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Spirituality is a universal experience of transcendent Reality, common to all humanity

I have a friend in Malaysia and he posted a quote on facebook by Swami Vivekananda, who I had never heard of, so I looked him up on google and found a page dedicated to him. And there I found another quote which really struck a bell with me, as an excellent definition of what spirituality is. The quote goes, “religion is a universal experience of transcendent Reality, common to all humanity”. I have replaced the word religion with the word spirituality to bring it up to date, so it now reads, “Spirituality is a universal experience of transcendent Reality, common to all humanity“. The author of the original quote died in 1902 and lived in a time when organised religion still held dominance. But 110 years later organised religion is dropping away rapidly as the spiritual element has dropped out of them, because we live in a new age! In this new age the spiritual element has become a lot more person from Man to God rather than from Man to  church, to God. 

This ties in with the Dalai Lama quote of, “People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road as I am doesn’t mean they’re lost!” There are many paths to God, but the one path in common is always Love (I Am/ the Holy Spirit) and Love actions. Don’t criticize someone because their path is different from yours, if their results are the same – the manifestation of Love and good actions. We are all different (i’m not! SMACK!!! LOL!!) some of us are like 5 year olds, some of us are like university scholars. The university scholar should not criticize the 5 year old for his understanding of what makes a car go – the engine! Even though it is only two words long it is still a valid answer for a five year old! 

When it comes to spiritual matters the university graduate should try to teach the five year old the next step in the process of love, not try to stuff the entire tree of knowledge down the students throat! One step at a time is all the student can learn! If the student hasn’t learned, it’s because the teacher hasn’t taught! The most common source of this is the teacher teaching 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 or even 100 steps ahead of the student! The skill is knowing what step is the next step! Fortunately with Love all we have to do is ask to be given the next step and it will be provided for us, even to the extent of having our tongues taken over by God and us teaching things we don’t know! So be alert, and listen in and try to understand the new knowledge when that happens to you!

so the quote of the day, of the century for today is…

Spirituality is a universal experience of transcendent Reality, common to all humanity

reverend master  j’iam