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A New PEACEMAKER is (re)Born!

A New PEACEMAKER is (re)Born!

Yesterday a new PEACEMAKER emerged into the world and it was me. So yesterday – 11.12.13 – was quite an auspicious day. Not only was a new PEACEMAKER created but a new PROSPERITY-MAKER!

So to celebrate the the event I have taken on  11.12.13 as my fourth (re)birthday. Plus I have separated my blog into two pieces, the new one being solely for PEACE and PROSPERITY alone. If you are more interested in PEACE and PROSPERITY you may want to read the new blogs at… 

Think not that we are ever only reborn once. We are reborn as many times as we need to be. The difference is that the first rebirth, the biggie, is the connection to the Spiritual Power of Love. This changes our STATION. The second, third etc is a promotion within the Love structure and is called RANK. And these are the two elements of life – Rank and Station.

Station is a bit like joining the army – youR station changes from that of civilian to military. Rank is like when we are in the army and start out as privates and are promoted to say Corporal or to officer class. So you first promotion is like you first internal rebirth.

We all start out as privated and can have as many promotions as we deserve until you reach the highest rank of 4 star general (peace time) or 5 star general (reserved for war time). I have been promoted to 4 or 5 star general (i’m not sure that I’m at war for peace and prosperity yet, i’m only new!)

I think I may be a 4 star general who is only yet preparing for the war to come, as the pattern (Gandhi’s) goes – ignored, laughed at, fought against (war) and victory. I know we are about to leave the ignored state. 

So all you peacemakers out there, wish me the best and I call upon all peacemakers to actively join the cause!

May you Blessed with Love, Peace and Prosperity 



P.S. the picture shows some past masters (bottom) who have passed on and two active (living) Peace Masters at the top with the foundations of their teaching (Western and Eastern)