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Rank and station is not much talked about in these days of “egalitarianism”. In the physical world “egalitarianism” basically is interpreted as “everyone can do everything themselves!” But think about it for a while and you’ll see that it’s not true. Some people have talents in some areas, whilst others have abosulutely none in that area at all – some people can sing like a song bird, others caw like a crow and still others can only hiss!

So there are areas where we shouldn’t go. The hisser will never ever be a songbird and to tell the hisser so is cruel. But that hisser may be a mathematical genius! And in great demand by the songbirds of the world, to put their economies right! So their is a place for everyone in this universe and that is the way God designed it! Man, on the other hand, says there is only a place in this world for people with certain talents and that we’ll all have 2 or three totally different careers in outr lifetimess – to which i say “BULL” (you can add more ontp the end of that statement if you want. Lol!) We will only have one personal Major Dominant Purpose (Rank) in life, but it may manifest in different ways throughout life (purpose). So the songbird sings in clubs at  first, on stage secondly and finally in television. The hisser (mathematician) works in personal advise firstly, commercial advise secondly and finally in education. And so it goes for each of us.

Rank is more to do with our position in life. Consider life to be like an army. At the top of the army is always a general. Under him are the officer classes and under the officer classes are the “other ranks”. So it is in life. We each have to find our rank and our station. We can improve our stations with education and training which is why, on the station level, “life is a do it to myself project“.

On the rank level it is very hard to change ranks. We are born into a rank level (not necessarily our parents rank either) and it is very hard to change the rank assigned to us in life. That is why they say, “you can take the boy off the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the boy!” The hardest part of rank is recognising that your rank is different from your parents and brothers and sisters. God is the ultimate Cuckoo, laying eggs (souls) where ever He wants. So Mr and Mrs Partridge may have a peacock egg laid in their nest and never ever know that, even when it grows up! And the peacock may grow up thinking it is a partridge and suffer muchly as a peacock trying to fill the wrong niche in life. We all know the story about the ugly duckling! This story is about rank, not station. Once you recognise your rank your can work on your station quite easily. The hard part is, always, finding your rank!

If something has suddenly clicked in your brain and you understand that you don’t know what your rank is right now, what do you do? Simple, you just ask God (aloud)  to tell you and to give you a demonstration, under the laws of providence, in good and Godly circumstances. And because all knowledge is free and provided, it may come to you in the next half hour to six months! (you may be totally prepared for the answer or you may have to be prepared for it, depending on how far away from it you are when you ask!) “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you,”[Mattew 7:7] That is God’s promise and God is a prayer hearing, prayer answering God!

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