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I have reached a stage in my life where I am tired of the inaction, the lethargy of the world in implementing wealth creating actions. And then I realised that the world doesn’t actually KNOW how to create wealth! And that God has given me a special service to mankind – to teach people how to create wealth! So to this end I am setting up seminars and workshops to teach people how to create Wealth Spiritually.

The reason I teach spiritual wealth is that spirituality must be whole. It is not enough to look after our souls and let our bodies starve. It is not enough to look after our bodies and let our souls starve either! We must look after both! Otherwise we will never be whole, which in biblical terms means we can never be Holy!

In this new age we must apply “Spiritual solutions to economic problems”. Look at the world right now. We live in an abundance of things, material goods. There is no shortage of anything, rather there is an uneven distribution of goods. And an abundance of certain negative things – things like arms and military, drugs, alcohol, gambling and many other addictions. So what we need to do is set in place a new order – not from the top down, but from the bottom up. Whenever something is set in place from the top down it is usually a physical reign with a total lack of spirituality. A dictatorship.

But when things are set in place from the bottom up, from the people, it usually leads to 300 years of peace. In this new age of abundance we are promised a 1,000 years of peace! And the source of power for the bottom people is always spiritual. What other power-base do they have?

So I am teaching whoever wants to change their world the spiritual ways of empowerment.

Empowerment always starts in the individual. It then leads to cells of people who synergise and form larger groups, much like atoms form molecules, The molecules then merge in energy to create “cells”. The cells then merge (synergise) to create organs. The organs then synergise to create a body. The body then wakes up and starts to live! That is the way God changes the world! And that is the way God’s people change the world – always starting with themselves!

Change ourselves and we change our world, we literally change a part of the world – the part that we embrace in our lives. We are never separate; we have a sphere of influence on our partners, children, grand children, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, relatives, friends and associates. Once enough people are awake (3%) we transform the whole world through the phenomena of “The 100th monkey!” It only needs 3 people in a hundred to change the whole consciousness of mankind!

So when I say Peace and Prosperity is Possible, what I am really saying is that Peace and Prosperity is Probable, No, that Peace and Prosperity is Inevitable!

Peace and Prosperity is Possible,

Peace and Prosperity is Probable

Peace and Prosperity is Inevitable!

Reverend master J’iam

My card offers New Solutions to old problems! What are the problems we face in our personal lives? Work, Income, Housing are the three main ones in every persons lives. And what are the dangers we face with these three? Instability, fluctuations and lack of growth! So if we get continuity, stability and growth in Work, Income and Housing we are pretty set in our lives!

The problems…

Work, Income, Housing

Instability, fluctuations and lack of growth

the solutions…

Continuity, Stability and Growth


Work, Income, Housing!

Continuity means no breaks, just a permanent unbroken line

Stability means no huge fluctuations (like of income or housing)

Growth means permanent growth of family assets that are shared by family members.

Notice that family assets are shared. That means down through the generations. Our current system says “build up assets during your lifetime, only to have them scattered to the four winds when you die!” The spiritual way says build up your assets whilst you live and allow your children to join their assets into the families when they mature! And your grandchildren to do the same when they mature. And your great grandchildren when they mature! (Of course you will be gone to the next world by the time this happens, but so what? I’ll be happy to be there, knowing that my life accumulations are going to a good cause – my descendants, and helping to create stability down through the generations!”)

And the only system I’ve found that can do all these things is a spiritually based system called the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network! This was revealed to me in 1992 after I asked the Universe (God!) what the secret to being wealthy was! It came to me one Saturday morning and it took me 19 years to fully explore it and set it up (Never try anything untested!) It was revealed to me then, so it would be ready for the crisis that we are experiencing now. Everything is done under perfect timing under the Hand of God!

So if you (like myself) have tried every method of getting ahead and struck brick wall, after brick wall, after brick wall then consider the old ways blocked to you and look at a new way! I will teach you the new way and I promise that you will have continuity, stability and growth in your life within 5 to 10 years. After that life will be sweet! You will have security in it’s fullest sense. And long before it manifests in this world it manifests in your heart, so all the fears, doubts and worries of life disappear because you Know that your life is changing for the better… “You will Know the truth and the truth will set you free!”

If you seek guidance into spiritual answers to economic problems please get in touch with me. I am setting up seminars at the moment but they will take a while to set up and I can start with the keen ones straight away. The only thing I can say to you is the sooner you start the sooner you succeed!

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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My religious free childhood

As a child my life was remarkably religious free! I never attended a single christening, wedding or funeral (Hatch, match and Dispatch) because my family were isolated from the larger family by moving 12,000 miles from England to new Zealand. We couldn’t have been physically further away. Also the only reference I heard to the father son and holy ghost was “Daddio, Laddio and spook!” from my father in a joking way (army humour)

And then we were isolated by the fact that my father was in the army and I spent 8 years of my childhood in an army camp called Waiouru, that was physically isolated from the nearest town by 20 miles and in the middle of a volcanic plateau. And of course no religious people were allowed to teach in Waiouru – only the tamed religions that allowed warfare, the catholics and the church of England.

I didn’t attend one children’s religious class in 8 years and that was fun, filling in the pictures with crayons. I don’t think they were actually allowed to teach any religion directly in Waiouru. I do remember singing an army based song of “I may never march in the infantry, ride in the cavalry but I’m in the Lord’s army!”

And that basically was my association with religion in my childhood.

Not that I didn’t have spiritual experiences. Like falling backwards out of a tree, going into an altered state and seeing my young life flash before my eyes! Or having an altered state experience of seeing the sky as a dome with Mount Ruapehu and the sun just painted onto it. And staring at the sun that appeared to be like a big copper ball.

Another experience was laying on the bed reading a book when I was suddenly up on the ceiling, looking down at some chap laying on a bed reading a book. “That’s funny,” I thought to myself, “he has the same bedspread as me!” Then I thought, “wait a minute that is my bedspread! So if that is my bedspread that must be my bed! And if that is my bed then that must be me down there reading that book! So if I’m down there reading a book what am I doing up here on the ceiling?” Whoomp! And I’m back in my body! Lol!

So my life was not without spiritual experiences. But I was kept magnificently separated from all religions as that was part of my path in life that lead to my royal rebirth at the age of 28.

The next big step came when I was 14, going on 15 – the age of spiritual freedom when I would be able to make up my own mind about spiritual choice and make a commitment. I was in third form of college and I had a wonderful science teacher who always said, “Don’t believe what I say, always test it in the test tubes and see if what I say is true. By testing it you will be able to get repeatable results and KNOW it is true!” I highly respected this teacher!

Then at the end of the year we were to be given religious instruction, and Mr ******** was chosen to do it. He started spouting off a lot of stuff that I didn’t understand (and I don’t think he believed either) so I put my hand up and asked him where the proofs were for what he was saying. He came up to my desk in a rage. Leaned over me and said, “You don’t need proof, you have to believe what I’m saying!” Wow! What a reversal! I instantly decided to become an atheist to protect myself against the dogma I was being fed! Unfortunately I also threw the baby out with the bathwater! I threw God out with the dogma! But it was all part of the isolation plan put in place by God/the Universe etc Himself to protect me for my rebirth. I spent the next 7 years battling the system by being an atheist.

The next big spiritual event came when I was 21 years old(notice the seven year gaps starting) when I drowned and passed over to the other side in what is called a Near Death Experience (NDE). Even though I experienced this amazing event I still remained an atheist for another seven years! Why? Because I didn’t ask to connect to Love/God! Unless we ask of our own free will we will not meet with I Am – the knowable essence of God. The strange thing is that I still had spiritual experiences and, as an artist, people always said my work was “Very Spiritual!” Which puzzled me no end! Lol!

Now the three states of happiness are (1) contentment (2) Joy and (3) Ecstasy and Bliss. And the three states of unhappiness are (1) discontent (2) Depression  and (3) Self destruction. As an atheist I gradually sank lower and lower down the unhappiness ladder until, at the age of 28, I reached the edge of self destruction. With nothing to lose I awoke to ask God if he existed (at all?) Within 6 months of asking this question I was reborn into the Holy Spirit (I Am, the Christ Spirit) in a massive WHAANG!!!! Lol! And that was the beginning of my second part of life. To be continued….

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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I Am an Expert in Personal Peace and Prosperity

I don’t know exactly when I became and expert in Personal Peace and Prosperity, but I can trace the exact moment it began! It was way back in 1989 when I wrote a letter to a local millionaire asking him if there was such a thing as a club where people met to get the knowledge they needed to become wealthy. Of course i received no reply as I was asking a rich man for the secrets of wealth and he just didn’t know them! But from that none-reply i went on to ask God for the secrets of wealth and was granted them in 1992 in an epiphany. It then took me 20 years to swing my whole life around to become first Poor and then Wealthy. And somewhere in that time I passed into a teacher of Personal Peace and Prosperity. 

Why peace and prosperity? Because these two things are the foundations of a happy personal life and the foundations of world peace and prosperity.  Peace and prosperity are both SPIRITUAL Foundations. riches and poverty are simply physical traps for the unwary!

The rich man approached His Holiness Jesus and asked him how to move from the state of riches to the state of wealth. Jesus’s reply was, “Gift all your money to the Poor”. The rich man, knowing nothing about gifting, assumed he meant to give all his assets to those in poverty and turned away. The reason for this misunderstanding is because of the sloppy way people use words. Riches and poverty are both cursed physical states. Wealthy and Poor are both blessed spiritual states. Most people use the words interchangibly and never know the true value or worthlessness of the words they are using.  Wealthy and the state of Poor are both empowered states. Riches and poverty are both dis-empowered states. Simple as that! What can a disempowered man achieve? Nothing spiritual! What can an empowered man achieve? Great things on all planes – Spiritual, metaphysical and physical.

Sloppy thinking means sloppy results – J.I.J.O. – Junk In, Junk Out! Precise thinking means precise results – Q.I.Q.O – Quality In, Quality Out. Riches are the results of sloppy thinking as they are gained by doing only two of the three things we need to do in life – DOing and HAVEing. The third, and most important thing we need to do in life, is to BE. So wealth is a result of BEing, DOing and HAVEing. Beingness is the source of true happiness. What is the point of being rich and miserable? “What profiteth the man, if he gains the world and loses his soul?” 

Jesus told the rich man how to build his Beingness by GIFTING to the Poor. If he had of done this, he would have learned detachment from all things except Love/God and Become one of the Poor! Because he had become one of the Poor and had Gifted (not given away) his assets he would have invoked the law of sowing and reaping and all his money would have been returned to him multiplied. And he would have just slid across to being wealthy! A perfect answer to the real question he was asking! Which was how to be Happy and prosperous!

Sloppy people always assume. He assumed Jesus was giving him a formula for poverty and walked away. But spiritually we must never assume, otherwise we make and ASS out of U and ME! If you ask a master for an answer His answer is always correct for the question you asked. Sometimes we simply ask the wrong questions! Ask the wrong question and you’ll get the wrong answer to the question you really want to know. Sloppiness also lays in question asking! Once you learn to ask the right questions, the doors always open to the right answers. 

An example. You come accross a door that won’t open, so you ask. “why won’t the door open?” And the answer is “Because you are doing it wrong” The clue lays in the answer! But most people keep asking the same question over and over and keep on getting the same reply over and over. As i aid the answer lays in the question. You have asked WHAT you are doing wrong and received the correct answer to the wrong question. So what other questions can we ask. There are only 6 basic questions in the world and these where explained by Ruyard Kipling in his poem, “6 serving men”.

I KEEP six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.

The wrong answer came to the wrong question. The wrong question was a why, so what is the next question? A HOW of course, so ask, “How do I open this door?” and the answer will come back, “turn the knob clockwise and pull the door towards you!” Be Brilliant on the Basics (BOB!)

You are guaranteed an answer to any question, to any truth in the universe under the laws of providence, as knowledge is a need, a luxuryy – “if Knowledge was a thing that money could buy, then the rich would live and the poor would die!” 

See the precise pattern developing here? The be wealthy we must follow certain steps – just as everyone is born a baby and follows certain steps and over a certain period of time become adults! So to it is with wealth. To be poor is to be a child of wealth. To be wealthy is to become and adult of the state of Poor (“Blessed are the Poor in spirit”). No one is born an adult, everyone is born a child! This is why Jesus said , “we must become like the little children!” Not to become childish, but to become child like

Another aspect of the progressions in life is the saying, “We must learn to walk before we can run!” and this is emminantly true. Everything follows an orderly path and we cannot escape any of the steps that lead us upwards as we otherwise level out and don’t progress upwards!

All these things i am saying to you today are a reflection of the path i have taken to reach the state of wealthy. I am now spiritually wealthy! And soon my wealth will manifest in my physical life (“First you must BE wealthy and then you will become wealthy“). One of the manifestations of wealth is the realisation that I am now an expert in personal Peace and prosperity. And who was my fist “client”? Myself of course! I did all the experimenting on myself, testing the truth of what i am today over, and over, and over – until it became my truth! How could i teach anything except what I have personally learned by testing? And how could I test it on anyone else without testing it on myself first? IAs a poor man, I couldn’t. And as a wealthy man I can’t. For unless we test things on ourselves we cannot commit to them. And if we are not committed, we cannot know the truth of it and we cannot share it with others. “You will KNOW the truth, and the truth will set you free!” 

So I repeat, I am an expert on personal Peace and Prosperity. And from today onwards my door is open to teach anyone who wants to learn the secrets of Peace and Prosperity, so they can take a straight road to these two things, not the long, windy path i took! Lol!

contact me personally and ask.

Love Peace and Prosperity