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It doesn’t matter if it costs 2 cents to make a 1 cent coin!

Bureaucrats want to get rid of money altogether and they are aiming at the low coins first. They point to “economy” when trying to eliminate the smaller coins – it “COSTS” 2 cents to make a 1 cent coin, they complain! But that logic is illogical! They are only looking at the PRICE of the coin and not the true cost of it!

What is the difference between the price of something and the true cost of something, I hear you ask? The price is what you pay for the item and the true cost is the price divided by the usage!

So a one cent coin costs 2 cents to make, but how many times will it be used? If we say it is used every two days then that would be 365 divided by 2 = 182 times per year. And lets say a coin will last 20 years, minimum. That is 182 x 20 = 3,640 times it is going to be used. 2 cents divided by 3,640 = 0.0006 cents per usage. That is 6 ten thousandths of a cent per usage! And the figures of usage are extremely conservative! You can’t seriously be telling me the cost of a 1 cent coin is too high at 6 ten thousandths of a cent per usage 

You see people who work on the physical plane always work on the price (butthey call it the cost – which it isn’t, it’s the price). People who work on the metaphysical level always work of the true cost, which is the price divided by the usage. By working on the costs we can work out which deal is actually cheaper. The initial price is not always the cheapest cost.

A few years ago in New Zealand a place called the Warehouse started importing Chinese bicycles. They were far “cheaper” than the bicycles being sold in bicycle shops. But were they really?  Being chinese they were built to the lowest possible standards. So the average chinese bike would last about 15 months (the handle bars were especially weak and used to break and there were no replacements available) so the average COST was $100 divided by 15 months.

The New Zealand bikes however would last an average of 5 years and their price was $150 so their true cost was $150 divided by 60 months

Chinese bike = $100 divided by 15 months = $6.67 per month

NZ bike         = $100 divided by 60 months = $1.67  per month

Now which is the best buy? Sometimes less is more and more is less! 

To get ahead in life we have to understand the true costings of things. Many years ago I was looking at an antique table, like below 


I had been looking at this in a new antique store and the price new was $6,000. I went to a small town antique shop and saw the exact same model there except that it had been made in 1910. It’s price was $4,500 second hand. From these two sets of factors i could easily work out the cost of the tables. The year was 1990 when i saw the tables so the age of the real antique was 80 years old. So…

Old antique table = $4,500 divided by 80 years past usage    = $56.25 per year.

New antique table = $6.000 divided by 80 years future usage= $70.00 per year.


So the original owners had the use of that table for $70 p.a. minus $56.25 p.a. so the real cost per year to the original owners was 

$70 minus $56.25 = $13.75 per year! And this was the true cost of using the $6,000 table if I bought it!

At the time i was buying $300 tables made of vinyl. they lasted about 7 years so there cost was…

vinyl table = $300 divided by 7 years = $42.85 per year

lets say I used it for doubled that time (14 years) it would still be $21.45 per year! 

So the cost of vinyl tables was far more expensive than buying the antique table. And the antique table was not destroyed, or worn out at the end of it’s individual users life span. So economically it is a far better buy – in the long run – the “expensive” antique table! 


In the physical world ordinary people don’t look at costs, only the price. And salesmen don’t encourage people to look at cost because they lose sales by doing that (except for the higher ticket item sales people). And advertising DEFINITELY doesn’t encourage looking at costs. In fact advertising urges people to “buy now!” (before you think about it!).

So one of the great steps in moving towards true wealth is moving off the instant buy on price scale onto the longer term buying on cost scale. Once you move onto the true cost scale your other facets of life increase too. For example your buying of assets changes from price to cost too! And you move out of the short term “buffalo stampede” investments onto the longer term “cows grazing in meadows” investments(Lol!) 

And as you move into spiritual investing your long term investments expand yet again to what is called “Inter-generational” investments. The head of Sony has 800 year goals for the Sony business. “Why do you have such long goals/” reporters ask him, “You wont be here to reap them!” To which he replies, “No, but my children and grandchildren(and, and, and) will be!!

So on the physical level all purchases and goals are instantaneous (for personal use only) or at most a year long. On the metaphysical level they extend up to a life time(yours) and on the spiritual they cover many, many lifetimes! Only the spiritual is truly of Wealth with a capital W!

So I’d like you to start thinking about multi-generational investments. What legacy are you going to create to leave your children, your grandchildren, your great grandchildren, your great-great  grandchildren, and so forth down through the generations? Obviously you can’t use traditional short term things like banks, insurance companies etc. as they only think within the box of “one lifetime”

To go to multi-generational investments – that you can use during your life time as well – you have to come to someone like me. I have WPPN (the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network) as a tool for this. The secret is to set up (spiritual) Virtuous Cycles, “investments” that last for up to a thousand years. No one in the (material) investment business can help you with this. I an not an investor – i am a Spiritual Master and Metaphysician, and yet i have been charged with helping people move out of the short term material world into the long term (eternal) world of the spiritual!

So back to my original thought. a penny is not a thing, a consumable to be dispensed on false “cost” arguments.  A penny is a service! Services cannot be costed on a one-off usage because they are multi-usage items! The true cost of pennies is not pennies but thousandths of a penny per usage!

I hope I have opened you eyes.


kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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A Christmas card for you to use!

Christmas is fast approaching, so I’d like to gift you something to make life a little easier – a Christmas card you can send out to friends and relatives by email! Simply download this card and save to your computer, then attach to an email Christmas list!

So Please accept this gift from me to you. 

The original was a Victorian card in a bad way that I fixed up, recoloured and enhanced, which is why i have put my copyright on the card. Please feel free to use this card for any non-commercial purposes. If you own a free picture site you can use it for that too, just don’t remove my copyright marks please (also it would be nice to receive an email acknowledging that you are using it for this purpose – I have other pictures you can use as well)     ENJOY!!!