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We NEED to follow a certain path

If we are to be successful we NEED to follow a certain path.

We have a choice of three paths – the physical, the metaphysical or the spiritual. I have been a follower of the spiritual path all my life (even when I was an “atheist”!) And having been on the spiritual path all my life it has been tough trying to get ahead. Every time I turned around there were obstacles that stopped me proceeding. According to the physical and metaphysical believers it was because i “secretly didn’t want to succeed”.To me that sounded like bull. And it was on that level. Being spiritual I was trying to follow the wrong paths. But one thing I have recognised on all paths is that people struggle until they find the right path and then suddenluy the doors open and entry is gained to the success they have been seeking. Now I see the key is finding the right path for each of us – my path is the spiritual path and there is not much in the way of practical knowledge on this path.

So I have decided to become a teacher in this subject. I have already written a lot on this subject to train myself. As I cam accross mistakes in the other two levels for me I sought out the truth of what was right for me and wrote them down. Looking back i have a huge volume of work ready to go, so I am going to start webinars.

Spiritual goal setting is different from physical and metaphysical goal setting. One of the imediately noticeable differences is that we have to state what we are going to do in return for receiving the goal!

Another difference is in the timing. Spiritual goals go beyond the grave because we, as spiritual beings, continue to live on beyond the grave, whereas the physical and metaphysical parts of us don’t – they are annihilated at death.

So many things are different about spiritual success that it is like going to a new planet (which in a way, it is)

Yet, it is so simple! Not neccessarily easy though, as we have to go against the thinking of mankind as a whole (80% of manking at least).

Don’t believe these “gurus” who promise one shot answetrs to all your problems. You have to have a wholistic answer on whatever level you work on and the higher the level the bigger the solution. So physical solutions are on the level of 1, metaphysical solutions are on the level of 10 and spiritual solutions are on the level of 100.

Anyone who wants wholistic spiritual knowledge on success please let me know

love and peace


I Admit I was wrong!

For many years I have been trying to be like “normal” people but have had no luck in changing myself. Why is this? Because I am not normal. I am not ordinary – I am extra-ordinary!!!

All these years of isolation and training, living a life on the “path less followed” have been building up to this point. Today I realised that I am extra-ordinary and that I am as such because I have a job to do in this world – to teach the spiritual people of this planet God’s way to wealth! Because we spiritual people have given up our free will to attain the state of spirituality we must follow the right path – God’s path to wealth and this path is not like the physical and metaphysical paths at al, at all!

There is  definite step by step process to achieving spiritual wealth. Many try following the physical and metaphysical routes, but in doing so tend to leave the spiritual path – “what profits a man if he gains the world andf loses his soul?”

The path to spiritual weallth is “straight and narrow!” We HAVE to follow certain proceedures in an orderly fashion, much as the captain of a space flight must follow an exacting and orderly process to launch!

In the near future I am going to start producing webinars to explain the steps to spiritual wealth.I hope you will join me.