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Not a get-rich-quick-scheme!

Come with me and I’ll guarantee you a happy, peaceful and prosperous future! Unlike get-rich-quick-schemes I’m going to tell you that it will probably take between 10 and 20 years!

What 10 to 20 years?! Well, do you expect to plant a magic seed tonight and have a vine that grows up into the sky tomorrow morning? Be realistic – anything good takes time to grow!

I see hundreds of people spending big money on “instant gratification.” Even done it myself in the past! Trouble is that their money just gurgles into the pocket of the seller, because they have really bought a pig in a sack (that contains a cat, of no farming value.)

There is a law about gratification – it states, “the longer we wait, the greater the reward!”

Know that 99% of us don’t have enough life time left to achieve lasting wealth! Which means we don’t create any form of legacy. Fortunately for you you have “Stumbled (more likely been guided)” upon this blog and have a chance to bring the time down to 20 years or less! How do we do that?

By using the processes of WPPN (the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network) to create Virtuous Cycles that compound in our lives to give us Happiness first! The get rich merchants forget to mention this. Even if their methods succeed, they invariably take you to a state of riches – where you have money, but no true internal happiness! WPPN always builds our happiness first and the virtuous cycles (that we build at the same time) compound and flow back to us happy people to create the state of WEALTH!

Happiness + Abundance = WEALTH!

Right from the start you have to know where you are headed. If you are aiming at riches you are aiming at a big smelly bog! Lol! If you aim for wealth you are aiming for a wholistic goal of Love, happiness, peace, success and prosperity! We always get what we aim for! If we choose unrealistic goals we get unrealistic(negative) results – loss! If we aim for wholistic, positive goals then that is what we get too – “as we sow, so we reap multiplied!

The main obstacle to 99% of us is two things – Knowledge and a Method. WPPN was revealed to me in a vision in 1992. It took me 19 years to understand it fully. But today we don’t have to understand it fully, just test it to make sure it’s true, understand that it is the truth, do it and it all takes care of itself.

The trouble with accumulating knowledge first and then setting up the system/method, is that we rapidly run out of lifetime! This is why God gave us(mankind) this system!

It is a system for this new age we live in. We already have a material civilisation. But that is only one wing of the bird. The other wing is a divine civilisation that will generate Peace (wipe out war – people tend not to fight when they are happy and prosperous!) and Prosperity (people tend to grow prosperous when they are happy and peaceful!)

I rest my case!

To recap, you have been looking for a system to create real lasting wealth for yourself, your spouse, your children and so forth down through the generations! I say WPPN is the solution to your problems! You cannot just join, you have to test the truth of WPPN first. Once you “See” the truth of WPPN, all other things can be learned over time. Then you join and start studying at your own pace. And over time your consciousness expands and you become happier. Also other spiritual growths happen (like internal unification) and you become a lot happier and detached from the problems that drag you down at the moment.

Then your internal cycles change from negative to positive, one at a time until you don’t have any negative ones left at all. Then the system starts to rapidly increase on the lower levels of money, goods and services. This is the returns of the virtuous cycles in the form of prosperity. WPPN always starts at the top and works down (that’s funny, I’m sure I’ve heard that saying before – “starts at the top and works down!” Lol!)

So I leave it in your hands – it is up to you to investigate this phenomena of WPPN. We are not hard selling it to anyone; if you want it you have to investigate it independently. That is one of the principles of this new age – “independent investigation of the truth!”

you can look at the WPPN website at

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Remember, if you do nothing 20 years will pass anyway and you’ll still be where you are today!

I look forward to hearing from you

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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An open letter to Mr Russell Brand

Dear Russell,

My name used to be Russell too, until I was given the name of J’iam which means “hand of I Am, Hand of Love, Servant of Love.” Like yourself I am a revolutionary, but I have been given a system to replace the present irretrievably broken economic system and return the power back to the people. So that is my part in the revolution and I would like to join forces with you in implementing a new system.

At the same time as the name change(1992) I was given a new economic system based on Love, spiritual principles, virtuous cycles and the higher laws of the universe. There is no paid interest in the new system and the power of money is given back to individuals and families. This is the key to breaking usurers and usuries.

It took me 19 years to fully understand the principles of the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (Synergy) and to set it up to the level where I could recruit the second and third members. I am now into the sixth year of a thirty year mission and my mission ends in the year 2036, apparently one year after the predicted true beginning of earth’s golden age. So I will get to see it on earth. That is my reward for my thirty years of service.

The WPPN system is the replacement for capitalism, communism and other usuries in the new age.

I like the way you speak as a master – you are a revolutionary, well placed to point out the fallacies of the current dying system. I have the replacement system for the current evils of usuries. I would like to offer you the chance of looking at the WPPN System to test it’s truth – and if you find it to be the truth to support it in our world wide development (the WPPN system belongs to the individuals who join and create permanent wealth and peace for the themselves, their spouses, their families, there friends and neighbours and the world at large.

All I ask of you is that you independently investigate the truth.

You can contact me at, so the ball is in your court.

Many thanks,


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i think i’ll pass on that!

Say six billion people agree that putting your hands, and other extremities, into a guillotine is okay and are doing it to chop off fingers and toes! They have passed legislation to make it legal to do so. Would i do it? No, i think I’d pass on that.

Just because everyone else is doing something doesn’t mean that it’s RIGHT! It just means that a lot of people are doing it. Do we choose to live our lives by consensus or by the spiritual laws of the universe? I choose to follow the spiritual laws. You are free to do what you want, but if two wrongs don’t make a right how can 6 billion wrongs make a right? It can’t.

Contrarian thinking states that if everyone is doing something it makes contrarian sense to do the opposite as when “everybody” is doing something it is usually wrong, There are people who maker fortunes with contrarian thinking – Mr Buffet for a start. Not that they use contrarian thinking all the time – they use it judicially to find out the truth of the situation. If everyone is doing A is A necessarily the truth? Contrarian thinking is a touchstone, a tool, to the truth, not a formula for living. Find the Truth and the Truth will set you Free. (who said that? Oh, just some minor Jewish radical in the first century – take no notice of Him!)

There are dozens of contrarian examples. I’ll look at just two – (1) the 1932 stock market crash and (2) the rise of Nazism

(1) the stock market crash of 1932 caused people to lose 86% of their investment value. 86%!!! As most people in the stock market at that stage with using borrowed money to invest with,  that meant that their investments were worth a lot less than their liabilities to the banks. This is the fundamental reason for the pain experienced after the crash. The “easy money” gotten to buy shares had driven them up to a ridiculous high and a crash was inevitable. However the loans were still due and at high interest rates too! So that is where the pain was caused in American society because nearly “everyone” was doing it! Very few families were unaffected!

(2) the nazi regime got a hold f power by unfair means and then got access to the youth of Germany and trained them up to be real nazis! The first thing they got rid of was all the real, the spiritual, thinkers who would oppose them. Then once they were gone, they got rid of all the people in authority and replaced them with nazi party officials. so they worked on a two pronged front. Get rid of all the free thinkers and replace them with party line thinkers and then set to indoctrinating the youth (who have everything, except wisdom!). From there you have a perfect killing machine and no physical laws in Germany to stop them!. Contrarian thinkers were amongst the first to go in nazi Germany. The Germans of today are not responsible for this history, but are responsible to keep it alive in their memory lest it happen again!

So the Truth must be decided by the individual – not by the masses!

Rosa Parks was just a tired black lady who was a member of a church in the southern states who refused to move when told to (move to the “black” section of the bus!). Has history recorded the name of the person who told her to do this? No that non-entity is now long forgotten by history. Instead it remembers the name of the lady who stood up to the bully and refused to move! This is what history judges us on – did we do the right thing when confronted with an untruth?  It is history that judges us, not our friends, neighbours and associates who agree so strongly with us now – “it must be right because everyone is doing it!”

You have to make decisions in your life, many small ones and a couple of big ones. How you handle the many small ones basically decides how you handle the big ones! If your many small decisions are based in untruth then it is likely that you big decisions will based on untruths too. If your many small decisions are based in the Truth then more than likely your big decisions will be based on the Truth as well. Why is this? Because of the law of inertia – which is also known as the first law of Motion (movement) which states that,  “an object not subject to any net external force moves at a constant velocity. Thus, an object will continue moving at its current velocity until some force causes its speed or direction to change.” Put another way, “Nothing changes until something changes!”

Humans are creatures of habit. Unless something (a habit) changes within us we will continue on the same path we are on indefinitely! Or until the pain of circumstances of staying the same are greater than the pain of changing. That is human inertia.
Human inertia is described in the saying, “Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!”

So what caused me to change (for the better?) I went down the ladder of unhappiness through discontent, through depression to the very edge of self-destruction. At that point I had nothing to lose, so i asked for the whole truth of Life and received it! I was “reborn” into the spiritual circumstances of life (not the religious).

What I am saying to you today is this – there is a different path to the one you’re probably on (those of you already reborn know this to be true) that leads to freedom of a universal kind. This Freedom then leads to freedom on the metaphysical and then the physical plane (note the order) The universal system of Freedom always starts at the top and works down, as opposed to the physical system which tries to start at the bottom and work it’s way up (but can’t because the spiritual entrance is blocked! Lol!)

The fact that spiritual law is binding, and yet freeing, in it’s operation is contrary to physical thinking and so most people never even see the entrance to the spiritual world! Which is why there is so much corruption in religion, politics, business etc because they have no foundation on spiritual law! I can effectively raise a businesses turnover by at least 50% in six months by applying spiritual laws to it. If fact i have done so several times in the past. Not because i am smart but because the laws say , “if you do this, this and this then that, that and that will happen!” And, because they are spiritual laws, they always work!

Physical laws work for a time and then reach the limit of their useful life time. How many car drivers still drive at 4 miles per hour? That was a physical law and it’s time went very quickly. How many people get Wealthy by being Poor? Every Wealthy person in the world! (note Wealthy, not rich).Because wealth is a spiritual state and the first level of wealth is to be Poor!

Spiritual law always works – you’ll find the same advice given to the rich man (to Gift his possessions to the Poor) are still the same today! Compare to the economic level of 2,000 years ago the middle classes of today are all rich! And there have been another three messengers from God since then so the laws have been refined in their implementation by Spiritual Knowledge (Water)!

All i can say is this – if you are trying to get rich, forget about it! Because being rich is only the accumulation of money and seldom leads to permanent happiness! Yes, it leads to temporary happiness in the early days but after a while our lives become rich and miserable. Getting wealthy, on the other hand leads to long term happiness! Yes we don’t see the manifestation of money for a lot longer than being rich, but we learn detachment from money and things and are grateful for what we have right now, no matter how little because we know that more is to come on top of the happiness we have now!

Put another way the rich get rich expecting happiness to manifest by itself once they are rich! BUZZZ! Doesn’t happen! (I know form experience!)

The wealthy get HAPPY first and know that things will improve on the physical level as they follow the laws of gifting , just like a farmer that plants a crop of seeds knows that they are going to reap a crop of food! That is the difference between riches and wealth – one is a state of illusion, of poverty and the other is a state of BEingness!

If you are tired of the physical rat race you live in and want better for yourself and your family then ask to BE shown the source of truth (the knowable essence of God – I Am). It’s as simple as asking (out aloud!) Or writing it down as a goal! Either way will revela the truth to you. And from there you can go to BEing FREE!


kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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He can’t dance – but he tries hard!

Years ago I went on a six month art course. Part of the course consisted of two half-hour dancing lessons per day. So that is 5 hours per week times 26 weeks = 130 hours of dancing lessons. On my report card the dance section reads: “He tries hard.” That was the kindest thing they could say about my dancing! I was a dancing failure, but still i tried hard!

There are many things that many of us can’t do. Even before the dance lessons i belonged to a folk club where anyone could perform. This club taught me a lot about courtesy in it’s treatment of a tone deaf performer. He was literally tone deaf, and definitely couldn’t sing in key – it was simply beyond him. Yet he sang every week and was always applauded! And I noticed that after a few months his rhythm had improved!  The rhythm has nothing to do with the pitch department in the brain so the singing taught what could be taught in the rhythm department! Every effort produces a result, even if it is in a different area than what were aiming for!

Each of us is born with areas of lack. But God is not malicious and compensates by giving us abilities and “talents” to compensate. So I may not be able to dance but i am an observer of human behaviour. I suppose this is scientifically called anthropology. I have always had this talent and always will, as it is hard-wired into me. These hard wired talents are part of our BEingness.

Also I have the ability to “See” things. I can look at a brick and see a barbeque pit, a wall, a bridge, a building and so forth.  I tend to go from the beginning to the end first and then go back to the beginning to place the second brick. As a child i always read the last pages of a book first to see the end i was aiming for. As I no longer read fiction i don’t have to do that anymore but can pick up any non-fiction or spiritual book and start at any point in it. So I have a very non-linear mind. And that is okay with me as i’ve never know anything else or any other way. It is part of my BEingness!

We are all like this – not the same as me , but having different qualities in different areas. Some of us are lucky to have qualities in demand by man’s world and materialism. And often people like this are financially successful but totally removed from the spiritual realities of people like us (these people are the rich). “Why don’t you just get a job!” they say. You think we don’t try? I am always the last to get hired and the first to get fired because employers look at me an think “what a dork!” because my qualities are invisible to them until they get to know me. It is only when they take a chance and hire me that they discover my qualities (usually takes about a month) and put me in charge of their worse “problem department!” Which of course i fix up and get running profitably. But being the person i am, i like fixing things up but don’t like running non-challenging departments so i usually leave after a year to 18 months.

One of my qualities is problem solving. My two favourite phrases are “Why do we do it that way” and “what if?”

I will admit i am lacking on many social graces. I cannot make idle chit chat. I don’t suffer fools gladly – or at all! I am an alpha male. Yet I try to tread the spiritual path with practical feet.

So what I want you to think about is what are my qualities. and what are my shortfalls and where is there a position that uses both sets of qualities? And how can i use those qualities to promote personal peace and prosperity that will grow into world peace and prosperity? These are three VERY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS – what, where and how! By asking these questions you will invariably be lead to the ultimate question of WHY? and when you get all four answered you will have found your BEingness in life.

And if you have the courage to follow your BEingness you will become divinely happy and live in the state the churches call heaven -although they will deny it is impossible to achieve on earth, yet persist that hell is easily achievable! If hell is achievable then surely Heaven must be achievable too! I know I live in heaven – not physical heaven, but spiritual heaven! And If I can do it, anyone can! It wasn’t easy, but who said it would be? It is easy to achieve hell on earth by simply doing nothing – like falling into a deep hole,  no effort required! But it is harder to achieve Heaven because it takes effort – but it’s not so hard that it is impossible, far from it! And it is far easier again if you have a mentor. I have been lucky enough to have had many mentors on the top shelf of life.

Know the name for the new age we live in is UNITY. “The earth is but one country, mankind its citizens.” This is why the politicians are subconsciously urged to create bigger and bigger units – the USA, the European Unity, Malaysia, etc All these things are an physical manifestation of unity. But because they are man-made they will not last. Already the EU is starting to fall apart at the seams. America is one of the most spiritually corrupt, violent and unequal countries in the world and Malaysia is run by idiots. But that is the way of mankind. God has revealed another system that will spiritually, metaphysicallt and physically unite you and then the world – and it isn’t like any system currently in place. You can’t even imagine what this system is like as it is perfect (a bank managers words, not mine!)

So I ask you to delve into yourself – not as a critic but as an observer. Treat yourself as if you were another separate person and analyse the good points and the weakness. Observe also the God-given lack of abilities as these are pointers of things not to do with your life. I am a non-dancer, the tone deaf man is a non-singer. What area do you lack in and what areas of life BEingness does this eliminate?

Then look at your qualities and talents. What areas do these open up for you to be successful in? To reach Heaven in? Take stock of yourself, but be honest, gentle, truthful and kind about it! And you will reach a point of insight into your own life where a door will open and you will suddenly KNOW your BEingness! And your life will change with this Knowledge because “you will KNOW the truth and the truth will set you free!”

Isn’t freedom what life is ultimately about? Methinks so!


kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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I Am the way!


Not me personally, but the Holy Spirit (which is called I Am – the Christ spirit.) The above quote is the truth of the matter. There is only one way to God and that is through I Am. Yet there are many messengers from GOD, so which one is right? ALL OF THEM! Because every messengers job is two fold – 1) to bring new social laws to the world and to 2) renew the spiritual energy of the world by renewing the connection to I Am! (which man has destroyed in the previous 700 to 1,000 years).

My name, J’iam.  J’iam literally means the servant of I Am.  J goes back to the bricklayers in Babylon and means an extra hand. Even today bricklayers in many countries use a HOD to carry bricks up building on their shoulders. That is why my name is pronounce Hiam, not jiam.

The apostrophe means of and I Am means I Am of course. So literally my name means “hand of I Am.” This translates to “servant of Love” because I Am is Pure Love and that is what I am – a servant(hand) of I Am. I use a small I in the I Am in my name because other wise people mistake it for an L and I get called MR JLAM! Lol!

Many Christians believe that the me (there is no other way to God save through me) in the above original quote is Jesus. No, it’s not. Jesus was the carrier of I Am whilst he lived . That is why he said, “I and the father (I Am) are one” If you believe that I Am is Jesus(Blessed be His Name) then you are sadly misidentifying Him. Jesus was Jesus until he went into the desert and fasted for 40 days and nights. He came out as Jesus, the Christ (I Am). 

English is a wonderful language but it does have some spiritual short coming. One is I am which refers to me personally and I Am which refers to God’s knowable essence – the Holy Spirit.

Another is man and Man. Man (with a small m) is the English reference to the physical male, whilst Man is the spiritual reference to metaphysical Man. Only a male can be a physical man whilst both male and females can be Man! For this reason I stopped using the word man for male many years ago and now use the words male and female to distinguish people on the physical level and Man to distinguish people(male and female)on the metaphysical level.

I hope the thee posters in this series have enlightened you to my believes. If you want, you can test them by asking for confirmations of them as truth or untruth. The Holy Spirit (I Am) will provide you with confirmations that will reveal the truth or untruth of the words i write. And then you can make up your own mind to accept them or reject them. That is the key to Knowledge (notice the Capital K) in this new age – we are all self-determining. If we are not self-determining then some other person is determining your life for you. Only by BEing self-determining can we let God determine our lives!

We all have free will – the choice of whether to turn towards Love or to turn away from Love (and God IS Love).We have free will to either give it to God(Love) or to others. That is our choice! But first we have to realise what a gift free will is! Only then can we give this most precious of mankind’s gifts on earth, back to it’s creator!

Me, I don’t have free will any more. I gave it back to God when I was reborn 35 years ago. I work under God’s laws, not the laws of man if they clash with God’s laws. Otherwise i render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and to God that which is God’s. But if it comes down to a conflict between the two types of law – Lower and Higher law – I choose the higher law each time. To date this hasn’t been a problem and I hope it never will be. But I have followed the higher laws of the universe (did you know that there are lower and higher spiritual laws?) for the last 22 years and everything is working out fine as i have created a virtuous cycle for myself through WPPN (The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network) and outside of that too. 

I hope this little article is enlightening to you,

God bless your life with Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity,

reverend master j’iam


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As man thinketh in his HEART, so it shall BE!

The longest distance in the world for each of us to traverse is the 14 inches(36 centimetres) from the head to the heart.

In the head thoughts are known as knowledge. In the HEART our thoughts are also known as Knowledge. There is only one capital K separating the two states, but that capital represents a huge difference in thinking. The energy of knowledge(on the physical level)  is just 1. The energy level of Knowledge (on theSpiritual level) is 100! This is why Jesus said “You will Know the Truth and the Truth will set you Free!” Notice the capitals in Truth and Free as well! All these capitals represent the difference between physical states of freedom, truth and knowledge and Spiritual Freedom, Truth and Knowledge! The difference is the difference between 3 and 300 in energy levels! It is the difference between entrapment and Empowerment!

A baby elephant is tied to a peg that it cannot pull out and it becomes so used to being trapped by the peg that the circus owner never enlarges that peg as the elephant grows in size and strength! The grown elephant can easily pull out that peg and go where it wants. The only reason it doesn’t is because the elephant believes in it’s heart that it’s strength is still that of a baby! It Believes that it’s strength is 1 not 100, so it stays trapped to the tiny peg – never ever even trying to pull it out!

Mankind is the same. A we grow from children into adults we stay in our thoughts believing that they are our true strength. But as adults we are 5 – 6 times larger than children; it is the same in our minds! What we call our mind as children becomes our brain as adults. What is our mind as adults is actually our soul! Our soul has a strength of 100. Our brain has the strength of 1 or 10 depending what level we use of it at. It is only when we move our control from the brain to the soul that we are set Free!

Whilst it may appear to be a simple task to change our centre of thinking from the brain to the soul, simple is not easy! SIMPLE IS NOT THE SAME AS EASY!  That is why it is called the long fourteen inches!

So let’s get down to the heart of the problem – how do we move from the brain to the Heart? We have to ask out aloud for it – as a gift! All we have to do is speak it out aloud and ask to be shown the path to the spiritual world. Not just think it, but ask it out aloud! Why is this so? Because it all comes down to energy levels. If we think it in our heads then the energy level is 1. This is the closest we can get to zero without actually existing. To think something in our heads is, spiritually speaking, like a flea thinking something and expecting and answer. To ask out aloud is like the flea roaring like a lion becaue the first spiritual energy is SOUND.  Thoughts have no spiritual energy. THOUGHTS HAVE NO SPIRITUAL ENERGY!!! This is supported in the Bible by the words, “In the beginning was the Word , and the Word was with (from) God, and the Word was God (spiritual).”

I was an atheist for 14 years. After 7 years i drowned, went over to the other side and returned to this world so I Knew in my heart that we didn’t cease to exist for seven years until I was “Reborn” in to the spiritual world. Why did it take seven years for me to be reborn (move from the brain to the soul)? Because it took me seven years to actually ask the question out aloud! I had thought it a million times, but nothing happened. It was only when i lay in bed one night and said out aloud to God, “If your exist, please show me” that anything happened! Within 6 months I was reborn into the spiritual world as my centre of thinking! Know that it is a long 14 inches because we cannot make that leap in our brains. We have to go (as AA says) to an outside source to make the leap. How do we get help from that outside source (God/divine spirit etc.)? By asking out aloud! It is as simple as that! But the asking is not easy! It is the asking aloud that is the incredibly hard part (for our brain – it has to let go of “power”)!

Once we have uttered the words out aloud, a series of changes start taking place. It is a process much like the caterpillars transformation into a butterfly. The butterfly becomes a chrysalis, the chrysalis actually dissolves the caterpillars body and reshapes it into a butterfly and then the finished butterfly emerges! The caterpillar represents the energy level of 1, the butterfly represents the energy level of 100! The chrysalis process in humans is started the moment we ask it to start – aloud!

The moment we ask for it the transformation process starts. We cannot see it ourselves. Nor can other people see it happening, except that we become “hidden’ inside a chrysalis. We all know “something” is happening, but only the spiritual can see it happening with hindsight and know that the changes are taking place and that we are in the process of being “reborn” (TRANSFORMED, from the physical to the spiritual.) And off course God sends a series of spiritual people to help the process along – sort of like spiritual mothers (male and female). They can be religious or not – spirituality has very little to do with religion! 

Nor do we have to be “worthy” (deserving) of asking – all we have to do is ask! That is incredibly hard for some people to understand and stops them from asking at all!

So I hope i have helped someone, somewhere to let go of their thoughts and just utter the words our aloud, so that they may start the longest journey (with foresight) of there lives – because it really is the shortest journey of our lives (with hindsight! LOL!) Ask and you WILL Know the truth and that truth will set you free (of the limitations of the physical world!)

You can always contact me if you want help. Amen.

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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Actually I lie. I don’t “have a plan so cunning you could put a tail on it an call it a weasel!” If i did i could translate that into “I have a plan so devious you could call it a scam”! And I hate scams. Scams can be described in one word – THEFT. But done with slimy words of hope and a call to greed to over-ride the victims good sense of honesty.

Every day I get at least two scam offers – and some days as many as 5! Many years ago I wrote a small book against scams and spread it abroad. One day i received a letter from a lady (a total stranger to me) in a town about 200 miles away, asking me for advice on a scam that was going around at the time called “jacks”.  I took the time to write her a letter in which I advised her that it was a scam and the reasons why it was a scam and carrying the advice to avoid it like the plague. I heard nothing back from her until about 4 months later when i received another letter asking for help as she’s paid $900 for one of these jacks and then had sold another three to other people and spent the money. Then the Commerce Commission had declared it to be illegal and told her she had to pay her victims the money back – but she a]had spent the money!

What could i do for her? Not much really. I had advised her not to touch them but temptation had over-ridden her sensibilities and, after having nearly a grand stolen off her, she had become a thief herself by perpetuating the scam and selling to other people. I’m sure she didn’t see herself as a thief but she soldit  three to other people and ripped them off. And that is theft. People who perform the act of theft on others are called thieves. I am sure that basically she was honest, but the call of “easy money” was too much for her and it blinded her to her own foolish actions in perpetuating the thefts.

There is no such thing as “EASY MONEY” and anyone who tells you that there is is a liar. Liar. liar, LIAR! However there is such a thing as good husbandry of money – but this takes effort, and some people want an “easy path” to “easy Money.” Actually looking at that phrase I ‘ve just written just add S and L to the beginning of both easys and you have the reality of easy money being “a sleazy path to to sleazy money”

But what about good husbandry of money (and our personal assets)? Ah, now that is a whole different thing! Good husbandry is basically

1) The act or practice of cultivating crops (of assets)
2) The application of scientific principles to your own life
3)  Careful management or conservation of resources and building assets (not just physical, but also metaphysical and spiritual assets)
 But these things are HARD to do I hear people say! Only in the beginning, I reply! It takes 30 days to start a new habit and 60 days to make that habit permanent! So in a year you can change six habits! You only need to change ten basic habits to become wealthy! So in less than two years you can be on the road to wealth!
One of the primary things we are exhorted to do is to LOVE OURSELVES FIRST. We do this by gifting the first 10% of income to ourselves. This means we learn to live off 90% of our income. Which provides a 10% safety barrier against fluctuations of income! Many people spend 100% of their income. Yet another huge group spend 101+%!! At this rate we are bound to fall over sooner or later. But if your income drops 5% and you are living on 90% of your income you still have a   5% safety barrier left!
And, as I love to point out, if you are gifting to yourself you are also going to be receiving back returns from the laws of sowing and reaping that will free up even more more of your income, so you can gift to other people – which in return amplifies the laws of sowing and reaping! This is how WEALTH is started! Wealth is an empowered state of Beingness. If you start with the aim of becoming empowered, then that is where you’ll end up – Empowered. Em means (spiritually) “from without” so empower means power from without. Which means power from the outside of us! What is that power? Spiritual power – the highest rating of power in the universe! So empowerment increases our energy levels too!
So what I am saying is that it is emotionally easy to fall for the words of thieves and emotionally hard to build yourself to become empowered, because it “appears to be hard”. But it isn’t that hard that it’s impossible!. It is emminently achieveable  for anyone who has the desire and the commitment (commitment is simply desires put into permanent positive action)  to actually DO it! Andt he only thing missing from that formula is KNOWLWDGE!
But the commitment to do, opens the doors of knowledge to achieving your goals. It may take a very long time if your goals are big. But I had massive goals and the universe answered me and gave me a system to lever our goals through creating virtuous cycles. I was given an organisation called WPPN (the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network) that saves you at least 20 years in accumulating the knowledge you need to be wealthy and increases your actions by “Invoking the token” ( a spiritual leveraging principle).
So if you want to be wealthy (which is BEing, doing and having as opposed to rich, which is simply the accumulation of money through doing and having) then you can join WPPN and have a wealth system start growing immediately (And within two weeks you be a millionaire! B.S!) Within twenty years you’l be Loving, detached, happy, peaceful, successful and prosperous! Nothing is ever achieved overnight with spiritual life. But it is achieved for sure and if you don’t start today twenty years will pass any way and you’ll still be where you are today. Is that what you want? I know i don’t and I also know I aren’t where i was 20 years ago! Thank Goodness!!!
So “I don’t have a plan so cunning you could put a tail on it an call it a weasel” but “I do have a plan (and a method) so good you can bet on it as being a certainty over time!” And it is called WPPN!
Before i go, I have to ask you a question – how many times in your lifetime have you been approached with an opportunity that says it is hard to start but gets easier and easier with time and is guaranteed to work if you persist? Not many times, i’ll bet (and i’m not a betting man, but i’ll make an exception in this case! Lol!) And that the end result is wealth, not riches (wealth is happiness first, plus all the assets you’ll ever need!)
If you tel me to go away, you know what I’ll do? I’ll just go away! I’m not interested in helping people who wont help themselves! Lol! I’ll just go somewhere else and offer it to someone who actually wants it (not just needs it – we all need it, but only those who want it will actually implement it!)
If you want to look at what I’m offering them go to my website at…

The total cost to start your own wealth plan and virtuous cycle is $25 per month. That’s it – no hidden costs or traps. You start with a three month probationary trial. After that you become a new member. And there are many, many advantages to joining. We help build people’s home, work, incomes, giftings and savings! These are the primary keys to perpetual happiness (called Wealth!)
Think about it and then investigate for yourself – self investigation of the truth is a gift of this new age we live in. Self investigation means that you decide. I believe in your ability to distinguish between truth and falsehood for yourself – this is another gift from the universe we can call upon at any stage in our lives, when we are investigating things. Not the learning of books, but the learning of the soul!

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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Always test the truth, because if you don’t test it how can you KNOW it’s true? This is what scammers and cultists rely on trap people – that they only follow their emotions and don’t test the truth

With scammers they rely on you to not test what they are saying by comparing what they are asking you to do against a major truth – like, is what they are asking me to do legal in other circumstances. Most scammers start out with a ridiculous figure like $8 million dollars that they want to “transfer” (what they actually mean is steal) and they want you to help them do it for a percentage of that amount. If I came to you and said “we are doing a bank robbery and want a get away driver for a percentage of the money”, would you do it? Obviously not! Because bank robbery is theft, yet it is exactly the same situation, just put in a different way!

Cultist also rely on you not testing the truth. But cultists work slightly differently. First they offer you a spiritual truth with a small untruth (lie) attached to it. If you swallow that, then the next truth is a lot smaller and the untruth a lot bigger, until over a short period you are well and truly attached to a total untruth! Invariably no one in a cult tests the truth. God gave us a sense of skepticism so we would always test the truth, not to simply turn away from it. “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free!”. You can always tell a cultist because they have no skepticism! They believe everything they are told is true without a thought and deny everything they are told is untrue without a thought too! Skepticism is a great spiritual tool!

So how do you test a truth? I recommend the two-fold system.

(1) you test it to see if it is true by setting up a small, non-attached experiment (you are not emotionally attached to it, but testing it with a detached attitude, like a scientist) and

(2) you set up a non-attached destruction test for it. If it is indeed the truth, there is no way you can destroy it!

After a while you’ll see the truth testing experiment is growing and growing and the destructive testing can’t make a dent in the truth! Eventually you’ll reach a point where the truth of the matter is decided and them you can invest some emotions in them! Losers invest emotions in a thing straight away and use (false evidence – fear= False Evidence Appearing Real)) justifications to enable it. Winners justify (test the truth of) something first and then use actions backed by emotions to build it! It really is quite simple when you look at it this way!

A cultist always tells you, “this is the truth!” A master always says. “I believe this to be true, take it, test it and see if you find it to be true too!” Only in this way can the truth ever BE yours! This is what the saying “Ye will know the truth and the truth will set you free” means.  A cultist works on the principle of “you shall be separated from the truth and this will make you my prisoner!” We always hold the keys to our own freedom, the keys to the prison doors of untruths! And the key is called prove (test)! Look it up in the dictionary as see what prove means!

The cultist will stand no argument from his followers. The Master will expound and expand a truth over and over again, until the student grasps the truth!  That is the difference between truths and untruths. Untruths are actually very easy to knock over which is why no argument is brooked. The truth is unbreakable which is why the master tolerates argument against it by the student – that is exactly how the master arrived at his own conclusion in the first place! (and he pities his own master!) Lol!

Remember the very purpose of a master is to lay a path to the truth, whilst the purpose of a student is to find a path to the truth which is why, “when the student is ready the master will appear!” So always test the truth. It is only in this way that you can verify it’s truthfulness!

kindest regards

reverend Master J’iam


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Science and religion (Spirituality) must agree!

Science and religion (Spirituality) must agree!

Einstein was spiritual, not religious and that is the way the western world is going.

Science without religion (Spirituality) is lame,

whilst religion (Spirituality) without science is blind.

~ Einstein

Science is the study of How God made the world, Spirituality is the study of Why He created it. If the two don’t agree then one or the other must be wrong! Break down the dogmas on both side and the truth is standing there, for all to see!


Rev Mas J’iam