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Thrift is a tax free payrise


There are two forms of thrift – passive and active. Only active thrift is a payrise. Passive thrift is only a reduction in costs. Active thrift comes comes to us through wholistic accounting and is a very powerful tool in creating a virtuous cycle, which of course the the foundation base of true Wealth!

No one ever got Wealthy without a virtuous cycle behind them. Of course you can get rich, but what good are riches? Riches are gained by doing and having. Wealth is gained by BEing, DOinng and having – can you see the difference? This is why the rich man went to Jesus seeking his BEingness! Jesus gave him a perfect answer, but the young rich man was too attached to his money to take up the proffered answer (“Can’t I just have my BEingness for no effort?” BUZZZ! NO!!! Lol!)

I think i will have to write about thrift pretty soon, it is such a powerful weapon in wealth creation!

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