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The capacity of mankind to mis-understand the world is unlimited!

The capacity of mankind to mis-understand the world is unlimited! This is because most of mankind’s thinking is based on fear – which stands for False Evidence Appearing Real! Once a false thought it accepted as real, it takes on the appearance of truth, but not the realities of truth. So one falsehood leads to another falsehood which leads to another, and another until you go, around in a big circle of “relative” untruths and return to the same point – like the hands on a clock!

In falsehoods everything is related to everything else, except to rock solid truths. In Truth the trail always lead to higher, immutable laws! This is relative to that which is relative to this which ends up in this law! So instead of hands on a clock going around and around, it is more like an arrow that travels to the target and sticks into the bullseye!

And that is the essential difference between truth and untruths. If you are talking to a person who goes around and around in circles always coming back to the original untruth, they are well and truly stuck in the cycle of F.E.A.R. and can’t see beyond it!

Truth always aims for the target of the higher laws because these laws are immutable, unchangeable and can’t be destroyed! That is the security of the truth! We can work those laws to our advantage and to others dis-advantage – the untruthful may have a system of “secure falsehoods” that they surround themselves with, but if their untruth comes up against our truths guess who “wins”? Why our side of course because the truth will apply to people whether they believe in it or not! Truths are not optional things to be discarded at will by mankind!

Yes, we have free will that allows us to turn towards the truth of Love or to turn away from it! That doesn’t mean that in a head on clash the turn-aways are excempt from the workings of the laws! Not at all! The thing that keeps the higher laws from working on those who do wrong to us is our determination to administer justice for ourselves, instead of letting God/Love/ the Universe do it for us!

Forgivenesss removes us from the justice column and moves us back to the Love column where we no longer block the universal justice! That is why forgiveness is called the “Ultimate form of revenge”, because the perpetuator then has to answer to the higher laws of Karma/Sowing and Reaping. The man who plants thistles has to reap thistles! And the thistles sting him over and over again! Yet the thistles don’t even know that the person exists! This is a very strong and powerful way of not extracting revenge but allowing the laws of justice to work in others lives!

We are born to occupy the Love column of the universe, not the Justice column – “Justice is mine sayeth the Lord!” Whenever we try to apply justice to others we actually block it!

Only by applying Justice to ourselves and moving ourselves to the love column of life do we finally hand the Justice back to the higher laws! And boy, do they work! I have had several experiences of it working within 18 hours – or less!

One involved a malicious person who stole my car and I wasn’t able to use the police as they reconed that “technically” he hadn’t stolen my car! This idiot had discovered a loop-hole in the law and was using it over and over to rip people off! I forgave him (under orders from the higher source, not initially of my own free will!) and the next day I saw him with a broken leg, a broken arm, a black eye a a thick lip!

This gave me no pleasure except the understanding that we reap what we sow if we release others to do so! Forgiveness releases others back to the universe to reap what they have sown! It is as simple as that! That is why forgiveness is called the ultimate forn of revenge, because there is no where they can run and hide from universal justice!

As spiritual people we can bring ourselves to account each day and remove any negative Karmic returns whilst keeping the positive karmic returns! And that is a huge advantage we have over non-spiritual people. Their only protection is non-forgiveness by the victims. Our protection is self forgiveness by ourselves and the universe! “Bring thyself to a reconning each day before you are bought to full account – for death, unheralded, will come upon thee (and it will be too late)!”

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Most dangerous advice!

I was listening to the radio yesterday , mostly as background noise, when my attention was caught by an announcer saying “there is no right or wrong, only a bunch of decisions to be made!” I couldn’t believe my ears! The announcer then went on to expand on the theme and it was exactly what I feared it was – advice saying there is no right or wrong! This is very bad advice to people as it is based solely in the physical realm and excludes the spiritual realm as if it doesn’t exist at all. There is right and wrong in the universe but it doesn’t happen on the physical level anymore, as the physical and the spiritual have been separated in this new age. The physical is now the level of man made rules and regulations. These has no basis in right and wrong anymore, so we get mass abortion (the genocide of our unborn next generation), homosexuality legalized, sodomy legalized (because of the legalization of homosexuality), murder no longer a divinely punishable offence (the spiritual penalty for murder is the death sentence) but a man-made 15 years in jail, and the list goes on. 

Just because we live in a physical world doesn’t mean we should stick to physical law on the big events – there is right and wrong under spiritual law, no two ways about it. This is because under spiritual law there are two cycles. The good cycle known as the virtuous cycle, and the bad cycle know as the vicious cycle. Both of these cycles are tied into a self regulating law called the law of sowing and reaping (or Karma in the east) which states, “as you sow, so shall you reap multiplied, thirty, fifty or 100 fold” Under this law every positive (good) you do comes back to you multiplied and everything negative (bad) also comes back multiplied. Do you want good returns (the virtuous cycle) or bad returns (the vicious cycle)?

There are certain things we cannot do. Murder, Arson and Drug Pushing all have the death penalty attached to them – not as punishments but as mercies from God to the one who committed the crime. If the death penalty is carried out then they no longer have to account for that crime on the other side, because they have repaid the crime with their lives. This is a huge benefit to the soul of receiver of the penalty! The soul is always more important than the physical life of all of us! Remember that.

Why is murder a death penalty cause? Because it is interfering with God’s creativeness. God creates us all at the point of conception in a three way process of male (sperm), female(egg) and God (a soul is attached to the created human). Imagine that we are caterpillars. at some stage of life we are transformed into chrysalis’s to be changed into butterflies. Again this is an act of creation by God. Murder takes away the transformation period. No one can die until the time is right for that soul! Only God knows the right time. Therefore murder is forbidden and carries the death penalty. The same goes with arson. In this age arson is not just setting fire to things, it also includes explosions. So all terrorists who blow upthings are classified as arsonists under spiritual law. And drug pushing? Drug pushing is also a form of living murder as it separated the addict from access to his soul. If you’ve ever met a full blown addict you’ll no what i am talking about. They will do anything for the next push including selling their own children! And murder, prostitution of their own bodies, theft etc, etc. So those who manufacture and distribute the drugs are liable for the death penalty, no ifs, buts or maybes. 

So the advice that there is no right or wrong, is wrong in itself. How can you make a decision based on right or wrong if you have to make a choice to turn left or right, and someone has taken down the sign that said, “Road to Left” and “Quicksand to right!”? You obviously can’t make that decision wisely anymore and leave your choices up the laws of cahance (chance only exists in the physical world!)

In this new age the different levels of physical, metaphysical and spiritual have been widely separated. Why is this? So we as individuals can reunite then and become whole in our lives! in the old days the three levels were all over-lapping because we didn’t have the spiritual choices available to us in this new age. We are still born separated, but now have to make our own choice to be whole, to unite ourselves inwardly. In the old system we were nudged and guided in that direction. In this new age we receive far less nudging and guidance because we have been set free! We are free to chose to become whole (to unite the spiritual, the metaphysical and the physical within us) or free to remain separate. At the moment we are in a transition stage of mankind. As things become worse and worse from the law of sowing and reaping for mankind, people will be forced to make decisions (all decisions come form the soul) to “make the hard choices“. The choice of deciding between unlimited freedom in the physical or absolute freedom under the spiritual laws! Under spiritual laws there are places that are forbidden to go (like the tar pits and the erupting volcano) and there are places of absolute freedom (places of safety – the rest of the universe!). Unlimited freedom means you are free to fall into the tar pits, volcanoes and off cliffs. Absolute freedom means there are fences around the tar pits and other dangerous places. Simple as that. Do you want unlimited freedom or absolute freedom? The choice of absolute freedom also includes the right to choose not to go to certain places!

To anyone living solely  in the physical world the advice that there is no right or wrong rings a bell of familiarity. To the anyone living in the spiritual worlds the same advice rings alarm bells! As an adult imagine giving your three year old unlimited freedom to walk/run anywhere he wanted! Straight across the nearest road! He may get away with it a couple of times, but sooner or later he is going to be struck down by a car! The spiritual laws are the adult part of us, the physical laws are the small child part of us. We have to become whole to grow up into adults. Otherwise we are just dangers to ourselves. The adult knows not to run across roads, but they are free to run down the beach into the surf! The adult knows not to jump off cliffs, but they are free to climb the cliffs with mountain gear! The adult knows not to run into molten lava but we can walk across fire in bare feet under certain conditions! The adult can read the sign that says, “Danger, high voltage” and know not to touch, but at the same time enjoy all the benefits of electricity in his home.

This is the difference between unlimited freedom and absolute freedom. Unlimited freedom has no safety barriers, Absolute freedom is the removal of all dangerous decisions and the freedom to do whatever is left. Fire walking looks dangerous, but it is not. Cliff climbing looks dangerous, but it is not. Swimming in the surf can appear dangerous, but there is a lifeguard on the beach! Touching high voltage lines IS dangerous, life threatening – that is why the signs are there! But using electricity in our homes is completely safe within the rules (don’t poke knitting needles in electric plugs! Lol!)

So be alert, check out things of the physical world against the laws of the spiritual world. And then try to balance the whole to become wholistic in yourself (this internal wholism is know as an internal synergy). If you want guidance of the right way to become whole I’d suggest you take a look at the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network – 

or get in contact with me at I am the world’ s best synergising master, I can lead you to the spiritual paths of truth, without getting you involved in any particular religions. I can lead you to a wholistic life because i am a spiritual master (look at my name, j’iam. j means hand, ‘ means of, I Am is the holy spirit, the knowable essence of God! My name literally means servant of Love.)

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Spiritual law is an insurance policy against dangerous living. Physical law is a reckless way of living by itself!