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How I have added to the world by adding to myself

Over the past 35 years I have added to the world by adding to myself. Some of the additions include…

(1) I have studied the ways of Peace and Prosperity

(2) I have implemented the ways of Peace and Prosperity into a Virtuous Cycle for myself and others

(3) I have started my own family bank

(4) I have Peace and Prosperity Goals that I work consistently towards – every day!

(5) I have become a Master of metaphysics and spirituality

(6) I have become a more loving and compassionate person than i was before

(7) I recognise, and live by, the fundamental truths far more easily now than I did before

(8) I have made my life a “do it to myself project” not a “have it done to me” project!

(9) I have reduced my consumption footstep in the world

(10) II have increased my contribution footprint in the world (try typing “reverend master j’iam” into Google and sees what comes up both under web and images!

(11) I gift 10% of my income to charity (and that will increase in percentage as more income manifests)

(12) My will is subservient to God’s will and to the higher laws

(13) I have taken my own health care out of the hands of doctors and placed it in my own hands and the hands of God

(14) I have synergised my body, brain and soul into a single unit (a house united will always win!) This increases my energy level from 1(physical energy) to 11 (physical + metaphysical energies combined) to 111 (physical + metaphysical+ spiritual energies combined) internally and allows me to tap into the 1,111 energy levels of the higher laws


There are probably a few more items to add to this list, but they will come to me when they come to me – this is what I was given this morning.

So I ask all readers to make up your own list of additions to your lives, additions that add to both your personal and world peace and prosperity. The method i am using is the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network, that costs me only $25 per month to craete an ever growing virtuous cycle. This lays out all the foundations of a peaceful, prosperous, successful, happy and loving life for the rest of our lives and into the lives of our children, our grandchildren and so forth down through the generations by creating a spiritual, a metaphysical and a physical legacy!

As a master I have paved a new path through the jungle of life and am now inviting others to follow this new path to a new valley that is ready for opening to mankind. The first to come through the path will be “adventurers” who will be able to lay claim to large tracts of peace and prosperity.  The adventurers will widen the path and make it a permanent path for other to follow. 

The next to come will be the “me too”‘s who will again make their claims in the new valley of prosperity and who will widen the path into a single lane gravel road that will allow cars and trucks into the valley to accelerate growth!

The next wave will build a town there and put in a paved two lane highway and the valley will be permanently settled and ready to expand for the nest 1,000 years! (remember the valley is a spiritual one, not a physical one!)

So if you want to make YOUR life a better one, so that when you die people will say “There lays a GOOD person” then come and join the travelers and “Head Westwards!!! …  

                                                                              WESTWARD HO!!!

kindest regards,

May Love, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


phone/text: 0221 625 941 (New Zealand)

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