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Barriers to Wealth

The main barriers to wealth all lay in the poverty cycle of Lack.  

Lack of desire, or desire for the wrong things (like riches), are the main obstacles that stop any exploration for true methods towards wealth.

Desire for instant results is another obstacle. Know that wealth is manifested over time, not instantaneously. Any instantaneous manifestations are based in thought alone(have), not the spiritual aspects of Beingness (BE, Do, have).

Lack of knowledge is a big blockage, for it is only through true spiritual knowledge that we are “set free” – “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” The “truth” on the physical level are always facts, on the metaphysical level are always principles and on the Spiritual Level are always Higher Laws

Lack of commitment. “To the level of your belief (commitment) it shall be given to thee.” Commitment has always been a spiritual quality. If it was a physical quality, then why do we need contracts on the physical level? Because there is very little commitment on the physical level.

Working on the wrong levels is a common obstacle. We are born into the physical and tend to rise to the metaphysical (the world of principles) but do not achieve the spiritual, until we ask to be shown it.

Know that at our births our major dominant purpose is to find a connection to the spiritual world. This doesn’t come until we ask to be shown/united with it. After that our  major dominant purpose in life to help create a divine civilization in two parts – general and specific. The flow down effect goes something like this; 1 in 10 ask to connect to the spiritual world and are “reborn”. 1 in 10 of the reborn, start on their generalized divine civilization creation. And 1 in 10 of those start on their specific  divine civilization creation. So there is an awful drop-off on numbers of those who achieve the wholistic purposes in life!

A lack of wholism is another strong barrier to success. Do you think we can achieve wholistic success with partial answers? NO!!! Wholism consists of two parts. Firstly is wholism of self – the unification of body, brain and soul (an internal synergy), and then unification with the divine spirit (Empowerment!).

Lack of actions – I’ll do it tomorrow! Or commitment to the wrong actions – I’ll do some drugs, sex, theft etc tonight, just on impulse!

Lack of goals. There is a saying “JIJO” which means “Junk In, Junk Out!” The opposite of this is “QIQO”, which means “Quality In, Quality Out!” Quality is set up by correct goals and commitment to them. 

Lack of desire or desire for the wrong things. Lack of desire is the main obstacle to finding the truth, because we have to ask for the truth to be shown to us. Lack of desire for the truth hides the question way, way, way out back of the brain, under piles of rubbish thoughts!

Lack of courage is another major obstacle. Commitment to the “easy path” is actually a lack of courage, as is commitment to the status quo!

There are many addictions that stop us looking for the truth too. If we have a major dominant purpose that is not based in the truth of the higher laws of the universe, then we  are addicted to – drugs, sex, alcohol, ideology, smoking, self-destruction, sodomy, homosexuality, money, gambling etc., etc., etc. The list goes on, and on and on! Even addiction to a hobby is still an addiction that can stop us seeking the truth.

So there are SOME of the obstacles to Wealth (not riches). To find out the steps towards wealth see my blog on “9 steps to wealthan initial guide for seekers”  on

Love, health, happiness, peace, success and prosperity,

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