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Do and Have, and Being is missed out. Be and Do, and Having takes care of itself automatically!

Do and Have, and Being is missed out.

Be and Do – and Having takes care of itself automatically!

If we simply do and have we don’t fulfill our own true inner potentials by Being. It is our beingness that leads to our internal happiness! If we are in a job for the having only, we are more than likely to be unhappy – because we are not fulfilling our inner desires, our own inner potential and our talents and abilities.

If, however, we fulfill these things and work at a job doing this, then we are “paid to play” The work becomes secondary to the pleasure we receive from the work! This is the secret of a long and happy life – always fulfill your BEingness!

What happens to our states when we chose either road? If we chose the doing and having we actually enter a poverty state called riches. We have all heard Biblical stories of rich men. We know that riches don’t bring happiness. I personally know because I married into riches in my first marriage! There is an old saying, “Money can’t buy you Love!” and this is absolutely true. But don’t dispair because the opposite IS TRUE! Love does buy you wealth (Abundance + Love).

Wealth is a spiritual state known as abundance. In abundance we have to develop our LOVE firstly and then move into abundance where the money manifests itself! To reach abundance we have to enter, and go through, the state of “Poor”. For the vast majority the state of Poor is a state of empowerment that has very little to do with our state of possessions. Poor is a spiritual state in which we learn to be BE detached from all things except Love (God). It is as simple as that!

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” What does this mean? It means that in the state of Poor we learn how to BE Ecstacitically and Blissfully Happy! Once we achieve that we can move onto the state of Abundance where we use our surpluses to look after the Poor! Abundance is also the state of the Peacemaker where “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”  The children of God must somehow be different from the children of men? I’ll SAY!!!

So those are our two positive states of Beingness.

If you want to set a goal right now, then I recommend that you set the Goal of becoming a Peacmaker. Because if you don’t set the end goal, you will never arrive at it! And by setting an end goal of peacemaker you will be taken to the first empowering state of Poor and through to the second, higher, empowered state of Abundance!  With this goal the path is straight as a die!

Would you buy an airplane ticket with now idea of where your were going? Of course you wouldn’t! It’s the same with our lives. We are here for just a “Twinkling of the eye” Although it seems a long way to 60 from the actual age of 20, it is only 3 weeks in hindsight from 20 to 60, at the actual age of 60! (believe me, I’m over 60 and i wonder, “where did my past life disappear – and so quickly?”)

Set the end goal and your soul will guide you towards it. Set it in writing so the power base is the highest and it will happen sooner, rather than later. And then you can live your life in a state of BEing fulfillment! The time will still fly by – but you will be blissfully and ecstatically HAPPY! Better to lead a life like this, than an unfulfilling, unhappy one!

So back to the original heading. Have i strayed off the point? No, i don’t think so. Our purpose in life is to be happy. This is best achieved by serving our souls firstly and by serving other souls secondly. This is best achieved in the state of Poor/Peace (first) and Abundance/Service/Prosperity (second).


Can you SEE the direction? Can you see it? Then come and join me in achieving it – immediately! Through the WPPN enabling/empowering network synergy. Come and BE, Do and Have!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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