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Behold the glory of a new day in your life!

700 tui in tree Behold the sun rises

Every night we die to this world and enter the spiritual world! Each morning we are reincarnated beck into the same body we occupied yesterday. The Bhagavad Gita is the only Holy book from God that talks about reincarnation and it is in this sense of daily rebirth it is talking about.  Read it this way and It makes total sense. Read it in the way man thinks of reincarnation and it doesn’t make sense at all!  God is the Creator, not a recycler!

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Staring at the Sun

When I was 11 I had a series of spiritual experiences, one of which I have kept a secret until now. It was summer and I had gone cycling with a friend, about a couple of miles towards Oakune (I lived in Waiouru, New Zealand, in the volcanic plateau at a height of 3,000 feet at the time), when we stopped at a small stream and rested on the grass. I was laying on my back, looking at the sky when I felt a transformation come over me. I turned my head and saw that the sky was transformed into a huge dome onto which Mount Ruapehu and the clouds were just painted on. Then I looked straight towards the sun and saw that it too was painted on the dome but it now looked like a large copper ball. It was fascinating and I seemed to stare at it for ages, until suddenly it became too bright to look at and the dome disappeared and everything came back to “normal”. It remains with me to this day and looking back I realise now that I must have been staring at the sun through my eighth chakra, not my eyes, otherwise I would have blinded myself.