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Wealth is simple but hard!

Wealth is basically simple in it’s formulation, but very hard to achieve in practice. Why is this? Because to be wealthy you have to go against the habits of your parents (unless they are already wealthy) your friends, your associates and maybe even your spouse and adult children! This is not an easy thing to do, not easy at all. Which is why so few become truly wealthy.

Another of the biggest obstacles to wealth is the ideologies in the world that teach riches ARE wealth. Nothing could be further from the truth. When I was younger i married into a rich family and they were not nice people at all. So I walked away from riches and went into poverty. Poverty is far worse than riches on the comfort level because it amounts to starving in a world of plenty by our own choices!

Only after i was reborn did I discover that there are two spiritual states – the Poor and the Wealthy. The poor are detached from all things except Love (God) and as are the wealthy. The poor work under the laws of providence and the wealthy work under the laws of Providence AND the laws of Abundance.

The law of providence states that God will provide everything we NEED basically free or very cheap, whilst the law of abundance states that we can have anything we want as long as we pay a price. And what is the price we pay? To fulfill our own Beingness and help create a divine civilisation!

The first inheritance of the wealthy is always the Poor. You’ll find wealthy people always relate very well  to Poor people because the are brothers under the skin – the wealthy man is also a Poor man! If a wealthy man is tested and loses everything he simply goes back to the state of being Poor because he is not attached to his possessions! And he Knows that he will always be provided for under God Promise to Mannkind.

I hope this helps clarify some things in your mindsImage