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Announcement – BIG BLOG coming!

I got up this morning and started working on the secret of perpetual wealth, through creating a virtuous cycle. I have done maybe half and have run out of energy. I will have a sleep and maybe finish it later today or tomorrow morning (I always feel fresh, alert and inspired in the mornings) and once I have finished the diagrams I will start writing the blog. 

The virtuous cycle is a fairly simple process, but it has to be done right (correctly) for it to work for sure. And by right i mean that all the factors have to be correct and then it has to be done consistently, for the rest of our lives! I know that sounds too hard for some of you but consider this…

Only the laws of chance can make you a millionaire overnight – that is why so many people play lottto! But the laws of chance are limited to the physical world, are very, very slender (in your chance of winning) and probably wont happen in your lifetime. For you to win the lotto, it will probably take 100,000 years under the laws of chance! Are you going to live that long? I think not.

Only the higher laws of the universe can guarantee that you will become wealthy, BUT, they take at least 20 years to create this true wealth in your life. Have you got twenty years? Of course you have! So what stops most people creating their own wealth?

(1) Lack of will. 

(2)  Lack of knowledge

(3) Lack of action

(4) lack of commitment

Those are the four main factors that stop the majority of the world achieving wealth (and YES, there is enough wealth in the world for everyone to BE wealthy!)

In the upcoming blog I will explain in diagrams and words how to start the virtuous cycle by “invoking the token” and then using the results of these token actions to achieve “full tithing (x 2)” and improvement of lifestyle through the spiritual “Pereto Priciple” (the Peroto Principle works on three levels – the physical, the metaphysical and the spiritual – and it works differently on each level!)

So I hope you will be patient with me as I work on this project. See you within a week with the report, (it may be in two parts as it is a big subject)

kindest regards