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Another card, this one on cooperation.


I made this diagram a few years ago to illustrate a talk I was giving and have never tired of it, as it expresses a truth in a very quick and easy way. When we run from a big fish we are all running away from it individually. When we join together and turn on it we are incredibly strong and it runs away from us! /

An example of how big corporations try to stomp out any sign of cooperation before it becomes too big; many years ago I saw a company offering 12% per annum on an investment of $1,000+  As i didn’t have a thousand dollars, I did a quick whip round my friends and 5 of us invested $200 each. As any idiot knows, 5 x $200 = $1,000. I invested it for a year (there minimum term) and let the time quietely tick by. After 5 months I got a “bully boy” letter from their lawyers demanding that I take the investment out and lose all the interest on it. To which I responded (taking no notice of their bullying blustering) that I had a CONTRACT with them and that if they wanted to break the contract they would have to pay the full years interest. No if, buts or maybes (read “the terrible truth about lawyers “by Mark McCormack) just a straight out offer. Amazingly, they paid us out the full amount of capital and interest for a year without a whimper. Which means that we made nearly 29% (per anumm) on our money in five months! But that is the price that were prepared to pay to get rid of us. Somehow they had found out that we had cooperated and bundled our money together to invest and that was definitely against their unwritten rules! Lol! BIg companies hate cooperation because it destroys their chances of usurious profits! Simple as that. 

Did you know that if you have a credit card, it comes with a list of rules to follow. One is that you must pay your bill on time, every month. But only 1 in three customers actually follow this rule. And you know what the companies call these people, the ones who follow the rules? Good customers? NO, they call them (behind their backs) “freeloaders!” Because by you following the company rules they can’t charge you usurious amounts of interest! Good counsel teaches us that “you will know them by their deeds, not by their words” What do credit card companies do with defaulting members (two thirds of all members!) They should prosecute them, put debt collectors onto them. Etcetera. Instead they quietly sit there and charge huge (usurious) amounts of interest! If you are actually in financial trouble you can get a budget adviser to ask for financial relief. As a financial budgeter I have done this in the past. And a single letter has bought interest rates down form 24% to 8%! Not a bad investment for less than a dollar (paper, ink. envelope and postage – that was in the days before the internet). They will still do the same today, because if they don’t they will lose you as a customer and create an enemy who will tell all their friends not to join that credit card company! Which equals less usury paying customers!  

The first secret of cooperation is internal cooperation, creating an internal synergy of body, brain and soul that follows reliable laws. And the only reliable laws are all higher, spiritual laws. The laws of man are only rules and regulations that can be twisted by anyone who is a lawyer, a criminal or someone with a bit of nous! Every time a lawyer writes the words if, and or but, they are in the contract to break the contract you are signing (from their side of the contract, not from your side!). This is the way of 99.9% of contracts!

Only by creating an internal synergy do we become whole. Only by coming whole can we create synergies with other whole people. Synergies can be made with a word and a handshake. No contract is needed to create a synergy. That is why they are much, much rarer than contracts. People into synergies usually make a contract too, as a matter of course, because you can’t always tell if a person is whole or not by their words or recent actions (anyone can keep up a front for 3 months). Synergisers tend to make contracts in plain, simple English without ands, ifs or buts! (again, read the book  “the terrible truth about lawyers “by Mark McCormack!). The reason for plain simple, English is that the contracts become unbreakable! That is why lawyers resist all contracts in this simple form! 

anyway I hope you like the card. It is also available as a motivational poster in A4 AND A3 sized,