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Wholistic Synergies in the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN)

In WPPN we start our initial synergy which is synergising the self. A synergy is a working unity of energies, that can be either internal or external in nature. Most of the world’s people are internally disunited which the Christ says is divisive – “A house (person) divided (not internally synergised) will always lose”. If that is the problem, what is the solution? Why, to simply take it out of the double negatives (divided/lose) and put it into a single positive, so, “A house (person) united (internally synergised) will always WIN”. WPPN is set up to initially help us become internally synergised (if we aren’t already). We show this internal lack of unity with a single link of chain divided…


 Now the balance may be different for each person as to the proportions of the three elements, but most people in the west have a larger body portion than brain and soul

portions. But it really doesn’t matter about the proportions, what matters is that they are synergised (welded) together, into a whole link…


 This process of internal linking is called an internal synergy. This is done naturally and safely within the network. The reason internal synergy is important, besides allowingthe person to start winning, is that only whole links (not broken ones) can join with other links to make a chain.

The second form of synergy is the external synergy which consists of putting whole links together to form a chain. Again this is naturally and easily formed with the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network….


 This form of synergy is covered in the Bible by the saying “Wherever two or more of you are gathered (united/synergised) in My name (Christ) as you speak out of your mouths, so it shall Be (work can be achieved)” Today this type of synergy is called an external synergy.

 What is stronger than a straight chain? A wholistic chain – that is to say a loop chain. Only a linked chain can make a loop chain, a synergised chain! 


Can you see any weaknesses in this chain? No, neither can I, and this is the third stage of sysnergised energy the network. In motivation books this type of synergy is called “the Mastermind”, but I prefer to call it a spiritual synergy, as that is a more adequate description of it’s wholistic energy. 

Of course anyone can achieve these three forms of synergy outside of the network, but it is far, far, far harder to do,as you are starting alone. All to often it is impossible for people to even internally synergise, yet alone synergise with other whole people! This is what the network overcomes, the isolation of trying to internally synergise, externally synergise and spiritually synergise starting by yourself. You are never alone in the network for there are always mentors ahead of you in the process!In the network the wholistic, spiritual, chain is known as the “Inner Circle”. 


The inner circle is the centre around which the other members circle. Inner circle members become sponsors to new members in their downstream. They also become receivers of gifts from new and old members (including other members of the inner circle) because they are further ahead in the wealth creation process and therefor empower your internal giftings to a higher degree than external gifting to Non-WPPN members and charities. This is, of course, an advantage to all members, which is why it is set up This way!

Members of the innner circle have different degrees of mastery. The highest degree of mastery is Spiritual Mastery and we represent this by a spiral line that moves in towards the centre of the circle.


 Of course there are many masters and so the reality looks more like this…


 Of course, at the centre is the source of knowledge, otherwise known as Divine Essence. Universal Wisdom or God. It doesn’t matter what you call Him, it is all the same thing. From this unknowable source comes the knowable source and this is what the inner circle is tapped into. So this huge amount of energy is passed downline to the new, inexperienced, members that they may grow more quickly.

The inner circle is the foundation stone of the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (Synergy) and members move from being internally divided to being whole withithin themselves. Then they link in with other whole members to grow and develop by Doing and then fullfilling their Beingness. At a certain stage they are ready to move into the inner circle. From there they become one of the centres of the Network and start moving up to their maximum height. The diagram looks like this…


In WPPN there is a flow down effect, starting at the top with spiritual energy, moving down to metaphysical energy and then down again to physical energy. Spiritual energy is transformed into metaphysical energy at a 10:1 ratio (one unit of Spiritual energy is equal to 10 units of metaphysical energy).

Spiritual energy is also moved down to physical energy at a ratio of 100:1, (100 units of physical energy for each unit of spiritual energy).

And metaphysical energy is moved down to physical energy at 10:1, (10 units of physical energy for each single unit of metaphysical energy.) 

 This initially all sounds very complicated but that is because most people haven’t heard anything about the subject. But is is amazingly simple to pick up and after a while it rolls of your tongue as if you had been born with the knowledge! The Network takes care of everything you don’t know and puts it into a system that works for you and educates you about these mysteries at the same time!

 The moment you join you are actually carrying out the basic actions you need to implement to become Wealthy (a spiritual state – notice the capital W.) So you start by Doing and then learning what you are doing, so it becomes a part of your Beingness (and Beingness is an essential element of Wealth.) If you have to learn your beingness by yourself it can take many, many years and then you have to start doing! WPPN saves you Time – the one thing no-one on earth can get more of! You can get more money, more goods, more fame and lots of other things, but to date no-one has even got back a single second of time for themselves! 

 Also to be wealthy means having everything you want but still Being Happy! If you have everything you want but aren’t happy, you are simply rich (a dis-empowered state of havingness). This is why it is called the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (synergy) because the answer to everything in life today relies on wholism. We can’t be partially peaceful anymore, nor can we be partially prosperous/Wealthy. To die rich and unhappy is a terrible shame. Imagine dying and having only two people at your funeral – the priest and the undertaker! That is the result of lives partially lived. But imagine heaps of people there because they Love you (as you Loved them!), now that is Bliss!

If you are internally motivated take a hard look at the wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN) because it’s time is now, and the first ones in will be ahead of the rest of mankind, who delay waiting for others approval! SEE THE WPPN WEBSITE:



Because I started my lifes journey in Art in the photographic field I ended up doing wedding photography. From attending a wedding every week for several years I started to notice things. Many odf the people getting married were not really fully committing to the relationship – they were basically getting married with their bags already packed! In the end going to these weddings put me off wedding photography so badly I dropped out of that job permanently!

Once in a while you’d get a really good marriage starting up but we were lucky if they were 1 in 5! 3 in 5 were okay to various degrees and I wished them luck. But 1 in 5 were pointless – there was no reason for them to get married because one or both of them already had their bags packed.

The marriage ceremony is about commitment, about two people committing to each other for life. But more often than not it’s about ceremony, rather than commitment. Let me say this bluntly. If the commitment isn’t whole and double-sided then the marriage is doomed to a life expectancy of 5, or less, years. Physical attraction can hold people together for up to five years, but if the wholistic commitment isn’t made within that time then “POOF!!” up it goes in smoke!

Any of us can be fooled. Just over 4 years ago I married a lady who wanted a big wedding ceremony, but didn’t want to be married to me! I was very loyal and kept the marriage going for 3 and half years until i was exhausted from the effort! We went to marriage guidance after only three months of marriage and she sat there saying, “He just wants to be married to me!” as if there was something wrong with that.  Duh, of course I did, I was in love with her, but apparently she wasn’t with me and not committed either.  If she had known herself better she could have been honest with me and I would have gone through the ceremony for her, but not signed the legal papers! It would have been much easier on me, I can tell you.

In the Bible is says , “to the level of your belief it shall be given to you.” If you replace the word faith with commitment it is still 100% true! Faith and commitment are very closely related – like the Brown kiwi and the grey kiwi – variations of the same species!

So I say to you you, commit, commit, commit! Be slow to commit and even slower to break that commitment. But when the commitment is supposed to be two sided and only one side is working, don’t be afraid to break it because commitments on the spiritual level are actually called synergies, and marriage is designed to be a synergy. The formula for a synergy is 1+1=3 because the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Synergies can only be formed between whole people. But if we make a synergy with a non-whole person it no longer adds up but multiplies instead. So if we have a whole person that totals 1 plus a non-whole person (which we will call half/.5) the multiplying the two together always totals less than 1 – 1x.5=.5 !! If you think about it in another way, the negative person always drains the positive person acting like a lightening rod to drain the energy away and not keeping any of the energy for itself!

So how does one become whole? By uniting body, brain and soul into one by commons goals and synergising the three to work together. The Bible talks about a “House divided can never win” If we translate that from the double negative (divided/never) into a single positive then it reads “A house united (synergised/united) will always win!”  A house united is an internal synergy. A marriage is an external synergy that needs two synergised people to make it work. A synergy made between a synergised person and a non-synergised on is always going to fail because the energy levels of the “synergy” is always going to be below one. Nothing under one ever works (except on paper!)

A non-working synergy is quite easily broken by the synergised partner. It cannot be kept going by the non-synergised partner. It only requires a few words from the synergised partner mouth to “disband” the synergy and make him/herself whole again.

And that is where the damage comes from in an incorrect synergy. By taking on a non-synergised partner (be it personal or business) you are effectively making yourself non-whole again, separated, dis-united. By getting rid of the non-whole portion of your life (the non-whole partner) you effectively go back to being whole within yourself again and the power starts to flow again! Ah, Happy days!