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I Admit I was wrong!

For many years I have been trying to be like “normal” people but have had no luck in changing myself. Why is this? Because I am not normal. I am not ordinary – I am extra-ordinary!!!

All these years of isolation and training, living a life on the “path less followed” have been building up to this point. Today I realised that I am extra-ordinary and that I am as such because I have a job to do in this world – to teach the spiritual people of this planet God’s way to wealth! Because we spiritual people have given up our free will to attain the state of spirituality we must follow the right path – God’s path to wealth and this path is not like the physical and metaphysical paths at al, at all!

There is  definite step by step process to achieving spiritual wealth. Many try following the physical and metaphysical routes, but in doing so tend to leave the spiritual path – “what profits a man if he gains the world andf loses his soul?”

The path to spiritual weallth is “straight and narrow!” We HAVE to follow certain proceedures in an orderly fashion, much as the captain of a space flight must follow an exacting and orderly process to launch!

In the near future I am going to start producing webinars to explain the steps to spiritual wealth.I hope you will join me.