownership of the question. Then when it is written sign it and this is your commitment to the question.  Very soon your life will start changing for the better, you will be led to the solution to your question and you will discover your own beingness! What a release this is! What freedom! Your life will change for the better, forever!