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An open letter to Wealthy people and “want to Be” Wealthy people

Hello, my name is reverend master J’iam – reverend means “servant of the people”, master means “servant of Man” and J’iam means “Servant of Love.” So my job is obviously to serve. To this end I have been building a new organisation that will replace capitalism and usury in the world, called The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN).

WPPN was revealed to me in an epiphany/vision in 1992 and I have been quietly working on it since then (22 years). About five years ago I was given it as a thirty year mission that ends in 2036 when I am 85, so it has now moved into actuating/activating time. The time has come to expand it from three members to 100 members, then onto a thousand, then ten thousand, one hundred thousand, a million and so forth.

To achieve this expansion I need help, so I am calling out for gifts of money, time and commitment. Those of you who who are already wealthy (abundant and happy) I ask for gifts of capital – I need $100,000 to set up the administration/accounting side working effectively and automatically, to start cooperative businesses and to get other aspects of the network going too. My most urgent need is an effective internet accounting system – this costs $15,000 to set up.

To those of you who are not yet wealthy (Abundant and Happy) but who are Poor and Happy, I ask that you aid me by becoming a member, offering “Sweat equity” or goods. This has been my contribution for the past 22 years. I work an average of 6 hours a day, 5 days a week (one day for Rest and one day for Recreation) so I have worked over 34,000 hours on this project and still have another 34,000 hours of work to complete.
But I am at the half way point of my journey and my energy expands and the task/mission gets easier because I am no longer pushing it uphill on the bell curve! In fact my energy is now added to by the gravity of the curve as I am heading downhill and no longer have to push it, only having to guide it in the right direction as it gathers momentum.

I have personally gifted over $30,000 in cash to the network. Others have gifted over $5,000 to it so far, but there is still about another $100,000 needed.

Also the Poor, or those who want to be Poor, can join the network and use the synergy power of WPPN to create a virtuous cycle for themselves. This is the true power of WPPN! By using WPPN as an education and testing ground, you can create a larger private banking system! What is better than one private family bank? Why two of course! But the pitfalls of lack of knowledge and the fault of lack of self-discipline are the main destroyers of family banks and so the investment of $25 per month becomes the stabilizer in your own family bank. Simply do the things with your own family bank that you do with WPPN and you will ensure the safety of your own assets.

To those of you who are already wealthy you will agree with every word I’m speaking. From you I would like a gift of capital to help build the network. And also perhaps for you to join to increase your wealth and as a demonstration to those who are hesitant to join. This is exactly what His Holiness Jesus did when He was baptised by John the baptist! He didn’t need a baptism but He did it as a demonstration on commitment (there goes the C word again) to others!

Today I have asked you to gift to WPPN. It is up to you to decide what you can gift – it may be a fortune, a moderate amount or a widows mite, all are important. If you can gift time/service – “sweat equity” – and that is important too! Even gifting goods is important as that is the third form of energy! The W in WPPN Stands for Wholistic, which means “FULL”, energy Goods, Services (time) and Money.

I ask you to gift what you can. I will accept anything (but not white elephants! Lol!),

Thanking you,

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

email 1:
phone/text: 0221 625 941 (New Zealand) +64 221 625 941(overseas)

WPPN Website;


skype: jiamwppn

Look up reverend j’iam on Facebook too!

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Capitalist Corporations hate cooperation

Many years ago I saw an investment advertised that gave a high interest rate over one year for a deposit of $1,000. I didn’t have $1,000 so I scouted around some of my friends and got half a dozen of us to pool our resources and stumped it up.  I then invested the money and sat and waited .

After five months i got a letter from the company lawyers Demanding that I withdraw my money and take all the penalty payments – or else!  “Or else what?”,  I thought – they didn’t have a leg to stand on as I had a contract with them! It turns out that they had found out about my pooling of the capital and were Outraged at this! Lol! I simply wrote back to them telling them that we had a contract and i was quite happy with it, thank you very much. But if they wanted to break the contract, then they would have to pay me a full years interest on the five month investment – which they did! which was very profitable for us!

And that proved to me that coprporations hate cooperation. Why? Because it lessens their power over people. The first rule of corruption is to “divide and rule“! If people cooperate they make it harder for tyrants to achieve their goals! So cooperation must be stamped out.(they think!)

But let us learn from this. Cooperation is a powerful tool for us. At the moment I am looking for $2,000 capital to reprint some chord charts i designed. Most people don’t even have $1,000 in spare capital because they have no investment savings (investment savings are quite different from destination savings, where we save money to buy something – because as soon as we reach the monetary goal we lose it by buying the objest [car etc.] and we are back down to $0)

So I am looking at offering $50 investments to 40 people. Almost everyone has $50 to spare.

What is the investment? A chord chart made by myself. I know it is suvccessful because I was manufacturing and selling in in 2000. but in 2002 i had a nervous breakdown and went bankrupt. They were all sold off at half the cost of the printing of them.

The thing is at that stage i had sold 400 out of 2,000 and had paid the printing costs off so all future sales had an enormous profit in them.  The company who bought up the 1,600 chord charts  took 8 years to sell them all. And since then the market has been empty of my chord charts. So they were selling 200 chord charts per year in a tiny market of 4 million people in New Zealand.  I have improved the chart even further over the past 8 weeks adding a beginners help guide to it. It is ready to start selling again!

And I am not going to be content with just selling it in New Zealand either. Australia isthe next logical destination with 22 million people which is 5 times New Zealands population. In NZ they were selling 200 per year to 4 million, so Australia should be good for a thousand(1,000) per year.

Then we proceed to america and the united kingdom which have 300 million and 62 milion people respectively. Which totals potential sales of around 18,000 copies per year (at 50 per million, per annum) USA = 15.000 + UK =3,100 = total of 18,100 per annum!

So the time is right for me to venture into the business world again, but this time I am bolstered by the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network System. I have an even stronger social conscience. In fact my social conscience comes before busines! But because I am using higher laws as my basis, that makes the businesses all the stronger.

If anyone is interested in investing, I will give you 25 ciopies for each $50 invested. (Copies retail for $9.95 each) plus i will repay you the $50 over 5 years.  The money will come from the sales created by this first step. Plus I have a whole collection of greeting cards I have created to be printed and sold too.  Plus a new way of cutting potato chips that makes them easier to cook and less likely to burn, plus other small inventions like night driving glasses to stop glare from oncoming traffic and subliminal positive messages for drivers. Plus other things as well.

I suufered for 12 years from my mental breakdown, but God has gifted me so much more in the healing process. I remember I had a vision in which I was listening to God. He was saying to me, “What do you want J’iam?” And I replied, “all the material possessions in the world!” At which He snapped his fingers and all the people except me disapeared! Then I heard a howl, much like a wolf howl, and i realised it was me howling in lonliness! Then time rewound, like a video tape being played backwards, and I found myself back at the beginning again, with God asking me,”What do you want J’iam?” And this time I replied, “I want people to Love one another!” And God snapped His fingers and all the material possessions in the world disapeared! People were confused, but as the vision faded they started moving towards one another, as there were no distractions to stop them loving one another any more! And I awoke filled with Joy, Ecstasy and Bliss at this message.  Even as I wrote this, the hairs on the back of my neck stood to attention!

So if you are interested in an alternative way of investing let me know!


An Epileptic Fit

I was definitely asleep: I knew I was, but it seemed as if I were awake. And in this new reality I was lying on the floor conscious but paralysed. I started shaking, loosely at first then building up in intensity like an internal earthquake. It dawned on me that I was having an epileptic fit. It felt like all my joints were tin cans banging together creating a huge din and an equally huge pain. The intensity of the shaking grew and grew and grew, along with the pain that accompanied it. Bigger and bigger until I felt that I could stand it no longer. In desperation I cry out for help and “Click” – like the switching of a TV channel everything changed.

I am now in a warm black place. Absolute silence embraces me, along with a surrounding warmth, accompanied by a sense of serene peace the likes of which I have experienced only once before – when I died.
For such a long time I float there, how long I cannot say for there is no ticking of the clock.

Suddenly the channel has switched again and I am back in my body, back to the same level I had left. Except now the intensity of the shaking is descending. Even though I am at the same level that had broken me before somehow it seems far less. Then the dream faded and I awoke.

I was puzzled about the message of this dream. I had a friend who was an epileptic and I wondered if the dream was about or for her. About a week later I went to a summer school and was describing the vision to a group of listeners. One of them, a 12 or 13 year old, said, “That’s easy: God never tests you beyond your means.” And there, out of the mouths of babes, was the simple truth!

All the Possessions in the World

I had a dream, so real it was a vision. I dreamed I was in the presence of God and He asked me, “J’iam, what do you want?” And I replied, “I want all the material possessions in the world.”

God snapped His fingers and all the people in the world disappeared! As the dream faded into a fog there was a howl of loneliness: it was coming from me.  
Then, like a video rewinding, I was back at the start of the dream and God was saying to me, “J’iam, what do you want?” This time I replied, “I want everyone to love one another.”  
Again He snapped His fingers and this time all the possessions disappeared! As the dream faded I could see the people gravitating towards each other. Attachment to material possessions is a great barrier to Love.