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My mind is blank

so why am I bothering to tap the keys. because I know that sooner or later that spark of influence will invade me and take over my hands and produce something good.

My son has the flu today. He tried to throw it at me and i refused to catch it! It is quite true what they say that you “catch” a cold” But what we don’t think about is “who threw it at us?” And if someone is throwing something at us are we obliged to catch it? And of course, the answer is No! If someone throws a hedgehog at you you don’t have to catch it because it’s going to hurt your hands! Just get out the way and let it drop on the ground.

The same goes for the flu. Catching it is a voluntary action. You don’t HAVE to catch it, the choice id yours. So why even bother?  Well, unless you actually think about it and have an alternative action (letting it drop on the ground) you are going to catch it.

Years ago when I learned that catching flu was an option, I decided to get only one a year. Before that I used to get up to half a dozen per annum! So I caught one flu a year for ten years until, one day, I thought “If I can reduce my catching the flue down to one a year, why don’t I just reduce it by one more and get none a year?” So I made that decision and have rarely had the flu in the past 15 years.

If I do inadvertently catch one I get rid of it overnight by sweating it out. I get into bed with lots of blankets, two hot water bottles (one for my stomach and one for my kidneys) turn on the electric blanket and sweat it out. Sometimes i have wonderful hallucinations and that’s fun! But the next morning I awake soaking in sweat and the flu is gone.

Why does sweating out work? Because flu is caused by excessive viruses. The bodies natural defense is to increase the bodies temperature as virus are very sensitive to heat and can’t breed as well when the body is hotter. As they only have a very short life they breed very quickly. But if they can’t breed, they drop very quickly too! And that is why the body causes a fever for virus. Some silly doctors think that all fevers are bad and prescribe medicine to artificially lower the body temperature, thus making the virus last for weeks!

Western medicine is of the opinion that bacterial infections  are the cause of many diseases, but I believe that they are, many times, simply a side affect. We carry something like 4 kilos of bacteria in our body! Why? In preparation for the time when we die – their job is to quickly decompose the body and recycle it. When our life energy decreases the bacteria start multiplying thinking that we are dying! But we are simply lacking in life energy, usually because of stress and enervation. If we are not whole (including rested and re-created) we are enervated (enervated means: to feel drained of energy) Recreation is when we re-create our energies to be re-energised (and thus healthy). To recreate we have to be rested first (rested means: to cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself) So we have to wind down first and then get into a recreative position. This usually requires two days in a row to achieve – day 1 to rest, day 2 to recreate our energies!

I worked for two years having two separate days off per week – Sunday and Wednesday. After those two years I was utterly exhausted and quit my job, even though I had no other job to go to. I was prepared to starve to death rather that work myself to death! But I quickly found another job with a two day weekend (sunday and monday) and within weeks I was revitalised as I had the two days for rest and recreation. In the split days I had only been working, resting, working, resting, working. In the new Job I was working, resting, recreating, working, resting, recreating, and so forth!

Give these ideas a try, what have you got to lose (except your misery!)?