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Spirituality follows an exact order!

To the outside worlds (the physical and the metaphysical) the spiritual world seems to have no order or logic. But this is totally wrong! It’s just that the order is totally different and set up up in a different way and in a different language from the physical and metaphysical planes! No wonder we can’t understand it initially!

Once you start to understand the language and the grammar of the spiritual world, it all starts to make sense! You see that the ocean is different for the bird than the fish! Even though they both live by the seas abundance! The fish cannot breath the air above the the water, and it swims in the water! Whilst the bird breathes the air and swims (flies) in the air itself! The fish can  SEE the bird but cannot understand the reality of the bird and the bird can see the fish and yet cannot understand the reality of the fish. And above both of them is Man. Man can see the fish and the bird and can understand the reality of them both! Man is the equivalent of the the spiritual kingdom (we are made in the image of God – notice how, when i speak of humans I talk of Man as the image of God and man as the image of the physical (body) and the metaphysical (brain).

Take the words” I Am” and “I am” for instance. Is there any difference between the two, except that one has a capital A and the other doesn’t? Yes there is, because one indicates that God is speaking and the other indicates that an ego is speaking. God’s use of the word I AM means He is talking as the Holy Spirit! So in the the writings it says “Before Abraham was, I Am!(was here)” So literally it is saying, before Abraham existed I AM(God’s knowable essence) was already existing!! (if it wasn’t, who created Abraham?)

It also says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me (I Am, not Jesus).”

I Am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by I Am

There are so many examples, across all religions and faiths, of the use of the name of the holy spirit – I AM – that once you see it it is impossible to take away! Then you will start to understand the unity of Mankind and all the messengers of God. The messengers come every 700 to 1,000 years to lift mankind up into a greater unity. Much like a school system with an unseen headmaster. Every year we are lifted to a new level of unstanding through education. But the thing with the Godly education sysyetm is that we don’t have to move classes if we don’t want to!  So we have 20 year old still in primer one, taking naps in the afternoon and insisting that primer two doesn’t exist!  Aren’t they foolish?

And so it goes for primer two, the same thing happens, and primer three right on up to the form sixes who insist that university doesn’t exist at all – that form six has the ultimate knowledge of God and that it is only available in form six! Yeah, right! This is the perversity of mankind!

Only when we awaken to the holy spirit can we be lifted up beyond the walls of religion into spirituality and see the curving of the horizon, the connection of our piece of land to the rest of the world, that we are part of a whole and that God created us all to see this truth – that “All things are involved in all things!” There is no separation, that separation is an illusion of man! And that Unity is the reality of MAN!  Oh, but would we just practice Unity?

I hope this makes sense to you,

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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Religion or Spirituality?

In the olden days we had two choices – to be of the “dead” (the spiritually dead), or to be of the living (the spiritually alive – religious). Today we live in a new age where all the previously dead have been resurrected into spiritual life and the two classes now consist of the spiritually asleep and the spiritually awake. That is the main difference between people of the old age and people of this new age.

If you are spiritually awake today you are likely to class yourself as “spiritual” because the responsibility for spiritual growth has been removed from the churches of the world and placed on each individuals shoulders. We, not any outside influence, are the captains of our own spiritual ships. 

If you are spiritually aware you will eventually come under the reign of the higher laws of the universe. To come under the reign of these higher laws, you have to submit your will to God’s will and actually LIVE the higher laws! Under the higher laws there are definite freedoms and definite “no go” areas. As long as we stay out of the “no go” (forbidden) areas and work within the permitted areas we will always be building ourselves a virtuous cycle. As soon as we go into the forbidden areas we lose all our virtuous cycle and inherit a vicious cycle instead. In the old days the virtuous cycle was called heaven and the vicious cycle was called hell. Either way, virtuous /heaven or vicious/hell, the end results still feel the same! 

Because the rules have changed we can no longer go to the former institutes (churches and faiths) for guidance because they are still using the old ways. Instead we must seek out masters of the new age. The supreme source manifestation of this age is Baha’u’llah (the Glory of God – it’s amazing that most of the churches in New Zealand have “to the Glory of God” (to Baha’u’llah – this is Persian for the Glory of God) written on their foundation stones!). Then there are various masters, on various levels at different ages since 1844. Today I am a master who has been sent to new Zealand.

There is no glory in being sent a master – we are always sent to spiritually bankrupt places and New Zealand is definitely spiritually bankrupt and corrupted. Almost invariably the local masters are initially ignored by the ones they are sent to counsel. And that has been my experience to date. But we just have to keep on keeping on. There are masters who have entered this world and departed with exactly zero followers. This is not a failure, because the master is the single disciple during his life time. And the master is also a bubbling wellspring of new knowledge and enlightenment, and this is still poured into the world because of his very existence on earth!  To date we have 3 and a half disciples (including myself). I am hopeful that the half will become a whole, as soon as he recovers his health. I am open to receiving another 97 disciples at the moment to build a perpetual synergy of Wealth and Prosperity. The next sub-target is for members is 9, then 19, then 49 and then the 100. All in the Good Lord’s time, not mine.  

Sometimes I use J’iam’s prayer for patience, when I am feeling low and alone. It goes like this…

“Lord give me patience, RIGHT NOW, IMMEDIATELY, INSTANTLY!” (the gestures in this prayer consist of shaking one’s fist up towards the heavens!) And then laughing out loud! God has a wonderful sense of humour! When we laugh together, I always feel connected and my spirit soars!  Lol!

But back to serious now. We have been given these choices because this new age is one of Unity. The first unification is the unity of body, brain and soul – the self. A spiritual unity is also called a synergy. Once we are internally synergsed as people, then we can synergise with other synergised(whole) people to create bigger units. Like a cell can unite with other cells to make a kidney or a heart etc. Only by having whole cells and uniting them together can we make the body (the world) whole, peaceful and prosperous). So world peace and Prosperity starts with us, the individuals of the world. You and I both know that politicians can’t achieve world peace – their weapons for peace are war and fear! (talk about an oxymoron!) Weapons and fear only achieve dominance, and dominance is not peace.The tools for peace are example (within ourselves) education and actions. We all know the theory that politicians are supposed to be servants of the people, but that isn’nt going to happen until the usurers of the world are gotten rid of and the people actually own the vast majority of the worlds assets. Only then will the politicians start listening to the people. For although they claim to be leaders, where the people go the politicians follow

Gandhi had a saying..

“First they ignore us

then they laugh at us

then they fight us

and then we win!”

This is the classic path of all the masters of the world. At the moment I am in the ignored box. But soon I will be recognised by more and more people and then they will start laughing at us. Then they will start fearing us and start fighting us. This is when we have reached a certain percentage of the population (the princople of the 100th monkey) and by then it is too late to fight and win against us. And of course we naturally “win” and our ways become the ways of the world at large and then everyone wonders why we were resisted!

The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN) is a system designed by God to enable the people of the world to grab a hold of their own assets and remove them from the hands of usurers. I suggest you take a look at WPPN. There is a teaser website(no website can contain all the knowledge of the network) at…

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me at…

love, peace and prosperity to you.


Spirituality is a universal experience of transcendent Reality, common to all humanity

I have a friend in Malaysia and he posted a quote on facebook by Swami Vivekananda, who I had never heard of, so I looked him up on google and found a page dedicated to him. And there I found another quote which really struck a bell with me, as an excellent definition of what spirituality is. The quote goes, “religion is a universal experience of transcendent Reality, common to all humanity”. I have replaced the word religion with the word spirituality to bring it up to date, so it now reads, “Spirituality is a universal experience of transcendent Reality, common to all humanity“. The author of the original quote died in 1902 and lived in a time when organised religion still held dominance. But 110 years later organised religion is dropping away rapidly as the spiritual element has dropped out of them, because we live in a new age! In this new age the spiritual element has become a lot more person from Man to God rather than from Man to  church, to God. 

This ties in with the Dalai Lama quote of, “People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road as I am doesn’t mean they’re lost!” There are many paths to God, but the one path in common is always Love (I Am/ the Holy Spirit) and Love actions. Don’t criticize someone because their path is different from yours, if their results are the same – the manifestation of Love and good actions. We are all different (i’m not! SMACK!!! LOL!!) some of us are like 5 year olds, some of us are like university scholars. The university scholar should not criticize the 5 year old for his understanding of what makes a car go – the engine! Even though it is only two words long it is still a valid answer for a five year old! 

When it comes to spiritual matters the university graduate should try to teach the five year old the next step in the process of love, not try to stuff the entire tree of knowledge down the students throat! One step at a time is all the student can learn! If the student hasn’t learned, it’s because the teacher hasn’t taught! The most common source of this is the teacher teaching 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 or even 100 steps ahead of the student! The skill is knowing what step is the next step! Fortunately with Love all we have to do is ask to be given the next step and it will be provided for us, even to the extent of having our tongues taken over by God and us teaching things we don’t know! So be alert, and listen in and try to understand the new knowledge when that happens to you!

so the quote of the day, of the century for today is…

Spirituality is a universal experience of transcendent Reality, common to all humanity

reverend master  j’iam



Always test the truth, because if you don’t test it how can you KNOW it’s true? This is what scammers and cultists rely on trap people – that they only follow their emotions and don’t test the truth

With scammers they rely on you to not test what they are saying by comparing what they are asking you to do against a major truth – like, is what they are asking me to do legal in other circumstances. Most scammers start out with a ridiculous figure like $8 million dollars that they want to “transfer” (what they actually mean is steal) and they want you to help them do it for a percentage of that amount. If I came to you and said “we are doing a bank robbery and want a get away driver for a percentage of the money”, would you do it? Obviously not! Because bank robbery is theft, yet it is exactly the same situation, just put in a different way!

Cultist also rely on you not testing the truth. But cultists work slightly differently. First they offer you a spiritual truth with a small untruth (lie) attached to it. If you swallow that, then the next truth is a lot smaller and the untruth a lot bigger, until over a short period you are well and truly attached to a total untruth! Invariably no one in a cult tests the truth. God gave us a sense of skepticism so we would always test the truth, not to simply turn away from it. “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free!”. You can always tell a cultist because they have no skepticism! They believe everything they are told is true without a thought and deny everything they are told is untrue without a thought too! Skepticism is a great spiritual tool!

So how do you test a truth? I recommend the two-fold system.

(1) you test it to see if it is true by setting up a small, non-attached experiment (you are not emotionally attached to it, but testing it with a detached attitude, like a scientist) and

(2) you set up a non-attached destruction test for it. If it is indeed the truth, there is no way you can destroy it!

After a while you’ll see the truth testing experiment is growing and growing and the destructive testing can’t make a dent in the truth! Eventually you’ll reach a point where the truth of the matter is decided and them you can invest some emotions in them! Losers invest emotions in a thing straight away and use (false evidence – fear= False Evidence Appearing Real)) justifications to enable it. Winners justify (test the truth of) something first and then use actions backed by emotions to build it! It really is quite simple when you look at it this way!

A cultist always tells you, “this is the truth!” A master always says. “I believe this to be true, take it, test it and see if you find it to be true too!” Only in this way can the truth ever BE yours! This is what the saying “Ye will know the truth and the truth will set you free” means.  A cultist works on the principle of “you shall be separated from the truth and this will make you my prisoner!” We always hold the keys to our own freedom, the keys to the prison doors of untruths! And the key is called prove (test)! Look it up in the dictionary as see what prove means!

The cultist will stand no argument from his followers. The Master will expound and expand a truth over and over again, until the student grasps the truth!  That is the difference between truths and untruths. Untruths are actually very easy to knock over which is why no argument is brooked. The truth is unbreakable which is why the master tolerates argument against it by the student – that is exactly how the master arrived at his own conclusion in the first place! (and he pities his own master!) Lol!

Remember the very purpose of a master is to lay a path to the truth, whilst the purpose of a student is to find a path to the truth which is why, “when the student is ready the master will appear!” So always test the truth. It is only in this way that you can verify it’s truthfulness!

kindest regards

reverend Master J’iam


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Science and religion (Spirituality) must agree!

Science and religion (Spirituality) must agree!

Einstein was spiritual, not religious and that is the way the western world is going.

Science without religion (Spirituality) is lame,

whilst religion (Spirituality) without science is blind.

~ Einstein

Science is the study of How God made the world, Spirituality is the study of Why He created it. If the two don’t agree then one or the other must be wrong! Break down the dogmas on both side and the truth is standing there, for all to see!


Rev Mas J’iam